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Volunteering holiday in Ghana

Volunteers live in the heart of an African village and play a vital role in the charity's life changing development work, helping to build a brighter future for some of the world’s poorest communities through diverse community initiatives. Depending on the needs of the community when you join, your volunteer role may involve supporting the following initiatives: Eco Solar Light project: Alongside the local team, volunteers provide eco-solar lights to children in rural communities, delivering a clean, safe alternative to kerosene for doing their homework in the evenings whilst minimising environmental impact, and assisting with monitoring and evaluation through discussion with the children ...Read more >
From £795 excluding flights

Dog and Cat Rescue in Thailand (shell)

Volunteer at a rescue centre helping to look after rescued dogs and cats while living on a tropical island and use your media skills to capture images that help rescued animals find their forever homes. What will I be doing? As a Video and Photography volunteer, your tasks may include: - Documenting new cat and dog arrivals - Capturing images of the animals, the centre, veterinary clinic and the team for social media, newsletters and web advertising - Creating 20-30 second videos on individual animals, telling their story and portraying their personalities - Following the progress of rescued animals throughout their recovery back to full health, integrating with other animals and ...Read more >
From £595 excluding flights

Wildlife rescue volunteering in Thailand, under 18s

What will I be doing? You will be part of the Under-18 Team spending two weeks volunteering at the Elephant Care and Wildlife Rescue project. There is no such thing as a 'typical' day but everyday jobs may include: -Feeding the animals -Providing water for the animals -Assisting with cleaning the enclosures -Harvesting of pineapples or bananas for the elephants Other possible tasks could include: -Construction or maintenance of cages and enclosures -Working on enclosure and food enrichments -Maintenance of the gibbon islands -Keeping the centre's grounds clean -Washing and caring for the rescued dogs on site The team will spend one week on the Elephant Care volunteer role and one week on ...Read more >
From £1,495 excluding flights

Conservation volunteering in Belize

This incredible week of conservation work in Belize will appeal to volunteers longing to make a difference in one of the world’s most biodiverse ecosystems. Belize is home to more than 100 species of mammal and well over 300 different species of bird. Reptiles and amphibians are also abundant in Belize with the rainforest-covered slopes of the Maya Mountains offering an extensive environment for indigenous animals, many of which fall under global conservation concern. Volunteers will be invited to help conserve this magnificent Mesoamerian world through research, construction, maintenance and data collection under the expert eye of conservation project team members. Training for volunteers ...Read more >
From £895 excluding flights

Turtle conservation in Costa Rica

The project monitors and protects sea turtle populations by collecting data, placing eggs in safe hatcheries and patrolling the beaches to reduce the likelihood of poaching. Volunteers will be allocated to one of the two research bases; North Beach or South Beach, depending on the needs of the project at the time. All tasks are managed on a rotational basis. There are two main volunteer roles: Hatchery duty This involves monitoring the hatchery site at regular intervals to check for any new arrivals (baby turtles which have hatched)! You will record data on the number of new hatchlings and then release them into the ocean. This is an incredible experience as there are often around 100 ...Read more >
From £995 excluding flights

Reef conservation volunteering in Belize

The project is focused on conserving the environment and contributing to ongoing marine research in Belize. All levels of diver are welcome as everyone contributes to the project. Volunteers are involved in marine conservation work whilst learning to dive, increasing diving skills or simply exploring the reef with the research team! With a small friendly team and the opportunity to live on your own tropical island, it really is a great way to experience and contribute towards the conservation of marine life in the Caribbean. Each day will differ and you could be working in the following areas: * Fish and Coral Identification Dives * Lobster surveys * Queen Conch surveys (giant sea snail) ...Read more >
From £995 excluding flights

Volunteer with rescue dogs and cats in Thailand

Volunteer at a rescue centre helping to look after rescued dogs and cats while living on a tropical island. What will I be doing? Volunteers at the Dog and Cat Rescue Centre will help with the day to day running of the centre which will include a range of tasks including: -walking the dogs -feeding and washing the dogs and cats -cleaning kennels and animal shelters -giving medication and assisting with animal treatment -maintenance of the centre -visitor tours of the centre -provide love and attention to the rescued animals The team at the Dog and Cat Rescue project aims to: *provide animal care for those who are injured and abused *provide education and promote awareness of animal ...Read more >
From £595 excluding flights
It's not too late to join our team in Thailand in the coming months!

Volunteering with Elephants in South Africa

Join the local expert team to care for and research their herd of 10 captive African elephants, which includes relocated elephants, orphaned calves and elephants rescued from situations such as culls. The elephants live in a 110 hectare park where tourists visit daily to interact with the elephants on educational elephant tours and walks. Volunteers staying 1 week focus on caring for and learning about the elephants, while those staying 3 weeks+ receive additional training and familiarisation on the techniques needed to observe and study the elephants, allowing them to get more involved in their research and welfare. All volunteers receive elephant information and talks and are involved ...Read more >
From £795 excluding flights
We still have a few spaces to join this project in the next few months, so get in touch soon so that we can help you plan your trip!

South Africa endangered wildlife conservation

If you are interested in assisting a dedicated conservation team in working to protect and preserve wildlife in South Africa, this may be the perfect opportunity for you! Based in the stunning KwaZulu-Natal region, this award winning and Fair Trade Tourism certified conservation project allows volunteers to have the incredible opportunity to assist the local team in the monitoring and conservation of endangered species including African wild dogs, elephants, lion, leopards, rhinos and vultures. Volunteers will be involved in a variety of highly important conservation and monitoring tasks such as tracking wildlife from a 4x4 vehicle, using radio telemetry equipment and photographing ...Read more >
From £1,195 excluding flights
We are looking for volunteers to help protect endangered animals in South Africa in the next few months!

Dog rescue volunteering in South Africa

The animal rescue centre takes care of unwanted, mistreated and neglected pets and relies on volunteers to support its work. It is based on the outskirts of the beautiful town of Stellenbosch, near the vibrant city of Cape Town and is nestled within the breath-taking Cape winelands. The centre has a clinic which treats sick and injured animals as well as a shelter, rehabilitation and adoption facility for stray, surrendered, abandoned and rescued cats and dogs. They also run a succesful adoption programme which hopes to re-home rescued dogs and cats to new, loving homes. Each day at the centre will differ but tasks include: Preparing food and feeding the dogs Hand feeding ...Read more >
From £995 excluding flights
We are looking for volunteers to provide an essential extra pair of hands in the next few months!

Teaching English in Southern Thailand

Even if you’ve travelled in southern Thailand before, this four week teaching English as a volunteer project will help you experience life in Southeast Asia from a completely new perspective. You’ll be situated just a short drive from Suratthani with chances to avoid tourist crowds and discover rural regions offering an authentic experience rather than just another day at the beach. The Thai people that you’ll be living and working with are just so hospitable and welcoming to volunteers and it’s impossible not to make friends as well as attempting to learn a bit more of the language other than simply ‘sawadikap’ or ‘sawadika’. Secret scenic spots and ferries to nearby islands turn ...Read more >
From £895 excluding flights

Wildlife rescue volunteering in Costa Rica

The project provides a safe haven for over 50 animals and rescues a number of new animals each week. The hope for these newly rescued animals is that they can be treated in the on-site clinic and then quickly returned to the wild when they are healthy again. For those animals who are too badly injured or not able to be released for other reasons, they can be provided with a home at the sanctuary. As a volunteer, your core role will focus on assisting in the sanctuary, tasks can include: * Preparing food * Providing water * Feeding the animals * Assisting with cleaning the enclosures * Creating enrichments for the animals * Maintenance work around the sanctuary You will volunteer for 6 ...Read more >
From £695 excluding flights
Our team in Costa Rica are looking for volunteers to help care for animals at a tropical wildlife sanctuary in the next few months!

Ghana community volunteering

Volunteers live in the heart of an African village and play a vital role in the charity's life changing development work. Volunteers have helped to build schools, health centres, rain water harvesting taps and toilet blocks to improve sanitation. Depending on what stage the building work is when you join your volunteer role may involve: -digging foundations -laying cement -building walls -plastering -painting Experienced local masons, carpenters and builders will teach you the required skills and will supervise your work so no previous building experience is required. However volunteers with building experience are greatly appreciated since they can share their skills with the local team. ...Read more >
From £795 excluding flights
Support our building team in Ghana with their vital work in the next few months!

Namibia elephant conservation

Join an award winning elephant conservation team to help protect and research the desert elephants. Construct walls to protect farmers’ water infrastructure and build drinking points for the elephants to help reduce the conflict within the local community. Camp out under the stars in the beautiful Namibian desert whilst immersing yourself in pioneering conservation work. The project helps to reduce conflict between elephants and farmers by building protective structures around water sources and creating safe water drinking points for elephants. The team also researches the elephants’ movement and distribution, and compiles identikits on herds and individual elephants. The volunteer role ...Read more >
From £1,095 excluding flights
There is still time to join our conservation team and work to help protect and research desert elephants in Namibia!

Ghana childcare volunteering holiday

Volunteers work alongside the kindergarten and nursery teacher to run English sessions. They also run small group sessions with the pupils to ensure that all the children are learning and not are simply repeating words and sentences. When volunteers run activities with the main class it gives the local teacher an opportunity to focus on individual students. Without the help of the volunteers the teacher would rarely be able to help the children on an individual focused level. Volunteers do not lead full lessons alone. Activities that volunteers may be involved in include: -Educational early learning lessons including phonics and numbers -English activities and games -Dance and group ...Read more >
From £895 excluding flights
We are still looking for volunteers to support our team in Ghana!

Teach English in Ghana

Volunteers are needed to support the teaching and ongoing community work in Ghana. We have roles available for volunteers with and without teaching experience. Volunteers run after school lessons which any pupil can attend to help develop their English skills or ask for specific help on certain new topics. Volunteers with teaching experience can work alongside the local teachers to support lessons and run lessons in specific topics. The students at the local primary and middle school are aged between 6 to 21 years old. Volunteers that do not have teaching experience run after school and lunch time sessions which can include: - Playing educational games - Creative arts and crafts - ...Read more >
From £895 excluding flights
We are still looking for volunteers to support teachers and inspire further learning alongside our team in Ghana!

Elephant & wildlife conservation volunteering in Sri Lanka

The Elephant and Wildlife Conservation project has an award-winning approach to protecting elephants and wildlife which are found in the national park and local communities. The project is unique in Sri Lanka as their highly commended model focuses on researching wild elephants whilst working with the community to help them live peacefully together. They help the local farmers live alongside over 300 wild elephants and other wildlife by running initiatives to reduce potential conflict. The team are researching the population and distribution of wildlife including elephants, sloth bears, leopards, rusty-spotted cats, fishing cats, jungle cats, golden palm civets and jackals. This research ...Read more >
From £945 excluding flights
We are looking for last minute volunteers to support the team in Sri Lanka with their vital elephant and wildlife conservation work!

Family volunteering in Namibia, desert elephants

Your family will be part of the desert elephant conservation team who strive to create a positive relationship between the community and desert elephants in the stunning Namib Desert. The team’s role will involve helping to build and repair school buildings and researching the elephant population out in the desert. Our award winning Southern African conservation team work to help protect and research desert elephants in Namibia. Camp out under the stars and experience life in the beautiful Namibian desert. Experience life in the desert by visiting tribal homes and exploring the wild landscapes. Day 1 On the Monday the group will arrive at the base camp which is located on the banks of ...Read more >
From £995 excluding flights

Teaching English in Thailand

Teach English to primary school children aged from 4-12 years old on the stunning and exciting tropical island of Koh Phangan, off the South East Coast of Thailand. Volunteers on Koh Phangan focus on improving speaking and listening skills and building the children's confidence to communicate in English. These lessons are in addition to the English lessons run by the local teachers. Whilst local teachers usually focus on grammar and use repetition and memorising at a teaching technique. Volunteers design lessons which are fun and include lots of interaction. Lessons may vary depending on age and ability but may include: Interactive learning games Arts and crafts Listening or ...Read more >
From £1,395 excluding flights

Madagascar conservation volunteering holiday

The Madagascar Conservation project combines hands on research and fieldwork on endangered species (including lemurs, reptiles and amphibians) alongside community initiatives and environmental education.Volunteers support the local team on their ongoing conservation work and so the work which you will be involved in with depend on the current research aims. Activities may include: * Population, distribution and behaviour studies on lemurs, bats, reptiles, birds, amphibians and insects * Habitat mapping * Plant studies, including monitoring and planting of endangered palms and fruiting trees important for lemurs * Sustainable lobster fishery data collection * Long term reforestation ...Read more >
From £845 excluding flights
Join our conservation team in Madagascar in the next few months to help with their research!
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