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Adventure Lanka Tours (ALT) is an independent, fully licensed, Sri Lanka based tour operator. Our goal is to provide guided tours for groups of 10 or less passengers and enable them to experience the culture, beauty and ethnic diversity of Sri Lanka. We usually prefer to stay in clean, comfortable hotels and eat from local restaurants and eating houses in the area. In addition all our guides are English speaking and residents of the areas we visit which mean that our clients feel more like guests and less like tourists.

All our staff is locals and possess a very good knowledge of Sri Lanka. We try and incorporate this into our itineraries by striking a balance between well known "must see" locations to less famous places that are off the main tracks. We also like to sometime take alternate routes to destinations. This leads into remote little hamlets and villages of Sri Lanka. This practice gives our guests a complete experience of Sri Lanka and enables them to interact with local people.

Respect for local people, their cultures, traditions, religions and environment are essential to our philosophy and our tours and we work hard to ensure our groups have a positive impact on the places and people visited. We hope that you will be treated as guests and behave as guests whilst traveling with Adventure Lanka Tours.
Member since: 11 Feb 2004

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • At least 93% of all money paid to Adventure Lanka Tours remains in Sri Lanka
  • All employees of Adventure Lanka Tours are Sri Lankan
  • All chauffeur guides used on tours are licensed by the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau

Environmental responsibility

  • Ensuring environmental compliance at all levels is difficult and we rely on our client feedback to identify any potential issues.
  • All our chauffeurs are instructed to obey traffic rules at all times.
  • When visits to the park involve trekking, clients are advised to keep all rubbish with them and accompanying chauffeur or naturist ensures compliance.

Social responsibility

  • All clients prior to travelling to Sri Lanka are advised on cultural sensitivities and proper etiquette.
  • We usually include a visit to local village houses, village etc and when doing so our clients will be advised of any gifts they may offer.
  • We also where ever possible aim to provide a closer interaction with Sri Lankans through cooking, swimming in the river, playing cricket with the village kids etc.

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