Majestic Whale Encounters

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Majestic Whale Encounters is an eco conscious company who's sole purpose is to take our guests on a journey to swim with whales in beautiful locations like Tonga, Tahiti, Norway, Sri Lanka and more for an experience of a lifetime that few people will ever have the chance to encounter. Our mission is to protect the world's oceans and all that's in it. We believe if you love the ocean it will love you back. We aim to run our trips with maximum interaction and minimal impact and we feel very honoured to share this incredible experience with like minded people. Our motto at Majestic Whale Encounters is LOVE.PROTECT.CONNECT
Member since: 27 Nov 2014

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Environmental responsibility

Our mission statement is to love, protect and connect. This applies to both the animals and the surrounding environment. We stand by values to protect our environment. As the old saying goes….leave nothing behind, only footprints.

Our entire career has been focused on animals and their welfare, so being passionate about protecting their habitats goes hand in hand with that. Our genuine love and respect of the ocean and its marine life means that a fundamental requirement of the tour company is to mirror these values and ensure the company has a focus on ecological conservation.

Our main aim and focus is to educate guests on the conservation of all the animals we encounter whilst adhering to strict whale watch guidelines.

We want our guests to have an amazing experience sharing the underwater world of the whales and other creatures. and hope that this will in turn bring a new respect and understanding to further help the conservation of the whales, dolphins and marine environment.

Responsible Whale Watching Guidelines:

Responsible Whale Watching/swimming means that we as tour operators have a goal to protect the marine environment.

“Maximum experience and observation with Minimum impact”

We are aware of and adhere to any local government whale watching guidelines. We have a responsibility to educate the guests on board about the behaviours, biology, and general whale information.

With the hope that our guests will come away from the experience with a respect for these animals and their environment and an interest in protecting the whales, dolphins and our oceans.

Social responsibility

We outsource employees from the local villages to work in various roles including resort staff, tour guides, groundsmen, transport, fishermen, boat transfers & child care. By using local staff this will enhance the travellers experience by opening their minds to the amazing cultures and languages from the places we visit. We support not only resorts but also try to visit local restaurants and other businesses to support local as much as possible.
We encourage travellers to contribute to the local economy through buying locally produced goods, souvenirs, arts and crafts. Including hand crafted woodwork, tapa (intricate hand made wall hangings) woven baskets, place mats and table mats etc.

It has always been important to us to try and give back to the places we visit and recently we have developed a ‘Give back’ scheme where we use portions of profits for each tour to put towards local charities and schemes. A few examples of this are:

• The Marine Reserve Tonga- helping to restore the reef
• Foundation of Goodness Sri Lanka – funding ocean dive clean ups
• The dolphin project- protecting dolphins worldwide
• Grace Rwanda Society- promoting literacy and education in Rwanda
• ‘Our Ocean, Our Future’ Our range of tee shirts where we donate 100% of the profits to Take 3 for the Sea

It is very important to us that we convey our ethical stance on conservation for our oceans and environment.

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