Swim with humpback whales, Tonga

Join a small group for a wonderful week of whale watching in the South Pacific. Beachside accommodation, sea kayaking and snorkelling add to the thrill of swimming with humpback whales off the shores of Tonga.
5 full days on the boat watching and swimming with whales Beachside accommodation including bar and restaurant Beach activities include snorkelling and sea kayaking Experienced skipper and conservation team
AU $6250 excluding flights
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6 Days
Small group
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From 6 - 8 people
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#7023 7 nights & 5 days on the water Staying at the beautiful Tongan Beach Resort on the edge of the humpback whale nursery, most meals & airport transfers.
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Description of Swim with humpback whales, Tonga

This wonderful week with whales in the South Pacific places you in beach accommodation right at the edge of humpback whale nursery. Watching the sunset over the sea, each and every evening, is simply what we do here with a handy bar and restaurant, overlooking the beach, providing the perfect place to sit, sip and soak up the scenery.

Five full days will be spent out at sea with the whales and not only will you get to swim with these magnificent giants but youíll also learn more about their natural environment and behaviour in the company of a highly trained and experienced conservation team.

You'll learn how to spot, observe and get into the water with whales without disrupting their natural pattern of behaviour. Of course, this is nature so nothing is predictable. Some days youíll see huge pods of humpback whales on other days hardly any at all. Itís just the way it goes. Just make sure you remember to enjoy all of Tongaís tropical treats as well as bringing a positive and friendly attitude towards other members of the group and the skipper.

Solo travellers should note there are limited spaces for single occupancy bedrooms. There are also double/twin beachside studio apartments with en-suite facilities as well as a single beachside studios, also with en suite facilities. Please get in touch for prices and availability.

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AU $6250 excluding flights
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#7023 7 nights & 5 days on the water Staying at the beautiful Tongan Beach Resort on the edge of the humpback whale nursery, most meals & airport transfers.
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Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) holiday so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


There are approximately 8,000 Humpback whales that migrate to the 3 island groups of Tonga each year, (Vava'u has about 70% of the whales population in their waters). During our days on the water, we endeavour to allow as many in-the-water encounters as possible without harassing the whales. Some days we may only witness surface activity other days we may experience in-the-water encounters, as weather and tides are believed to effect the behaviour of the whales and where they 'hang out'.

We ask you to fully appreciate that to have an opportunity to swim with humpback whales is rare, very unique and a precious gift. We strictly abide by the Tongan Whale-Watching Regulations therefore there is always only four people plus the guide in the water with the whales at one time.

When whale-watching:
Cease contact at any sign of whales, particularly mothers and calves, becoming distressed or alarmed.

Allow the whales to control the nature and duration of the encounter
Whales may leave an area if continually disturbed
Respect the marine environment
Do not throw rubbish or other objects into the water
Dumping rubbish, particularly plastics, can kill whales and other sea life through accidental swallowing or entanglement.

If whale-watching from land, remain within established footpaths and lookout points, protect the environment, e.g. don't trample vegetation, minimise noise levels and don't swim to the whales from shore.

As a strict policy, we believe in training and retraining of staff and volunteers alike to ensure that they are acquainted with contemporary issues involved in providing safe, informative, educative, life changing and sustainable tourism.


To only work with local suppliers who strictly adhere to the 'Whale-watching Guidelines of Tonga - that cause little or no negative impact on the humpback whales in the area.

To encourage our guests to interact with the local families during their time in Tonga and offer opportunities such as Tongan-owned and operated accommodation, attending feast and dance nights and on any village visits or events where this is possible.

To donate a portion of the profits generated by us each year to 'Friends of Prince Wellington Ngu Hospital' in Neiafu Tonga for much needed supplies for their diagnostic laboratory. Some of our guests generously donate to this cause also.

To ask our guests to bring vital educational and stationery supplies, such as books, pens. pencils, calculators, etc for the Vava'u Library Fund for underprivileged 'bright' students in Vava'u and childrens reading books, crayons, pencils colouring books etc for the English speaking kindergardens.

We ask our guests to bring discarded eye glasses from family and friends for the people of Vava'u as there are no opticians or eye doctors available locally.

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