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India cycling
The wonderful thing about cycling in India is that you are travelling with the local people. At their speed, through their terrain, stopping to drink ...
Some people say that Rajasthan is like walking onto a movie set. It is, in fact, like walking into a giant movie studio, with lots of different themes...

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) holiday so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


Our commitment has always been to get a smaller number of groups, which in the first place is more manageable and we make it more personal but also limits the impacts of mass tourism on the local resources.

Cycling is a very environment-friendly way to go around places, and we created this as a very easy paced trip, which would invite people new to cycling and also keen cyclists to come and enjoy what this part of the world has got to offer.

This along with our policy of limiting the numbers of the trips helps in limiting any negative impacts of the local environment. Our leaders are trained to be sensitive towards surroundings and will always brief our fellow travellers to be sensitive as well.

We try as much to avoid packaging of food and will provide for freshly cooked local meals which are as delicious, where available we use water butts to refill the bottles on the tour rather than everyone buying the plastic mineral water bottles.

We cannot deny that reaching these places does involve the use of air travel which does give rise to carbon emissions but we do encourage our travellers to look for means to reduce them at home and through other activities in everyday life.


We have carefully created this holiday with a view of being responsible towards the local communities. On the tour, we visit the most visited state of Rajasthan in India, which over the years has grown very touristy. No doubt that means a lot of employment generation, prosperity but at the same time it has led to mass tourism.

Through this trip, we have tried to shift the focus from the main tourist town and will be going to more traditional towns which have aged and still rustic and far away from the impacts of this mass tourism. What that means we are staying in accommodations that are locally owned, we will buy produce from local shops, the guides and staff at the accommodations get a chance to be part of the tour and also make some living from tourism without having to leave their families, and homes for bigger cities.

We cannot completely eliminate the charm of what big tourist attractions have to offer, after all, they are on the bucket list of most people but having ticked these, we want people to visit what the authentic towns and villages look like.

This also gives a chance for locals to interact with our fellow travellers, thus widening the knowledge of travellers and also creating awareness among locals.

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