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Japan golden route holiday

Treading in the footsteps of samurai along the old Tokaido Road, the Golden Route will take you from neon-spangled Tokyo to Kyoto, the ancient capital and epicentre of Japanese culture and tradition. En-route you’ll also visit the hot springs region of Hakone, a national park in the foothills of Mount Fuji. Tokyo is a phenomenon; a city that rose like a phoenix from the ashes of World War Two to become an economic powerhouse. Tokyo has many major sights to Senso-ji Temple in the historic downtown area of Asakusa, or the teenage hangout of Harajuku and electronics district Akihabara to try out the latest technology. An early morning visit to Tsukiji fish market or a sumo stable training ... Read more >
From £1,690 excluding flights

Japan small group holiday, Japan unmasked

Snow monkeys, a Buddhist temple stay, neon-spangled skyscrapers and rural mountain towns. Japan Unmasked offers fantastic value and a fascinating insight into Japan old and new. This flexible tour, led by an experienced tour leader, allows you to spend as much, or as little, as you want. Visit Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima and more! Whether it's slurping on a bowl of noodles with suited salary men at a railway cafe, or splurging on a succulent Kobe beef steak at the finest restaurant in Kyoto, our itinerary is flexible enough to cater for any budget. The tour begins in the high octane-city of Tokyo, the neon heart of this amazing country. The first of many rides on Japan's Shinkansen bullet ... Read more >
From £2,475 excluding flights

Japan unmasked tour, 14 days

Two weeks to spare and don’t want to miss anything in Japan? Then this is the tour for you. The pace is fast, but the reward is visiting so many of Japan’s must-see destinations. And a wide range of fantastic experiences await – from peaceful rural towns and Buddhist Temple lodgings, to bullet train rides and big nights out in Tokyo and Hiroshima. Throw in the famous snow monkeys plus a tour of Kyoto’s geisha districts, and you have a perfect fortnight showcasing all that is great about Japan. Tokyo is the start and end of the tour, the perfect place to get acquainted with Japan. After exploring Tokyo’s modern and traditional sides, it’s onto the bullet train as we speed up into the ... Read more >
From AU $4,702 excluding flights

Japan tailor made tour on a shoestring

Japan has long been thought of as one of the world’s most expensive holiday destinations, but this needn’t be the case with our 7 night Price Cruncher package. This exciting self-guided trip takes you to Japan’s must-see cities Tokyo and Kyoto, as well as Hakone National Park in the shadow of Mount Fuji. It’s a joy to travel in Japan on a shoestring; everywhere is clean and spotless, trains are always on time and there’s no such thing as a rip-off ‘tourist price’. Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality; in Tokyo and Kyoto you’ll stay in well located business hotels, and in Hakone your accommodation is a traditional Japanese ryokan (guest house) complete ... Read more >
From £920 excluding flights

Japan cultural immersion holiday

From soba noodle-making classes to taiko drumming, from boat rides to pottery, and from traditional Japanese ryokan inns to a night in a capsule hotel – this tour is practically overflowing with unforgettable experiences. Food is one of the highlights of any trip to Japan, and this tour is no different. Besides a range of superb included meals, from a breakfast of the freshest sushi to a kaiseki feast in Kyoto, you'll also learn to make your own. In Takefu this means a soba noodle-making class, whilst at the Daio wasabi farm you'll make traditional pickles and perhaps try a taste of wasabi ice cream! The creative arts are well represented, and as you continue your adventure you'll test ... Read more >
From £3,950 excluding flights

Honshu hiking holiday in Japan

With over 70% mountainous terrain, Japan is a hiker’s paradise. From the peaks of the Japanese Alps to valleys and ancient pilgrimage trails, there is an incredible array of routes to suit walkers of any level. On this 16-night self-guided adventure you’ll cover some of the best hiking trails on the main island of Honshu interspersed with stays in a few of Japan’s top cities; Tokyo, Kyoto and Matsumoto. Walking is very much the focus of this itinerary – amongst sightseeing in Tokyo, there’s an opportunity for a day-hike to Mount Takao where, on a clear day, you can see Mt Fuji from the summit. Matsumoto is the gateway to the historic Nakasendo Way in the Kiso Valley; an ancient samurai ... Read more >
From £2,630 excluding flights

Cambodia and Laos holiday

Explore two of the least known, but most fascinating and friendly destinations in Asia on this 14 day guided tour. From ancient temples and colonial towns to rural villages and mountainous landscapes, visit the very best of what these captivating countries have to offer. Beginning in Siem Reap, we pay a visit to the ancient temples of Angkor, home of the Angkor Empire almost a millennium ago. From the ancient to modern day, journey to the city of Battambang, a booming art and culture hub where you can jump on two wheels to cycle through the colonial heart of the city to the surrounding villages, and through some beautifully green scenery before travelling to Cambodia’s bustling capital, ... Read more >
From £2,925 including domestic flights only

Japan small group holiday by bullet train

This small group tour has a maximum number of 14 participants and the full time services of an expert tour leader. Honshu is Japan’s largest island and this trip covers the classic experiences this exciting country has to offer: the bright neon lights of Tokyo; Osaka for the best street food; imperial Kyoto home to shrines, temples, gardens and geisha; and the stunning traditional architecture of Takayama and the awe-inspiring peaks of Kamikochi National Park in the Japanese Alps. We'll start and finish in Tokyo, a city of pulsating energy, giving you three nights to explore here. It’s not all fast paced though; the capital has pockets of calm in among the skyscrapers, such as tranquil ... Read more >
From £3,495 excluding flights

Northern Japan tour

Spend two weeks on Japan’s main island Honshu, exploring its northern region, home to beautiful national parks, temples perched on mountain tops, and pretty villages built around hot springs. This small group tour reveals Japan’s secret delights, revealing a side of the country that few visitors ever see. You’ll travel by public transport, eat at local restaurants and stay at Japanese owned accommodation, to really get to know this beautiful part of Japan. The tour focuses on the Tohoku region, which sits north of Tokyo and stretches up to the northernmost tip of Honshu islanda, and contains six prefectures. This remote part of Japan is known for its wonderful scenery, long winters and ... Read more >
From £3,690 excluding flights

Hidden Japan holiday

Starting and finishing in historic Kyoto, our Hidden Japan tour explores Japan in-depth. We stay in temple lodgings on sacred Mt. Koya and in a luxury hot spring ryokan at the shrine town of Kotohira. See traditional puppetry in Tokushima and Naoshima art island from Takamatsu. The Hidden Japan tour is an odyssey through lost Japan; a journey of discovery - Imperial Kyoto, Matsuyama Castle, the vine bridges and gorges of the stunning Iya valley, traditional theatre in Tokushima, temple lodgings on Mt. Koya and fantastic art-works on the tiny island of Naoshima. Accompanied throughout by your expert Tour Leader, the tour starts and finishes in Kyoto, Japan's Imperial capital and home to a ... Read more >
From £3,695 excluding flights

Burma 15 day tour

Our tours have a maximum of 14 participants, the full time services of an experienced tour leader, local guides and airport meet and greet transfers included. Beginning in the busting ancient capital of Mandalay, you’ll enjoy a breakfast with locals in one of the city’s famous tea shops, learn the ancient art of making marionettes, explore the famous historical sites of the city and take a boat trip up river into the rural countryside for a day with local fishermen. The stunning temple landscape of Bagan awaits where, as well as exploring some of the most spectacular of these ancient sites, understand local arts and culture with visits to lively markets, monasteries and artisan ... Read more >
From £3,295 including domestic flights only

Highlights of Burma tour

Our tours have a maximum of 14 participants, local guides and airport meet and greet transfers included. You will be accompanied in every destination by an English-speaking local guide, who will not only ensure that every aspect of logistics is taken care of, but will also give you a fascinating insight into Burmese culture and society, providing an invaluable link to the communities you visit. If the tour has more than 6 participants, then you will also be joined by a full time Tour Leader for additional support. Our highlights of Burma tour explores the country’s most celebrated destinations on an 11-day fun, fast-paced introduction to Burma’s friendly people, fascinating history and ... Read more >
From £1,550 including domestic flights only

Vietnam & Cambodia small group tour

The histories of neighbours Vietnam and Cambodia have intertwined throughout the centuries; power and influence ebbing and flowing regularly between the two. Our 14-day exploration picks out the highlights of these two contrasting but equally fascinating and beautiful destinations, and traces the common bonds that link them together to form such a remarkable pair. Commencing in the great northern capital, Hanoi, we journey south through Vietnam, seeing history unfurl through the imperial and colonial eras, and into the dark days of more recent history, before stepping back in time to conclude in the heart of one of history's most remarkable civilisations, at the temple complex of ... Read more >
From £2,620 including domestic flights only

Japan gastronomic holiday

From Michelin-starred sushi restaurants to street-side noodle bars and ramen restaurants, Japan is the ultimate foodie’s paradise. Japanese food is arguably the most subtle, intricate and varied cuisine in the world, with numerous regional and seasonal specialities to savour. For so many visitors to Japan, sampling the food is a highlight of the trip. Food is the focus of this 13 night self-guided itinerary, designed to take you on a gastronomic voyage of discovery across Japan. With the guidance of our expert Insider staff, you’ll pitch in with the locals at a lively izakaya in Tokyo and enjoy lunch at the city’s best ramen joints. It’s not just constant eating – in Matsumoto, you’ll ... Read more >
From £3,910 excluding flights

Vietnam food holiday

If you’re a fan of Vietnamese food and have a passion for cooking, this is the trip for you. Over the course of 13 nights, you’ll feast your way around Vietnam, sampling local specialities, visiting markets and learning how to replicate the wonderful tastes and flavours of Vietnamese cooking back in your own kitchen. From sampling famous dishes on the street corners of Hanoi’s Old Quarter with a local food blogger to enjoying a home cooked dinner with a local family, to learning how to prepare Vietnamese dishes with an illustrious chef to getting your hands dirty helping with rice cultivation and harvesting, you’ll leave Vietnam with a thorough understanding of the country’s foodie ... Read more >
From £2,995 excluding flights

Beautiful Burma tour

Eulogised by Kipling in the days of Empire, Burma has spent much of the post-war period isolated from the outside world. With recent political reform has come a process of change that is gathering pace as confidence grows in a more secure and outward-looking future for the Burmese people. This makes the current moment a fascinating point in history to visit this surprisingly huge (Burma is roughly the same size as France) and relentlessly beautiful country. Our Beautiful Burma tour visits the country's most celebrated destinations, combined with a few unusual twists to provide an in-depth introduction to Burma's friendly people, fascinating history and glorious scenery. We stay in ... Read more >
From £2,650 excluding flights

Cambodia and Vietnam 16 day tour

Our tours have a maximum of 14 participants, the full time services of an experienced tour leader, local guides and airport meet and greet transfers included. Cambodia and Vietnam are two of the most diverse, cultural and creative countries in Asia. On this 16 day tour we will traverse these astonishing destinations whilst getting beneath the surface and learning about local customs, industries and creative arts. From rice farming to traditional dance, from local fishing to lantern making, and from beautiful boutique hotels to rural homestays, this tour is filled with unforgettable experiences. We'll begin our tour amongst the ancient temples of Angkor, once home to one of the most ... Read more >
From £3,850 including domestic flights only

Wheelchair accessible holiday to Japan

Japan can seem bemusing for any number of reasons – the language, the food, the sheer size of the cities. But travelling in a wheelchair doesn’t have to be one of them. With the Tokyo Paralympics in 2020 on the horizon, accessible travel in Japan is getting even easier. We’ve created this 10 night itinerary which will take you to some of the best sights in Japan, from Tokyo to Kyoto and beyond. Making Japan accessible to everyone has always been one of our main goals. We want to find ways to help people discover this fascinating country we are so passionate about, and this includes travellers with disabilities or issues with mobility. All you need to do is let us know what you require, ... Read more >
From £3,180 excluding flights

Japan cultural small group holiday

From the thrills of high-tech Tokyo to the serenity of Zen gardens and hidden temples in Kyoto, this journey along the ancient Tokaido highway is a fantastic introduction to Japan’s uniquely vibrant culture. Take your time over exquisite traditional kaiseki cuisine in Kamakura, relax in the velvety-soft volcanic waters of Hakone’s hot spring baths, stroll among the geisha of Kyoto’s Gion district, and experience the sound of the Shinkansen (bullet train) thundering past at breathtaking speeds. Japan is a sensory experience like nowhere else. A feast for the eyes, ears and of course, the taste buds! Combining modern, centrally-located business hotels with friendly traditional inns and ... Read more >
From £1,975 excluding flights

Japan honeymoon tour on a shoestring

Classic sights and rural heartland Don’t believe the hype; a 12 night trip to Japan needn’t cost an arm and a leg. This wonderful journey across Honshu (Japan’s main island) takes you through the neon-lit mega-cities of Tokyo and Osaka, as well as enchanting Kyoto – home to gardens, geisha, temples and much more. You’ll also explore the countryside: visit the hot spring valleys of Hakone National Park in the foothills of Mount Fuji, walk the old Nakasendo Way to reach the tiny village of Tsumago, and do as the pilgrims do in Buddhist temple lodgings on sacred Mount Koya. Simple hotels and romantic ryokan The city stays are in simple Western-style hotels that are clean, comfortable and ... Read more >
From £1,370 excluding flights
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