Wolverine photography tour in Finland

Description of Wolverine photography tour in Finland

With a 100% success rate in photographing wild wolverines join us in the Finnish woodlands and come face to face with an animal that for many generations seemed to elude all hunters and wildlife watchers alike and developed into a near mythical creature.


We are specialists in tailoring wildlife watching and have a great range of wildlife photography tours all over the world. This tour can be a specialist photography tour or a general wildlife watching holiday, either way we aim to get exceptional views of wild wolverines in Finland. Wolverines are one of the most mythical species in the world and one that is seldom ever seen anywhere that they live. Even researchers have remarked that seeing a wild wolverine is one of the rarest and most magical moments but we have discovered a very special location and resident wolverine population where this wonderful and hardy species can be seen with almost daily regularity. We are able to create these unique and very specialist wildlife watching and wildlife photography tours because we have spent many years travelling the world searching for the best locations to see rare and elusive species and none seem more elusive than the wolverine. Despite a range that spans from Scandinavia all the way Canada and south to California, they remain an animal that is little understood and seldom ever seen. People have spent many years in these wilderness areas and have never seen one, so when we heard about a very special location in eastern Finland we nearly didn’t believe the rumours. In Finland baiting is legal and many of the wilderness lodges here have been leaving bait out to attract bears. This was originally done for hunting, but in more recent times the hunting has turned to photography. But one of these baiting locations started to get a smaller, brown, furry animal visiting regularly. Over the next couple of years the wolverine(s) came back day after day until the lodge owner started to realise that around 5 or 6 different wolverines were attracted to the baits. We have spent dozens of nights in the hides here and can confirm that the rumours were true and wolverines can be seen and seen close enough for excellent photography and observations. On the below itinerary we have an perfect 100% success rate in seeing and getting good photographic opportunities for wolverines. One of the reasons why our wolverine photography tours are unique is that our background (as a company) is from a scientific and zoological standpoint and so have a great network of colleagues and contacts all over the world who are the people on the front line in search of the best new locations for mammal watching. All of these reasons and many more make us experts in arranging and guiding mammal watching and wildlife photography safaris and are able to tailor any wildlife watching holiday to any location that you request. All you have to do is to get in touch with your budget and your group size and where you would like to go to try and find any mammal species.

Price Includes:

Everything mentioned in the itinerary is included. Including three meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). There will be bottled water (approx 1ltr) available for each guest each day. We have our own private air conditioned vehicles with an excellent local driver for all transfers; we often arrange recreational vehicle as this allows us to stay within the vehicle and have various windows for wildlife watching (like a large mobile hide). We use two brilliant guides; first a professional zoologist will escort you on all your excursions and also a very knowledgeable English speaking local guide who will also act as driver for all transfers. We also have the expert guidance of the lodge owner at our disposal he knows and understands the wildlife and environment here better than anyone (although his English is not very good). We can also arrange a professional photographer (one of the UK’s or Finland’s best award winning wildlife photographers) if you wish. Your zoologist escort is an expert in mammal conservation and behaviour and will be able to help you find and identify the different species as well as interpret you what behaviours you are seeing. Our local guide and driver for this tour is one of the most well regarded mobile safari guides in Finland. He has a wealth of experience in the wilderness here as he was the Finnish/Russian border chief in the Finnish armed forces for over 30 years. As a result he knows and understands the forests here exceptionally well and with his contacts in the army is able to find new nest, den and lek locations for many of the birds and mammals that inhabit these forests. He painstakingly sets up camera traps, hides and camps in the wilderness at every chance he gets to locate new places to see the rarest and most elusive species. As with all of our tours we also include all vehicle use, guided walks, park entrance fees and sightseeing entrance fees as well as use of the specially designed professional photography nocturnal hides. We include more time spent in the field searching for and photographing wolverines per day than any other tour operator around; only if you request to have a rest day will we not arrange trips into the parks and reserves and other wildlife or a night in the hide. A comprehensive species list (which states the relative chances of seeing animals based on past tours) is included in the pre-departure pack. There is also a reference book library available for your use throughout the trip as well as some documentaries on wolverines which are available to watch throughout the tour.


Late April to mid September for summer / autumn photography and the from early January to late March for on the snow winter photography. Wolverines do not hibernate and so can be seen at the hide at any time of the year, however there are peak seasons of activity. In April and May we average around 2-4 different wolverines arriving at the hide per day, this increases in June – September to around 4-8 individuals as the females are bringing their kits out of the den for the first time. Brown bears can also be seen in the summer and autumn months. For winter photography (wolverines on the white snow) we recommend January to March.

Why Choose this Tour:

• All of our mammal watching are guided by a zoologist as well as local biologist guides, drivers and also scientists or researchers where possible, this not only gives you numerous sets of trained eyes to find the animals but also gives you the chance to understand the behaviours and habits of the wildlife your watching.
• Our zoologist that escorts all our wolverine tours has great experience working with and studying rare mammalian carnivores all over the world.
• We can also arrange professional wildlife photographers to come along and guide this tour, if you wish for a workshop style photography tour. All the wildlife photographers that we use as guides are award winning wildlife photographers and are experts in helping anyone to get better quality pictures.
• We can offer you as many nights in the professional photography hides were we can spend the entire night waiting for wolverines to appear.
• We also have an expert local guide who knows of very special locations for capercaille and black grouse lek sites as well as nests, lodges and dens of ospreys, owls, flying squirrels, badger and beavers. So we can expand our mammal watching on this tour to include a wealth of the Finnish mammals.
• We can also bring thermal imaging and night vision equipment (on request) to also aid in finding the lynx after dark.
• We use camera traps (where available) which will increase the chances of getting close up pictures and movies of wolverines and other rare nocturnal wildlife.
• By joining one of our wildlife watching holidays you will have an overall wildlife experience as we are determined to showcase the other interesting wildlife of the areas we visit.
• We have explored all the areas we visit in depth and have found the best and most conveniently located accommodations to stay in whilst searching out wolverine in isolated and remote places.
• All the above reasons give this our wolverine tour of Finland a perfect success rate (100%) of seeing wild wolverines. We have an unrivalled network of experts and guides throughout Finland and we are experts at arranging independent tours and extensions to see other species as well as reindeer, moose, brown bear, wolf, osprey, Arctic fox, pine marten, beaver, black woodpecker, golden eagle and hundreds other endangered, rare or endemic species throughout Finland’s forests, bogs, moorlands and Arctic highlands. Whether it is the eastern forest wilderness areas, Arctic ice fields, bogs and swamplands or any of the other many wildlife watching locations you want to visit we can arrange it. Please inform us if you wish to receive more information about any of these locations and booking a wolverine tour.
• Unlike many tour operators we are willing to run this tour for a single person (on request).


We have discovered a very special location in Finland and so we do not want to disclose the exact location. We want to make sure that this is kept pristine and not common knowledge.

Fitness Level:

The majority of the wildlife watching is all done from a vehicle or sat in a permanent photography hide so any fitness level can participate. Any walking can be done at your leisure and there is no sustained walking involved. We do say that the temperatures can be hot during the middle of the day so be prepared for the heat.


When you book onto the tour we will send you a comprehensive pre-departure pack which will include a full packing list of recommended equipment; the equipment list will vary from tour to tour and from location to location so it is best to contact us or wait until you receive the pre-departure pack after booking.

Minimum Age: 16 Years Old

Hello. If you'd like to chat about this holiday or need help finding one we're very happy to help. Rosy & team.

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Departure information

This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Wolverine photography tour in Finland


In Finland (as with everywhere we go) we carefully choose accommodation, supplies and transportation that either minimises its effect on the environment or helps to contribute to its sustainable development. By choosing small, privately owned accommodation where possible we also look to only stay in truly eco-lodges that abide by basic and also pioneering methods of ecological sustainability. If we have to stay in Joensuu we stay at the Hotel Green Star which is one of the few 100% eco-friendly hotels in Europe and run totally sustainably. The lodges and hides we use do not have any mains electricity and the generator is only used when absolutely necessary. Where possible, we make sure that the lodges, camps and ranches that we use support local projects for the protection of the wildlife and local communities which rely on tourism as the principal source of income. We make sure that all the food consumed on the tour is locally sourced. At the end of each we offset our carbon footprint (based on the number of tours we have completed and the number of passengers we have taken with us), with the Carbon Trust.

Wildlife Promise:

By bringing people here with a professional zoologist we aim to not just showcase the wolverine and its natural environment in full but also to allow you to learn about the problems facing the wolverine and other top predators living in the forests here and how cutting edge research is countering the problems as well as showing you examples of success stories (such as the wolverine itself). We also keep a record of all the wolverine activity we see on each tour and record the environmental factors, this data is used by ourselves but also given to the researchers who work for various universities that conduct periodic studies on the wolverines here. All the information collected in invaluable as the knowledge of this wolverine population very little understood. We also donate our pictures to the researchers to aid in their photo identification studies.


In all of our tours of Finland we stick to our policies that strive for continued environmental conservation ethics to be upheld by ourselves and all the local suppliers that we use. We look to employ as many local staff in our tours and in Finland we employ the services of local guides, drivers and wildlife photographers. The main lodge (and wolverine hide) owners run very sustainably and produce the vast majority of their own food and fuel. There is no electricity and the generator is only turned on for short periods of time and when absolutely necessary. All the toilets are natural dry toilets which helps to lessen the impact of chemical waste as we are in the wilderness and control of impact on the environment very strictly. All of the lodge owners and guides we use in Finland are independent one man businesses; as a result they have a passion for their activity and with local passion for sustainability they look to pass on lots of historical and cultural information to guests. Any hiking and visits to protected areas that are maintained by the Forest and Park Service of Finland, we donate a fee to them for their continued up keep of the areas and the camp grounds, open huts and other services in the area which local people are using also. We also encourage the purchasing of local handicrafts which are all created in a sustainable way and provide great unique souvenirs.

1 Reviews of Wolverine photography tour in Finland

4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on 20 Jun 2013 by

1. What was the most memorable or exciting part of your holiday?

Seeing a total of 5 different wolverines up close in a few hours - amazing when there are only about 150 in the whole country.

2. What tips would you give other travellers booking this holiday?

Take plenty of memory cards because you'll need them if you are as lucky as I was.

3. Did you feel that your holiday benefited local people, reduced environmental impacts or supported conservation?

Yes - the money went towards the cost of providing a feeding station throughout the year. This feeding station not only supported wolverines but also bears, ravens and other wildlife.

4. Finally, how would you rate your holiday overall?

Fantastic - the wildlife and scenery was really good. The guide, Esa, was excellent; really knowledgeable and excellent English.

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