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Kayaking in the Keralan Backwaters

Southern India presents a much more peaceful experience when compared with the hectic cities further north and there's no activity that epitomises laid back relaxation more than kayaking on the Keralan backwaters which is why this five day trip is such a joy for all the senses. The backwaters of Kerala have long been the preserve of traders and farmers with the historic port of Alleppey providing, perhaps, the perfect setting for kayaking on the Keralan backwaters on some of the region's most revered lagoons, lakes and picturesque canals and river systems. From friendly riverside villages and delicious Keralan cuisine to staying overnight in heritage villages and smaller locally-owned ... Read more >
From £430 excluding flights

Sri Lanka Walking Holidays

This focussed walking holiday is designed to showcase the urban areas, nature and colonial history of Sri Lanka. The modern Sri Lanka can be seen in Colombo. Bustling markets, dense suburbs, tucked away parks and temples, tall buildings – all mixed together. We then contrast this by heading into countryside, with farms and small villages. Get a glimpse of village life and enjoy Sri Lanka’s nature and wildlife. Lastly, we head to Galle to see the Colonial impact in Sri Lanka. A mix of cultures co-existing and influencing each other. A lot of tourists but we shall try and show you the local life away from the normal touristy areas. Read more >
From £1,150 excluding flights

Kerala birdwatching holidays, Western Ghats

If you really want to experience a wilder, more natural, side to Kerala, birdwatching holidays in the Western Ghats open up a series of rainforest habitats teeming with bird species, around 24 of which are endemic to southern India. From lowland rainforest areas to the montane forests, found higher up the Western Ghats, Kerala birdwatching holidays take you into the most incredible environments considered by BirdLife International to be some of the most important endemic birding spots in the whole of the region. This particular week-long Kerala birdwatching holiday in the Western Ghats has been created purely with the region's indigenous species in mind as well as taking in hundreds of ... Read more >
From US $1,360 excluding flights

Walking & Cycling in Sri Lanka

This walking and cycling holiday explores the central heartlands of Sri Lanka. Starting from the spice district in the plains, the trip moves into hill country. The route is off the normal tourist track. You walk through spice plantations, teak forests and tea estates. The cycling is on back roads. The guides work in the plantations in the area and this trip supplements their income. Read more >
From £850 excluding flights

Western Ghats and Sri Lanka bird watching Holidays

The Western Ghats and Sri Lanka Biodiversity Hotspot is extraordinarily rich in endemic species of birds, mammals & vegetation. Extending along the West coast of India, the Western Ghats contains more than 30 percent of all plant, fish, reptile, amphibian, bird and mammal species found in the country. This ‘hot spot’ extends into Sri Lanka giving rise to a profusion of endemic species especially birds. The Western Ghats and Sri Lanka endemic birding tour takes you through the lowland forests of Thattekkad, the mountains of Munnar and Ooty, the dry scrub forests of Chinnar, the rain forests at Singharaja & Kitulagala and the hill country at Nuwara Eliya which are all bird rich areas. The ... Read more >
From £1,850 excluding flights

Rural cycling tours in South India

Cycling tours in southern India give you the ideal chance to combine exercise with cultural insight as you embark on an eight day tour that takes you in and around the backwaters and forests of Kerala. South India cycle holidays offer every opportunity to taste the essence of the area with culinary delights and historic fortifications both adding to an intriguing blend of cycling and sightseeing. The low lying Thattekkad forests make a fantastically scenic backdrop to this eight day cycling holiday in southern India with an amazing array of animals and bird species adding to the attraction of relatively level gradients and peaceful rural roads. As you cycle past vast rubber plantations ... Read more >
From US $980 excluding flights

Sri Lanka coast to coast cycling holiday

This coast to coast cycling holiday is designed to show you a cross section of Sri Lankan culture and nature. We chose less known destinations and complete back road cycling routes. Both chosen to show you the heart of Sri Lanka. We have ancient capitals of the Sri Lankan kingdoms in Yapahuwa and Polonnaruwa. Safaris in Minneriya and Udawalawe. Untouched wilderness in Maha Oya and Arugam Bay. Cultural connections in Baticalao, Galle and Colombo. The cycling is on mainly back roads, jeep trails. By most part, the terrain is flat, but at places there are some stretches with slight climbs. We avoid traffic and main roads. Accommodation is in 3 star hotels, guesthouses and homestays. Read more >
From £1,400 excluding flights

Cycling holidays in Kerala

This is a cycling holiday for all those looking to explore the green magic of the Keralan countryside. If you are looking for quiet roads, spectacular sceneries and friendly people, then this holiday is for you. As you cycle through the backcountry roads around the magnificent forests, the magical backwaters and the beautiful beaches, Kerala will mesmerize you. You will be cycling away from the crowded towns and cities and going through the very heart of Kerala - its wonderful villages and people who will greet you with warmth, making this a trip of a lifetime and the best way to take in the real Kerala. Historical places, dense forested roads, spice gardens, isolated hamlets, manicured ... Read more >
From US $1,750 excluding flights

Andaman Islands bird watching holiday

The Andaman Islands offer brilliant bird watching with over 570 individual islands and islets offering all manner of opportunities for twitchers to get their feathers in a flap whilst overlooking the southeastern section of the Bay of Bengal. As you’d imagine from such a wide range of landscapes, both inhabited and uninhabited, the Andaman archipelago attract an array of bird species over an arc-shaped environment that covers an unbroken area of almost 800kms. There are around twenty indigenous species living on and around the isolated Andaman Islands and this tailor made holiday can focus on these endemics to ensure bird watchers maximise their five days spent touring the islands. Most ... Read more >
From US $1,290 excluding flights

Rajasthan cycling tour

This Rajasthan cycling tour lets you discover one of India’s best-loved regions on two wheels as you pedal from Jaipur to Udaipur via Pushkar, Jodhpur and Ravla Bhenswara, over the course of 12 days. Landscapes blend between agricultural hillsides where fields of mustard and corn appear over the horizon to historic forts, such as Roopangarh, Khejarla and Mehrangarh, which provide ample excuses to get out of the saddle and explore on foot. As you’d expect from a Rajasthan cycling tour there’s a real sense of contrasts to be experienced every step of the way with rides to the edge of the Thar Desert and safaris within Kumbhalgarh wild life sanctuary, providing just a couple of exciting ... Read more >
From US $2,220 excluding flights

Kerala family activity holiday, India

Southern India really appeals to adventurous families looking for an activity holiday and Kerala, especially, is an ideal region from where to experience India from a safe and secure first time perspective. This two week holiday in Kerala can be tailored to your family’s personal preferences with a range of activities, including wildlife watching, forest treks, backwater kayaking, cycling and visits to tea estates and spice farms, all great ways to become immersed in the laid back lifestyles of the south. From lush forested mountain foothills to Kerala’s world-famous back water canals and beautiful beaches, this is your opportunity to take your family into a world of tropical adventures ... Read more >
From £985 excluding flights

India cycling holiday, Mysore to Goa

The Mysore to Goa Cycling Tour is a spectacular cycling tour to reach the golden beaches of Goa, travelling through the mountains of the Western Ghats, the long coastline and places of historical significance. From the royal city of Mysore, to the magnificent forests at Coorg, through the historically important towns of Belur & Halebidu, India’s highest waterfalls at Jog, through the beach at Gokarna, Karwar and Goa, this tour has it all! Your accommodation would be at homestays, resorts, wildlife lodges and plantation bungalows. Trip highlights include: - Visist to temples built during Hoysala Empire - Stay at Coffee Plantation Bungalow - Wildlife safaris - Staying at homestays ... Read more >
From US $2,280 excluding flights

Kerala Hike, bike & kayak in India

There’s just something about the sunshine, scenery and smiles of southern India that make a Kerala activity holiday all the more appealing with chances to hike, bike and kayak your way around the region’s historic backwaters, a real joy for those who are looking to keep active outdoors. From Fort Kichi and the Western Ghats to the hill station at Munnar and Periyar Tiger Reserve, this two-week Kerala activity holiday let’s you discover the very best of southern India in the most enjoyable way possible with kayaking close to Alleppey about as relaxing an experience as you can ever hope to imagine. Read more >
From US $1,700 excluding flights

Western Ghats mountain biking holidays, Southern India

This six day mountain bike holiday in southern India is bound to put your pedals through their paces as you aim to conquer the awesome back roads of the Western Ghat mountains. As you'd hope from a destination for an mtb holiday, southern India provides an incredible backdrop to accompany some fairly rugged terrain with rainforests, agricultural landscapes, plantations and lush green tea gardens conjuring up some superb scenes to enjoy both on and off the saddle. From high-altitude trails to eco-accommodation, this six day mtb holiday in southern India offers an amazing opportunity to mountain bike off the beaten track with bungalows on tea estates and spice plantations offering VIP ... Read more >
From US $850 excluding flights

E-Bike Tour in Kerala

This is a fully supported e-bike tour through the heart of rural Kerala. Starting from Kochi, this cycling holiday in Kerala covers almost every aspect of the culture and natural beauty that draws people to Kerala. This holiday has been specially designed for e-Bikes, making cycling easy with power assisted e-bikes. During your journey you will have a grandstand view of Kerala's lowland forests, the stunning views of the Western Ghat mountains, the magnificent backwaters of Alleppey and the grand beaches at Marari. We welcome you to this quite little corner of India to enjoy your trip along quiet country roads, the spice plantations, village life and fabulous Keralan cuisine. With ... Read more >
From £885 excluding flights

Southern India cycling holiday, tailor made

One of the best ways to experience southern India like a local is by bike and if you’re looking for the an ideal place to start then check out this two week cycling holiday that can be tailor made to meet your fitness levels and sightseeing preferences. Cycling through some of southern India’s highest sections, as part of the Western Ghats, ensures a challenge for cyclists with winding mountain roads leading to floral bedecked hill stations, such as Ooty and Munnar, as well as fresher conditions to what you’ll experience at a lower elevation. As this cycling holiday starts in Mysore you’ll get to experience Karnataka’s cultural heritage prior to pedalling towards Mudumalai National Park ... Read more >
From US $2,030 excluding flights

Kerala walking, culture & wildlife holiday, India

This Kerala walking, culture & wildlife holiday takes you on an Indian odyssey over the course of two weeks with some sublime settings, including luscious forests and mist-shrouded mountains, incorporated into a fascinating blend of wildlife, scenery and indigenous local villages. From Mysore to the Malabar Coast, as you’d hope from a Kerala walking, culture & wildlife holiday, every aspect of southern India is brought into the light with heritage train rides, tea gardens and coffee plantations providing ample excuses to rest and soak it all in. Visits to Mudumalai wildlife reserve will leave you in no uncertain terms as to the natural heritage of the region with Theyyam dances in the ... Read more >
From £1,450 excluding flights

South India cycling tour, coast to coast

Embarking on a two week south India cycling tour, coast to coast, is an incredible experience and one that's bound to find you with your head in the clouds as your feet stay firmly on the pedals. There's just something magically spiritual about cycling past farmlands cultivated for spice production where welcoming villagers wave at your arrival and offer respite in the form of boutique lodgings, tea gardens and shaded coffee, coconut and rubber plantations. From the Madurai and Tanjore temples to the Mahabalipuram rock carvings and French influence found within Pondicherry, taking your time to enjoy a south India cycling tour, coast to coast, is what life's all about with the easterly ... Read more >
From £1,700 excluding flights

Walking and cycling holiday in Kerala, India

This week-long walking and cycling holiday in Kerala gives you the chance to become inspired by India with tea estates, rainforests and rural villages surrounded by spice groves, providing untold trails from where to get out and explore in the tropical south. Munnar, Periyar and the Western Ghats provide natural habitat for an array of indigenous creatures with collections of wild flowers offering birds and butterflies sustenance whilst larger mammals, including elephants, make the most of cloud forests and grasslands, way off the typical tourist trail. As a walking and cycling holiday in Kerala you can expect to find yourself outdoors for much of the experience so prepare your mind, body ... Read more >
From £750 excluding flights
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