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Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your holiday will help support conservation and local people.

TRANSPORT: as you can see our Switzerland trip is a rail trip, which avoids any unnecessary private transfers during your travelling. In Switzerland rail travel is very advanced and popular. It is part of the experience because of the numerous scenic train rides, as well as between the cities, as also to the mountain locations. Swiss trains are in general electric which makes them much more environment friendly, not to mention that you are sharing a transportation with a lot of other people, while still enjoying the luxury of very comfortable 1st or 2nd class seats on the regularly renovated train wagons. As Swiss city centres are normally quite small and we make sure to accommodate you in central hotels, we always suggest our clients to take walking guided tours, which in our opinion are the best option for really getting to know the city and also doing something good for yourself and your health.

WASTE: our trip is planned so that you will always have enough time to sit down for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and we absolutely advise against packing any food in single use plastic materials, as we feel that tasting and enjoying local food in the restaurants, instead of buying sandwiches or burgers at supermarkets or fast-food stores, is one of the most important parts of the travel. Through food we get to know the people who prepare it, we see their customs, their history and knowledge. Although eating outside in Switzerland is often quite expensive, we think this contributes to decent life of everyone involved and you surely won’t regret it, as their food presentation is among the best we’ve seen.

OFFICE: Unrelated to this specific trip, we want you to know that we are highly committed to reducing all waste also at our office. We collect all waste separately – organic, plastic and cans, paper, glass. We avoid printing any unnecessary documents and the ones we have to are printed on the recycled sheets. All of our employees have a kitchen room with microwave oven and a refrigerator available so that we can bring our lunch with us in a re-usable lunch box or cook it directly at the office, with which we can avoid any packaging waste. Our coffees, teas and other drinks are always served in a ceramic mug or a glass. We use energy–efficient light bulbs instead of regular bulbs. As we have a very good positioned office we can avoid having any 24/7 lights, we always make sure to shut down all devices when leaving the office and we are using a high-tech responsible heating/cooling system with heat pump for air circulation. We are very confident that each individual can make a difference with more responsible behaviour and we want to keep up with a good work!

The Impacts of this Trip

FRIENDS & NEIGHBOURS: Years or travelling and exploring Europe has left us not only with wonderful memories, but meaningful friendships. We aim to work with the people we love, we encourage them to improve and always provide as many details as possible, so that our service providers will best meet our clients’ needs. Our goal is to know every person which is spending longer time with travellers, such as guides, drivers, workshop leaders and so on. If we need any additional staff, we always check first for a recommendation of our friends, before looking online. We value a good word and respect the suggestions we receive from our long-year partners. Our restaurant suggestions are always updated and based on best locally owned restaurants, where we check that typical dishes are served. In Switzerland this is often cheese raclette or fondue and chocolate pralines. Our clients simply cannot high-praise them enough. This is part of Swiss fairy tale and we are glad to bring it to you!

A FAIR DEAL: We want to make sure that our guides are enjoying their time just as much as our clients do. We make sure that working conditions are good by organising working hours and environment so that everyone has enough time to rest and do their job as best as possible. Although client is always first, if necessary, we adapt itinerary hours so that they best suit everyone involved. We aim to provide fair wage to local workers and respect their wishes regarding working conditions. We expect our clients to understand if the higher quality sometimes brings with it also higher price of the service and at the same time, we are very grateful to have an opportunity to work with clients that do.

LOCAL CRAFTS AND CULTURE: We love presenting to our clients local culture by offering them workshops lead by local craftsmen, where they have a personal contact with the maker or artist and at the same time they can make something by themselves. Of course, it is generally encouraged to purchase additional items at the workshop location, which I think that after going through an experience like this, almost everyone will surely do. Workshops such as chocolate, cheese, watch making and cooking classes, are one of the best ways to make sure that your trip will be unforgettable.

TRAVELLING WITH RESPECT: While travelling you are always entering a foreign culture and territory. Switzerland is a land of very warm people, people who come from lots of different parts of the world, it is a melting-pot liberal country where many prejudices have long been forgotten. Locals are very open minded, tolerant, and patient. By being open to observing and listening to personal stories of the people you will meet, you will enter a totally different world of travel. A world where not only photos will be what’s left of your trip, but yourself will be a slightly different person by taking in all that the country you visited and the people you met have taught you. So make sure to always take a step back from trying to do things the way you are used to and try something new by listening to suggestions of local people and taking a bold step by trying as many new things as possible. You will become a truly richer person by doing so.


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