Nairobi to Cape Town overland tour

Epic Nairobi to Cape Town overland tour taking in eight countries over two months, and many of Africa’s most iconic safari destinations. Stay on small, locally run campsites as you enjoy incredible wildlife-watching and other thrilling adventures, as well as the camaraderie of a small group road trip.
Stay on small, locally run campsites Well-maintained, comfortable expedition vehicles Shop in local communities with groups sharing cooking and cleaning duties David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage Ngorongoro Crater Serengeti National Park Relax on Zanzibar’s white sand beaches or swim with dolphins Visit a local Maasai village Optional climb to Kilimanjaro base camp Game-viewing on horseback in Zimbabwe Wide range of adrenaline-packed optional activities at Victoria Falls Chobe National Park Canoe safari in the Okavango Delta Etosha National Park Swakopmund – Namibia’s ‘adventure gateway’ Sossusvlei Cape Town
£2475To£2595 excluding flights
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56 days
Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe
Small group
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Please note there is an additional local payment payable at the start of the trip in US Dollars cash: 2022 - $950 | 2023 - $950
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Description of Nairobi to Cape Town overland tour

Designed by overland travel experts with the ambitious and culturally curious traveller in mind, this is an epic two-month odyssey taking in Kenya, Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and finally South Africa. Journeying in a comfortable and spacious vehicle with a small group of fellow adventurers, you’ll bond over a range of unforgettable experiences in iconic destinations from Victoria Falls to the plains of the Serengeti, and sharing duties at the locally run campsites you stay at along the way.

This Nairobi to Cape Town overland tour is the kind of trip where you start waking up at sunrise with the birds because you’re in a hurry for the day to begin. You’ll enjoy absolutely spectacular wildlife-watching throughout: on the floor of Ngorongoro Crater, roaming the Serengeti, on the riverbanks of the Okavango Delta, from horseback on a game ranch in Zimbabwe. These safaris are led by hugely knowledgeable local guides able not only to point out the animals to you, but to explain their behaviours. They’ll also tell you about the threats to the animals’ survival and how conservation efforts are making a difference – several of which, such as the Otjitongwe Cheetah Preservation Park in Namibia, are directly financially supported by your holiday.

But – as awe-inspiring as it undoubtedly is to watch as elephants cautiously approach a floodlit waterhole by night, to swim with dolphins off Zanzibar or to head out in search of the critically endangered Black rhino, it’s often the little moments in-between that will stay with you longest after your trip comes to an end. That might be spending an hour with a Maasai elder in their village to learn a little about their traditional ways of life. It could be the satisfaction of clambering to the summit of a towering Sossusvlei sand dune to take in the sunset. Or it could simply be having a laugh with a new friend as you take your turn at the washing-up station on the campsite.

This kind of trip does not suit everyone. It is best-suited to those content to rough it a little, to work together as part of a team, and above all to share their space. And it introduces you to people throughout who are also prepared to share space with Africa’s amazing wildlife, even though it sometimes inconveniences or even sometimes endangers them. Because they know the benefits that responsible travellers on trips such as this can bring to their communities.

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£2475To£2595 excluding flights
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Please note there is an additional local payment payable at the start of the trip in US Dollars cash: 2022 - $950 | 2023 - $950
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Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) holiday so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


Waste: at the point of booking a tour with us, all our travellers receive detailed pre-departure information which contains a large section on travelling responsibly. This includes advice on minimising the amount of waste they create on the trip. This informs travellers on what they can do before they go, for example removing toiletries from unnecessary packaging and taking a reusable water bottle and gives advice on what they should do whilst on the tour, for example, disposing of litter appropriately.

All of this information on waste reduction is re-iterated at the pre-departure meeting at the start of the tour, with specific advice for the areas we visit on the tour. As a company we have a big commitment to reducing, reusing and recycling in our UK office. We are very aware of the environmental impact of our office in the UK, so we recycle and compost as much of our waste as possible. We try to reduce paper usage ,but when necessary we use recycled paper and stationery. Our brochure is available to view or download online and the paper version is printed on stock produced from sustainable sources and vegetable based inks.

Accommodation: The majority of nights on this trip are spent, sleeping in tents-sometimes in camp sites, sometimes out in the bush. This obviously involves minimal use of electricity and if we're out in the bush we can only use the water that we carry-no chance to leave taps running, the air conditioning or heating or lights on! Filling up and carrying jerry cans of water helps concentrate the mind on how much water you consume!


On this trip we stay at small, locally run campsites and where possible buy our food in local markets, thereby directly supporting local communities. We use local companies to run all our excursions; for example our trips to the Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater are run by a company based in Arusha, Tanzania. They employ local drivers and guides.

We try to stay at campsites that also have a commitment to the communities they inhabit and we do what we can to further support their initiatives; for example the Meserani Snake Park in Tanzania started as a campsite but has become an integral and important part of the local Masai community.

The campsite organises guided walks to local Masai villages-the Masai villagers themselves are the guides and all the profits go to the villages. The campsite has also established a medical centre for the local Masai community and this is partly funded by the profits from an on-site shop selling local Masai crafts. We have donated basic medical supplies to the medical centre.

In Namibia we stay at the Otjitongwe Cheetah Preservation Park which seeks to preserve the local cheetah population.

Before commencing the tour all our clients are provided with detailed pre-departure info which includes information on Responsible Travel. This information is re-emphasised by our Tour Leader at the start of the trip-clients are, for example, advised about respecting local customs particularly in terms of dress and behaviour; water conservation; respecting and conserving wildlife and their habitats; purchasing of endangered species products and so on.

Charities supported on this trip:
We sponsor two charities in this region of Africa. In Nairobi, we sponsor a baby elephant, Kamboyo, through the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. We visit this impressive education and conservation project on our trip.

In Zimbabwe, we have become involved with the Hupenyu Hutsva Children’s Home in Harare, assisting this locally funded children’s home with regular donations of food. We came upon this Home by accident-during a visit to Zimbabwe 7 years ago. One of our Directors was taking some supplies to a nearby childrens home and got a bit lost! He ended up at Hupenyu Hutsva by mistake and was impressed by what he saw, in terms of the staffs dedication and commitment.

The Home receives virtually no outside support as the children are older and not as cute and attention grabbing as the babies and toddlers of the Home nearby. We are very proud of our involvement with this Home as we can see the small differences we have made and we know that it has been important to the Home to just know that someone outside even cares about what is happening there. We have donated educational materials, bedding, clothing, sports equipment and computers to the Home.

In 2008 we also funded the installation of a borehole at the Home-enabling them to be far more self sufficient in food production and enabling the children to learn valuable horticultural skills (our generous travellers donated seeds and gardening tools.) Since 2007, we have run an annual 'Kids Week' event, using one of our trucks and 2 or 3 of our crew to take all the children and staff out on a series of day trips, finishing the week with a big party. Many of the children rarely leave the compound they live on so it is always a big adventure! (We're never sure who enjoys it most though, our crew or the children! )Whenever possible our trips visit the Home. The children enjoy challenging our groups to a game of cricket and then winning, convincingly!

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