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South Africa shark diving tour

Southern Africa is home to some of the highest diversity of shark species and largest populations in the world. The meeting of both the Atlantic and Indian Oceans along the coast of South Africa. This unique tour travels from the Western Cape of South Africa right across the southern tip of this great continent and then ends in the tropical waters of Mozambique. Introduction: We are specialists in tailoring wildlife watching all over the world and we have a great range of wildlife safaris of Southern Africa including diving holidays which specialise in sharks. So if you are passionate about sharks or fascinated by the ocean this tour is a wonderful way to taken in the best dive sites in ...Read more >
From £7,495 including domestic flights only

Jaguar safari holiday in Brazil's Pantanal

Jaguars have for a long time been regarded as one of the most elusive and difficult animals in the world to see. However recently they have been revealing their secrets to dedicated scientists and hardened wildlife watchers in the Pantanal region of Brazil. On this tour you will be taken into the heart of this region and with the help of expert local guides we have a 100% record of seeing these big cats. Whilst in the Pantanal you can expect to see giant otters, capybara, hyacinth macaws and of course Jaguars alongside hundred of other species. By staying in Porto Jofre and not on the Transpanteiro you will right on the jaguars doorstep. And with a past average record of 1.1 jaguars per ...Read more >
From £3,995 excluding flights

Tasmania and Victoria wildlife holiday, Australia

The Tasmanian devil is as iconic as the little island it inhabits. This tour explores both the island of Tasmania and the mainland coast of Victoria as we go in search of wildlife from Tasmanian devils and humpback whales to platypuses and gang-gang cockatoos. This tour is a wildlife adventure to some of Australia's most beautiful habitats and with so many iconic and bizarre creatures this trip is sure to be enjoyed. Introduction: We are specialists in tailoring wildlife watching all over the world and we have a great range of wildlife tour in Australia. Being a country continent the hardest part is picking what to include and what not to include as it is impossible to see all of this ...Read more >
From £4,325 including domestic flights only

Snow Leopard tracking in the Himalayas

Join snow leopard experts with decades of experience in tracking, researching and conserving snow leopards throughout Ladakh. Tracking down snow leopards in the Himalayas is one of the most exhilarating and amazing experiences in the natural world. The top areas for sightings are the Tarlung, Hysing and Karlung valleys inside the Hemis High Altitude National Park, but we also visit the Ullay Valley which has recently been found to have a local snow leopard population. Up until recently seeing snow leopard in the wild was a rarity. The idea of trying to find one of the shyest, most elusive and well camouflaged cats in the world, mostly active at night and living in a habitat that is quite ...Read more >
From £2,395 excluding flights

Bolivia small group wildlife tour

Move over the northern Pantanal as we have a new contender for the best place in the world to see Jaguars and other (usually elusive) South American wildlife. The Bolivian wetlands and chaco forests are home to large numbers of jaguars, pumas, ocelots, tapirs, anteaters and many other species. Introduction: We have developed this unique cat specialist trip to Bolivia for anyone wanting to avoid the crowds in Brazil and enjoy spotting jaguars, pumas, ocelots and possible jaguarondis in the wonderful remote Bolivian pantanal. There is a huge range of wildlife found in Bolivia including endemic river dolphins, various armadillos, rare peccaries, endemic primates, as well as very rare and ...Read more >
From £4,750 including domestic flights only

Bangladesh tiger safari holiday

This tailor made tour will take you deep into Sundarbans National Park, the world’s largest mangrove forest, home to the largest continuous population of tigers on the planet. This harsh and almost impenetrable forest features an estimated 500 tigers and due to the inhospitable conditions it has remained untouched by human settlements - an amazing feat when you think India and Bangladesh are two of the world’s most densely populated countries. Whilst here we'll be searching not just for tigers but also other rare and elusive mammals, including: Ganges river dolphins, huge saltwater crocodiles, masked finfoot, chital, langurs, finless porpoises and freshwater turtles. Most of the tiger and ...Read more >
From £1,995 excluding flights

Indonesia wildlife tour, dragons & manta rays

‘Here be dragons…’ as quoted on many antique maps when Europeans were describing the unexplored countries and islands of Asia. But it was not all make-believe and fantasy as this phrase probably stems from the tales heard by pirates, buccaneers and early explorers from local people in relation to the large lizards that inhabited the islands of Eastern Indonesia. We now know these lizards to be Komodo dragons, not fire-breathing but venomous, not winged but social and intelligent and not gigantic but still over 3m long. However the Komodo dragons are not the only giant we will be focusing on during this trip. We will also be visiting some hot spots for the gentle giant of the seas, the ...Read more >
From £1,675 including domestic flights only

Primate tour in Rwanda and Uganda

There aren't many tour operators working within the forests of Rwanda and Uganda which offer quite as extensive an amount of time in the presence of mountain gorillas and chimpanzees as you’ll find in the 11 day tailor made itinerary below. We include not one but two gorilla tracking days; one in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park in Uganda and one in the famous Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. By visiting these two parks and spending a couple of hours with the gorillas you will be able to compare the differences between habitats, behaviours and populations. Bwindi is more tropical than Volcanoes and the gorillas here seem intermediary as they travel between the eastern lowland ...Read more >
From £4,595 excluding flights

Gabon wildlife tour

Travel to the country of Gabon in Central Africa and track down some of the world's most enigmatic primates including the colourful mandrill and the huge and endearing lowland gorilla (among other awesome species). Introduction: Gabon is a natural paradise. The ‘jewel in the crown’ of Gabon’s natural parks is Loango National Park, where there’s almost no humans living around the park and where wild animals live protected by the rivers surrounding this natural part of Central Africa. Any traveller here can easily spot big mammals such as the forest elephant, red forest buffalo, red river hogs (with their furry ears), sitatunga, various duiker species, a variety of monkey species, a huge ...Read more >
From £7,995 including domestic flights only

Sri Lanka wildlife tour

Explore the diverse and wonderful country of Sri Lanka in search of Blue Whales (100% success rate), Asiatic Elephants (100% success rate) and Leopards (at least one seen every time we enter Yala and Wilpattu National Parks on our past safaris). Introduction: Sri Lanka is fast becoming one of the best wildlife watching destinations in Asia. Home to huge populations of leopards, sloth bears and Asiatic elephants as well as a mind boggling array of bird species (many endemic) and some incredible endemic mammal species too. It has also become a top whale watching destination in recent years with a new population of blue whales being discovered here. This tour explores a couple of Sri Lanka’s ...Read more >
From £2,295 excluding flights

Nepal clouded leopard expedition

Introduction: For a very long time clouded leopards were among the top of every wildlife enthusiasts wish lists (which has not changed), but for a long time the chances of seeing one were lottery like odds. Very few people were ever lucky enough to happen chance across one as they trekked in various forests around South and South East Asia. All of that changed around 5 years ago when a wonderful forestry department opened its up for tourism in Sabah, Malaysia (Deramakot Forest Reserve) and the rate of seeing this wonderful species shot up drastically. But nearly at the same time as this location arrived on the wildlife watching scene the clouded leopard was split into two different species; ...Read more >
From £2,590 excluding flights

India specialist tiger safari tour, 3 weeks

The most famous predator in India if not the whole world, is of course the iconic and majestic Tiger. And when it comes to seeing this amazing animal there really is only one place; central India. There are a number of national parks and tiger reserves around India (over 40 in total) and many are in the central state of Madhya Pradesh, it is here where some of the reserves boast such a huge percentage of the world population its hard not to find tigers. This safari is by far the most comprehensive tiger safari around; travelling to three of the best parks in the world for tigers and spending three weeks searching for them we could easily spot over 25 different tigers during our time ...Read more >
From £6,445 including domestic flights only

Madagascar 2 week wildlife tour

With 80% of its species found nowhere else on earth – including birds, chameleons and of course the lemurs – Madagascar is an wildlife enthusiasts dream destination. This trip will hopefully reveal endemic mongoose like species, the enormous and fierce looking fossa, tiny quick moving mouse lemurs and you will hear the eerie, whale-like songs of the world’s largest lemur the indri. Having parted ways with mainland Africa over 160 million years ago, most of Madagascar’s flora and fauna evolved independently from the wildlife elsewhere. Even the Malagasy people – descended from seafarers from Borneo and Polynesia as well as East Africans – are unique to Madagascar, a distinction that is ...Read more >
From £3,495 including domestic flights only

Namibia wildlife tour, desert and marine life

When people think of Namibia most people do not think of dolphins and flamingos; but instead the massive sand dunes of Sossusvlei and the herds of elephants in Etosha. But Namibia is a wonderful location were both the desert and the ocean can be explored for wildlife. Introduction: We are specialists in tailoring wildlife watching all over the world and we have a great range of wildlife safaris of Southern Africa including many itineraries to Namibia. Namibia is a vast country with some of the most photogenic and stunning scenery anywhere in the world. Home to one of the world’s largest national parks (Etosha National Park) and the world’s oldest desert (Namib Desert) the seemingly barren ...Read more >
From £2,549 excluding flights

Ethiopia wildlife tours

Ethiopia is one of the world's hotspots of endemism; meaning that a high percentage of wildlife that is found in the country is only found in this country. This is because of its highland terrain and rugged landscape isolating the animals from other parts of Africa; this tour focuses on the rare and endemic mammals of Ethiopia. So just specialist guides and visit some of the seldom visited and incredible wildlife destinations off the beaten track. Introduction: We are specialists in tailoring wildlife watching all over the world and we have a great range of specific mammal watching trips. These specialist mammal watching tours focus on rare and endemic species of mammals, as well as other ...Read more >
From £3,195 excluding flights

Kalahari mammal watching holiday, South Africa

This is a great opportunity to join up with resident naturalists and scientists in South Africa and track down some of the Northern Cape's most elusive species including: aardvarks, aardwolves, bat-eared foxes, pangolins and black-footed cats. We are specialists in tailoring wildlife watching and especially mammal watching safari holidays all over the world. To develop our range of fantastic mammal watching holidays we have spent years searching the world’s best wildlife watching locations as well as visiting some seldom visited areas. As a result we have created some great itineraries with the combined help of our zoologist guides, local experts and scientists studying various rare ...Read more >
From £3,525 including domestic flights only

Red Panda tracking tour in Nepal

Tracking down red pandas in the Himalayan foothills of Nepal is one of the most exhilarating and amazing experiences in the natural world. Up until recently it was an encounter which was deemed nigh on impossible. The idea of trying to find one of the shyest, most elusive and least understood mammals living in a habitat which is not just alien to most people but physically very demanding was just way too difficult. In recent years the region has become more inhabited and the increase in people has, unfortunately, led to the destruction of habitat. This has in turn led to increases in conservation projects as well as creating opportunities for sustainable tourism. Our local guides and ...Read more >
From £2,395 including domestic flights only

Sulawesi wildlife tour in Indonesia

Explore the little known and seldom visited forests of Sulawesi in Indonesia. This large island is a mix of wildlife from Asia and Australasia, a land made famous by Alfred Wallace and his exploration of the Indonesian archipelago the island is home to a wealth of endemic wildlife and some of the most unusual species in the world. Introduction: We are specialists in tailoring wildlife watching all over the world and we have a great range of wildlife tours which focus on some of the world’s rarest wildlife. These trips are specialist and are run more like expeditions than your conventional wildlife holiday. This particular trip heads to Sulawesi and a variety of different forests here, it ...Read more >
From £2,995 excluding flights

Western Cape wildlife holiday in South Africa

Explore the terrestrial and marine ecosystems north, south and east of Cape Town and come face to face with whales, dolphins, albatross, black rhinos, baboons and even the once extinct quagga on our Western Cape Safari. Introduction: We are specialists in tailoring wildlife watching all over the world and we have a great range of wildlife tours in Southern Africa which combine various different wildlife events. In order to develop our unrivalled range of combined wildlife watching holidays, our guides and colleagues around the world have spent years searching out the world’s best wildlife watching locations as well as visiting some seldom visited areas. This dedication has led us to ...Read more >
From £3,850 excluding flights

Rare mammals of Nepal wildlife safari

Travel to the far east of Nepal and in the Himalayan foothills you will track down red pandas and other rare mammals on this unique mammal watching holiday of Nepal. Recent genetic studies has split the red panda species into two different species, one in China and one in Nepal, the Nepalese red panda is only reliable seen in a couple of locations. This tour takes you into the heart of one of those reliable locations. As well as red pandas there are many species that inhabit these forested hills, a mix of rhododendron forest and bamboo groves these slopes are steep and teeming with life. Over the last few years the hard work of NGO's and dedicated local forest guardians the area has been ...Read more >
From £3,995 including domestic flights only