10 day Eastern Great Wall of China walking tour

“Join a small group and spend 7 days hiking on the Great Wall of China and staying within rural towns and villages either side of sightseeing in Beijing. ”


Beijing | Temple of Heaven | Forbidden City | Summer Palace | Dayingpan | Yangbiancheng | Badaling | Shixiaguan | Huanghuacheng | Xishuiyu | Jiankou | Mutianyu | Wohushan Great Wall | Jinshanling | Gubei Water Town | Simatai | Beijing Temple Theatre |

Description of 10 day Eastern Great Wall of China walking tour

This 10 day Great Wall of China walking tour really does encompass everything that this world-famous landmark has to offer with a really wide ranging cultural itinerary that is the perfect match for the benefits of being outdoors within some outstanding scenery.

Sightseeing in Beijing starts this 10 day Great Wall of China walking tour off as it means to go on with everything from the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven to the workshops and handicraft studios within Baigongfang, offering all manner of cultural insight for first-time travellers.

Next stop on this 10 day walking tour is the Great Wall of China where you’ll walk a series of recommended sections, off the tourist trail, including spending time within several small towns and villages that are set within the shadow of the Wall.

From Simatai to the water town of Gubei, there’s much more to this remarkable 10 day Great Wall of China walking tour than meets the eye so prepare your mind, body and soul for an experience, that we consider to be one of our very best.

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Top tip:
Hiking poles can be handy on the Great Wall as well as sun protection as there's little shade. Also, take a reusable bottle and small backpack for daily provisions.
Trip type:
Small group.
Activity level:
Active. 7 x 10km hikes on the Great Wall and city sightseeing in Beijing.
3-star hotels in Beijing; twin and 3 bed hostel rooms and village guesthouses.
9 breakfasts, 8 lunches, 9 dinners.
Accommodation, English speaking guide, entrance fees and local transfers.
About this holiday company:
This company specialise in tailor made active holidays across China for people who prefer independent travel away from tourist hot spots. They work closely with local businesses and communities to offer an authentic experience that benefits both travellers and local people alike.

Responsible tourism

10 day Eastern Great Wall of China walking tour

Carbon reduction

Your holiday will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this holiday and how to reduce them.


We fully understand and appreciate the importance of developing tours that are sustainable and reduce the impacts of tourism on the environment wherever possible. Indeed, all of our tours maintain a great respect for the natural surroundings in which we visit and travel. This itinerary is acutely aware of the need to protect the Great Wall, as well as the significant heritage of Beijing, both for current and future generations to fully experience.

Due to its age and popularity, the Great Wall remains constantly under pressure from tourism development and growth. Our itinerary takes you to one of the quieter (and more beautiful) sections of the wall to help ensure that the impacts of your visit to this stunning and spectacular location are minimised. As we will spend large parts of the tour on foot, this will help us reduce our carbon footprints by using transport only when necessary.

In order to help preserve what remains of both China’s wonderful cultural and natural heritage, we ask that all of our travel participants help protect the environments they visit by being respectfully aware of the unique locations we take them to. The importance of sustainable travel, particularly in sensitive natural environments and ecosystems, is something we also value highly. As a bonus of our unique approach, you will also discover that our tour groups are small in size so that are impacts are minimised, and of course, so that we can afford you the attention you deserve!

The Great Wall of China, which dates back to the 8th century BC, was built to stand as a guardian against invaders. But here in the 21st century, the Wall is under siege by a new onslaught of countless tourists and the environment. To help us protect and preserve what remains of China’s wonderful natural heritage, we remind all of our travelers to care for the environments they visit by being respectfully aware of the unique of the places we take them to. The bonus of our sustainable approach to experiencing the Great Wall is that you will also get to encounter this amazing spectacle at a more relaxing pace and you will improve your health and fitness at the same time too!

It is a tour with 7-day hiking with 1-day sightseeing in Beijing city center. During this tour, we try to make a low impact on the environment by going on foot most of time instead of using fuel burning transport all the time. The visit to the Great Wall at Dayingpan and Yangbiancheng aims to avoid the large crowds at the normal Badaling sections - one of the most intact parts of the whole Great Wall. This area are more quiet and less developed, which makes for a more rewarding experience.

It is certain that the water is very important during a trekking tour. We suggest to bring your own travel mug to fill in the boiled water before every morning instead of drinking the bottled mineral water continually. Even though the tap water is not drinkable in China, all of the hotels and restaurants we use will have a kettle which can be used to boil. Such measure could really reduce the amount of rubbish we produce.

Through energy conservation measures and recycling policies, we are proud to be actively reducing the waste produced and our impact on the environment. We support various projects all over the world to try and give something back to the places we visit.


Our itinerary has been designed to fully incorporate the local communities of the regions we visit. We value their unique insights, knowledge, and hospitality, and believe that they too should benefit from tourism too. Wherever possible, we use locally-owned guesthouses, hotels, restaurants, and services to ensure that local communities and business prosper in a highly competitive market. An added bonus of using locally-owned services and people is that they will often be highly enthusiastic, generous and proud to welcome you into the places where many have been born and raised.

We are also exceptionally aware of the need to use local ‘green’ tourism services and businesses to ensure that the natural and social environments that host tourism are protected and well-managed. This includes the use of locally-sourced produce such as food and crafts, for example. However, perhaps one of the greatest reasons for using locally-owned accommodation is that you will see the ‘real’ China in its various guises. You will sample traditional villages, entertainment shows, cuisines and ways of life that can be significantly different to anything you may have experienced before. We will also take you to incredible places away from the tourist crowds to ensure that your experiences are genuinely unique. We fully believe that this is a wonderful way to learn about this spectacular country and have no doubt that you will agree!

Accommodation and Meals:
You will spend 3 nights Beijing city center hotels, and 7 nights in guest house of different sections of the wild Great Wall, and camping one night in this tour. We always try to select accommodation for environmental awareness, which is still in its infancy in China. Most of time, we will stay and have meals in rural villages, away from the standard tourist trail, so we can ensure our commerce is benefiting local people.

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