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United Arab Emirates cultural holiday

You are invited to visit Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi in a unique cultural introduction to the heritage of the United Arab Emirates. This is an enjoyable and inspiring cultural experience that allows you to learn more about the Emirati culture and traditions, to see Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi and to take back a unique insight in to the people of this fascinating region. Within the extraordinary growth of these states, there still exists the old traditions, beliefs and ways that have been at the heart of Arab culture for centuries. This tour is suitable for all age groups. Read more >
From £1,299 excluding flights

Chile cultural holiday, People of the Atacama

Visit the people of the Atacama Desert in this 8/10 day experience of this fascinating desert region. You will travel to San Pedro de Atacama in the Atacama desert to meet the Lican Antay ("people of the hamlet") or Atacameño culture and experience their traditions. Travelling across the World's driest desert you will reach the distant Ayllu de Coyo, to begin the Lican Antay experience within a community that has been practicing agriculture, llama raising and traditional Atacameño food preparations for centuries. The trip will begin by flying from Santiago to Calama and then boarding a comfortable vehicle that will allow us to reach our remote final destination. This programme is for ... Read more >
From £2,899 excluding flights

Holiday in Oman, Bedouin and fjords of Musandam

Spend eight days getting to know the fishermen and mountain Bedouin people of Oman, in the Musandam Peninsula. This area is off the familiar tourist trail but is uniquely beautiful. Nicknamed the Norway of Arabia, the Musandam has fjord-like scenery and a population of around 30,000 people. Little fishing communities are peppered along the coast and there are isolated Bedouin Villages in the mountains inland. Most people here fish for a living, with the clean waters and healthy coral providing rich pickings. The trip begins in Khasab, the capital of Musandam, a fascinating city with a 17th-century fort, constructed by the Portuguese when they occupied the region, before boarding a ... Read more >
From £1,699 excluding flights

Rajasthan cultural holiday in India

Immerse yourself in the culture and history of Rajasthan, one of India's most fascinating regions. You will visit the cities of Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur and Jaipur staying in beautiful, luxury accommodation while still meeting the local people. They will show you the iconic sites of their homeland and give you an insight into their way of living and their beliefs. You will also camp in the Thar Desert, visiting Khuri Village and meeting the people that live in the Great Indian Desert. You can also take a camel ride with these people in the Desert. Near Jodhpur you visit the Bishnoi people to learn about their way of life and beliefs. They descend back to the 15 century and are staunch ... Read more >
From £1,799 excluding flights

Uzbekistan cultural holiday, people of the Silk Road

Visit the people of Samarkand and Tashkent in this 11 day tailored visit from this well known and experienced UK Operator for 2 people or more to this ancient trading route. You will have your own guide and vehicle and so have flexibility when there. Uzbekistan is possibly not an immediate travel choice, but when you consider its history of being successively populated by Iranian Nomads, Arabs, Turks and Mongols, all keen to exploit its vital position on the ancient Silk Road between China and Europe, it has a fascinating and ancient history. Uzbek tribes then dominated the region, culminating in Russia incorporating the Uzbek Khanates into its empire. Finally in 1992, Uzbekistan achieved ... Read more >
From £1,599 excluding flights

Northern Ethiopia tours, Monks, Monasteries and Churches

Visit the monks and monasteries and awe-inspiring landscape of Ethiopia’s historic northern region. On this tour, you will see the magnificent geography of Northern Ethiopia, stay at some beautiful lodges and hotels and begin to understand why so many people visit this extraordinary Country. You will be in real touch with its ancient religious history – from the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, to St. Mary of Zion in Axum, the holiest church in Ethiopia and alleged to hold, in its sanctuary, the original Ark of the Covenant and onto the many monasteries of the northern region. There are also medieval castles at Gonder, smoking waterfalls at Tississat and incredible views and hotels in the ... Read more >
From £2,649 including domestic flights only

Malawi cultural tour

Visit the people and places of Southern Malawi in this 9 day experience of the "Warm heart of Africa". This is a short introduction to the people that have earned Malawi its reputation as being the "Warm heart of Africa", where you will meet the fishing people of Lake Malawi and spend time with the village people of Njobvu. You will visit Mumbo Island, explore this stunning island, meet the local fishermen and spend the nights under canvas in between swimming and kayaking in his beautiful location. You then travel to Liwonde National Park to experience a walking safari and river boat cruise, before travelling on to Njobvu Village to live traditional village life with local people and then ... Read more >
From £2,399 excluding flights

Cultural tour of Bhutan

Meet the people of Bhutan in this 9 day introduction to this fascinating and remote Himalayan Kingdom offered by this well known and experienced UK Operator. This programme is a tailored, luxury tour for 2 people or more who look for more than just the conventional tourist trip and wish to see Bhutan's fascinating traditions and meet the welcoming people. You have your own guide and vehicle and it will open doors and take you into the heart of a rich and thriving culture, unique art and architecture and above all, the people whose simple lifestyle will make your Bhutan experience unforgettable. We also offer a standard 11 day tour and tailor our tours to suit you. Read more >
From £1,899 excluding flights

Luxury culture holiday in Oman

This tailor made cultural trip is what we believe Oman holidays should be all about. Culture, wild desert landscapes, meeting local communities and, in particular, the Bedouin people and, what all luxury holidays need a bit of, fine and memorable places to stay. From four star luxury to a sky full of stars when you camp under them in the desert. Travelling with your own private chauffeur and guide, discover the cultural wonders of our capital city, Muscat, the ancient capital Nizwa, the natural wonders of Hajar range’s peaks and canyons as well as the ever changing and ever beautiful Wahiba Sands. Traditional lifestyles are central to this trip visiting not only the Bedouin, eating and ... Read more >
From £1,699 excluding flights

Namibia cultural holiday with the Himba tribe

Join an astonishing experience which combines cultural understanding with ethical tourism in remote north-western Namibia. This is an authentic, colourful, intimate and spectacular kaleidoscope of experiences in a place of wild beauty where wildlife and people co-exist. We add dignity and new meaning to cultural exchanges, because your conservancy hosts from the Himba and Herero communities own the local company and receive all profits. These are excursions into a vast untamed land to give the discerning traveller a once in a lifetime insider’s view of community-based conservation in action. We invite you to join our experienced team on rutted tracks, across dry riverbeds and rugged ... Read more >
From £2,549 excluding flights

Seychelles tours, a Seychellois Creole experience

A Seychellois Creole experience. This holiday gives you a little more than just a visit to the beautiful islands of the Seychelles, which in itself is breathtaking. It gives you a unique insight into the Seychellois Creole culture and welcomes you as their guests as they host you on a unique experience. You can experience the "Festival Kreol" in October each year, the biggest and most important event of the Seychelles cultural calendar. It offers the visitor a fascinating week full of the colours, sounds, flavours and fragrances of one corner of the Creole world that treasures its traditions while embracing the opportunities of the present. This programme has been created by the people of ... Read more >
From £2,299 excluding flights

Luxury cultural tour of Southern Ethiopia

Meet the people of Southern Ethiopia on this unique cultural tour, which combines genuine cultural experiences with high quality accommodation. The tour takes you south from Addis through the Abijatta Shalla Lakes National park to Arba Minch, the Omo Valley and Omo National Park. The Omo valley is dominated mainly by many ethnic groups who speak omotic language as classified by linguistics. The region and the people of this area are one of the least affected by the modern world. The life style of these people has hardly changed for centuries. People still live in simple make shift huts, dress animal skins and drink from calabashes. The area is a veritable paradise for photographers and ... Read more >
From £2,649 excluding flights

Cultural holiday in Peru

Visit the People of the Peruvian Andes in this 15 day tour of this fascinating and beautiful mountain region. This programme takes you south from Lima to Arequipa where you will travel to Puno and Cusco via some of Peru's hidden areas. This programme is for travellers who look for more than just the conventional tourist trip and want to venture off the beaten track, whilst also seeing the major sites. It will introduce you to the people of this region and give you an insight into their Inca heritage, their current lifestyles and beliefs. They will show you the iconic sites of Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, the Sacred Valley and the Mirador Cruz del Condor in the Colca Valley, but also ... Read more >
From £2,499 excluding flights

Jordan cultural tour, hosted by Bedouin of Petra

This is a unique opportunity to experience the wonders of Jordan and particularly Petra through the eyes and in the hands of the Bedouin of Petra. You will be hosted by the Bedouin of the Albedoull tribe and Mohammed Ali Albedoull and his team. The tribe has lived in Petra itself for centuries and in the caves around Petra until 1984, when they moved to the Bedouin village of Um Sayhoun. Your Bedouin hosts will give a fascinating insight into the locations, the Bedouin way of life, their beliefs and their history. You will stay with the Bedouin in their camps, but you will also stay in your choice of 3* or 4* Hotels. You will be shown some of the classic sites of Jordan including of ... Read more >
From £2,149 excluding flights

Sahara Desert camel trek with the Berber, Morocco

High Atlas Trek with the Berber Imlil to Ouad N'Fis. This is a little-visited area, but it is close to Marrakech and it starts from the Berber village at Imlil. There are high passes and plateaux, a choice of wild camping and Berber guest houses, juniper forests, pretty valley villages and farms and ancient hazelnut groves. On the trek, you will have a choice of wild camping and Berber gîte or guest houses. You will spend valuable time with your Berber guides and hosts, learning about their lives and beliefs and absorbing their culture. On your return, you will have time to see Marrakech before flying home. This trek is suitable for all age groups and for people of reasonable ... Read more >
From £949 excluding flights

Tibet culture tour & Everest base camp

This 10 day visit has been developed with us and is delivered by a young Tibetan couple who have their own company. Ngodup has summited Everest four times and he has led countless rescue missions, so you in very safe hands for a visit to Everest Base Camp! Tinkar has developed the cultural aspects of the trip with us and as a Tibetan, she is very proud of the wonderful history and heritage of this unique destination. We have included the first 3 days acclimatising in Lhasa, but using that time to visit the various temples, plus the Potala Palace, which cannot be missed. We are then off through the landscapes through Shigatse and Shekar to the Rongbuk Valley and Mount Everest. You will ... Read more >
From £3,499 excluding flights

Sami people winter holiday in Norway with ice hotel

A Winter Sami Experience with the Ice Hotel. Visit the Land of the Sami people in Northern Norway and spend time with them, understanding their culture and heritage. You will also enjoy the Igloo Hotel, a Husky Tour and a Northern Lights safari (though the Lights are not guaranteed, of course!). This tour is suitable for all age groups. Read more >
From £1,749 excluding flights
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