Ethiopia trekking holiday

Hike through ancient history and summit the highest peak in Ethiopia on this two-week guided trekking holiday in the Simien Mountains. Tailor-made for a minimum of two people.
Addis Ababa Gondar Debark Sankaber Simien Mountains National Park Geech Chenek Bhauit Pass Ambiquo Ras Dejen summit Arkwaziye Loma Mulit Adi Arkai Lalibela
£3195 excluding flights
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14 Days
Tailor made
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Can organise tailor made expeditions - 2 or more people.
Price includes: hotel, internal airfares, meals in itinerary, transfers, city tours, entrance fees, ground transportation, camping gear, experienced guide, Mini 4 pax (supplement applies)
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Description of Ethiopia trekking holiday

This two-week trekking holiday through rural Ethiopia offers group or tailor-made departures for a minimum of two people.

A relentlessly fascinating country with history dating back over 3,000 years, Ethiopia is an ideal destination for travellers who enjoy the both the adventure of challenging trekking and being immersed in a unique, colourful culture.

The richness of Ethiopia’s history and culture matches the richness of its scenery. The mountains of the northern and central regions are some of the most dramatic and spectacular in Africa and are home to a plethora of endemic wildlife.

You will meet remote rural communities as you walk through fertile lowlands, before ascending into the ancient Simien Mountains to summit Ras Dejen, the highest peak in Ethiopia at 4,563m. Keep your eyes peeled for iconic Gelada baboons and even lions as you journey against a backdrop of dramatic gorges and looming escarpments.

This is a challenging trek, but the unique scenery, wildlife and culture you will encounter are worth every step you take.

Before you head home, you will take some time to soak up more of Ethiopia’s history visiting the ancient painted churches at Lake Tana, and the 12thCentury rock-hewn churches at Lalibela.


Price information

£3195 excluding flights
Convert currency:
Can organise tailor made expeditions - 2 or more people.
Price includes: hotel, internal airfares, meals in itinerary, transfers, city tours, entrance fees, ground transportation, camping gear, experienced guide, Mini 4 pax (supplement applies)
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Departure information

This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

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Holiday information

We cater for both vegetarians and vegans.

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) holiday so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


We have a social, cultural and environmental conscience! It is vitally important that travel has a positive impact on the social, cultural and environmental aspects of the places we visit. We ensure that when you visit places with us, your presence will help those that live there, that their culture will be respected and that the environment at the very least will not be harmed.

Environmental Policy
There are many aspects to the issue of the environmental impact of travel. Flying to the destination, accommodation, food preparation and human waste control. Each of these is covered by our own environmental policy. We try to use eco friendly accommodation where possible. Food is bought and prepared locally. We try to use fresh produce as much as possible.

All expeditions are accompanied by rubbish bags. These bags are used by our local staff to remove non biodegradable stuff from the mountain. When at high altitudes, where food does not decompose well, we also return food scraps to Addis to be disposed of. We encourage our trekkers to participate in this process too.

We strongly believe in the motto 'take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints'. Our guides and porters are always careful to leave as little trace as possible of our presence when we visit remote locations, we never leave any rubbish. Remember, the less rubbish you create the better, as many countries don't have adequate rubbish collection infrastructures in place, let alone recycling facilities.

We also inform the trekkers how to treat nature along the way, where they can go to the bathroom. how close they can get to wildlife etc. We teach our local staff the dos and don'ts in relation to how to treat the environment. We discourage hunting and deforestation for burning wood as well as keeping camp sites clean and clear of waste.

A key feature of our green tourism policy is that we make sure we boil all drinking water when on location, rather than relying on bottled water. This makes a huge difference to the local environment, as bottles take tens of thousands of years to biodegrade. Be aware of the environmental impact washing in streams and other natural water sources could have - many shampoos, soaps et cetera contain harmful chemicals which are then deposited into the ecosystem. Eco-friendly soaps are available to buy.

Office procedures
We do not produce printed brochures. All our branded stationery is carbon neutral, manufactured using 100% wind power. Green seal and FSC certified it is acid free, environmentally friendly, recycled paper. We also ensure we recycle any waste paper in the UK office, in order to reduce our carbon footprint further. We promote volunteering and sustainable tourism to all our customers. The wonderful thing about adventure travel is that it can be an opportunity to get involved hands-on in practical community projects around the world. There is nothing quite as fulfilling as knowing you're making a direct difference and building something for the future.


Cultural Policy
All societies have their own rules, borne out of generations of cultural development. We are not here to change these directly, but to witness them and appreciate them as another form of human existence. While on expedition, we will respect local cultures, those developed out of religion or social norms. We ask you to respect these to, as they are no better or worse than our own.

Services of a local guide
Our company employs local guides and porter, thus ensuring that economic benefits remain in local hands. We also encourage craftsmen at various destinations to produce local and traditional crafts keeping tradition alive for their children. We advise them to sell their wares for reasonable prices so that tourists do not go away with either nothing or feel they have been taken for a ride.

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