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Amalfi Coast walking holiday, Italy

Amalfi coast walking holidays are exactly what you need to fill your life with an artist's palette of colour along one of Europe's most scintillating, and romantic, coastlines. This eight day Amalfi coast walking holiday takes place against a classic Mediterranean backdrop with mountains ascending out of the ocean ringed by walking trails and winding narrow roads. Secret grottos and coves align the shore and make Amalfi coast walks as much about getting outdoors as they are about rest and rejuvenation. Further up the steep mountain slopes you'll be invited to follow ancient donkey trails and well-worn footpaths leading to out of the way villages and towns where citrus groves span deep ... Read more >
From £1,019 including UK flights
Late availability on these dates: 18 Nov, 23 Dec, 30 Dec

Costa Rica wildlife holiday

Immerse yourself amongst the ecosystems of Central America as you undertake a Costa Rica wildlife holiday that will have you peering through the undergrowth in jungles, cloud forests and mangrove swamps as well as checking out the beaches on both Pacific and Caribbean coastlines. Hiking in the realm of Arenal Volcano and staying overnight in a rainforest lodge in Piedras Blancas National Park provides a real thrill for the senses with trips to Monteverde and Savegre Cloud Forest helping to make this Costa Rica wildlife holiday an incredibly exciting and immersive experience. As you’d hope from any exotic destination for a wildlife tour, Costa Rica is blessed with an absolute abundance ... Read more >
From £2,629 including UK flights
Late availability on these dates: 15 Nov, 15 Dec, 20 Dec, 30 Dec, 03 Jan, 08 Jan, 10 Jan, 15 Jan, 22 Jan

Petra and Wadi Rum by bike, Jordan

Jordan cycling holidays combine the enjoyment and energy of getting out and about on two wheels with some of the Middle East's most impressive and important sites of historic and cultural interest. You might well be surprised as to the quality of the asphalt roads out in Jordan, they're amazing and go on forever, and if you think that you're going to be cycling on sand then forget it, you can't! As with most quality cycling holidays, Jordan offers an opportunity to experience both the scenery and local lifestyles with roads aligned with olive groves leading to remote hill top communities whilst lengthy descents turn to desert sands dotted with nomadic herders. Of course, no Jordan ... Read more >
From £1,549 including UK flights
Late availability on these dates: 04 Nov, 18 Nov, 25 Nov, 16 Dec

Jordan holiday, a week in Jordan

Spend a week on holiday in Jordan and you'll soon discover that there's a lot more to life in the desert than you may have first thought. Exciting activities and cultural enlightenment await as you embrace your inner-Bedouin and embark on a week in Jordan featuring all of the major points of interest from Jerash and Amman, in the north, to Wadi Rum and the Red Sea, in the south. Where else would you have the chance to go snorkelling over coral reefs and float on a saline sea before spending a couple of days exploring the fascinating sandstone carved city of Petra prior to camping out under the stars amongst the folds of the desert? This one week in Jordan holiday offers an ideal ... Read more >
From £1,379 including UK flights
Late availability on these dates: 21 Oct

Hiking the Inca trail holiday

The chance to spend four days hiking the Inca Trail is definitely not to be missed with an all-consuming blend of historical sites and stunning mountain scenery adding to the excitement of treading on the fabled stones as they wind their way alongside the banks of the Urubamba en-route to Machu Picchu. Hiking the Inca Trail takes you past numerous ruined monuments and former Inca strongholds by way of breathtaking stone stairways and ancient stone paths and misty forests draped in clouds, with a couple of early starts ensuring travellers get to see the lost city of the Incas in all its glory and without the crowds. During the trek we use the campsite overlooking the Phuyupatamarca ruins ... Read more >
From £1,969 including UK flights
Late availability on these dates: 29 Nov, 20 Dec, 27 Dec

Chile adventure holiday

Spend a couple of weeks flying from one highlight to the next on a Chile adventure holiday and you’ll soon gain newfound respect for local people living and working in the shadow of the Andes. Chile’s coastline stretches for 4300kms, about half the length of South America, and, as such, flying over some of the driest and least hospitable environments on the planet really does make sense. From the saline sparseness of Chile’s vast salt flats, Salar de Atacama, to the plentiful valleys and wine estates within the centre of the country, this Chile adventure holiday leaves nothing to the imagination when it comes to jaw-dropping landscapes and expansive variety. Heading south, into ... Read more >
From £3,949 including UK flights
Late availability on these dates: 05 Nov

Iran small group tour, Journey to Persia

Visiting Iran is a roller coaster in many ways, but one that takes you through magnificent mountains, ancient Persian culture, deserts and oases and then ancient cities laden with legacies. No matter what you expect, it will surprise and delight, as we see the country that is far from newsroom coverage. And instead, one that embraces its ancient culture of hospitality and welcome in a way that is utterly endearing. Starting in Tehran, we go on a cultural circuit of Iran, strangely a country that didn’t exist until the 20th century and yet bursting with ancient heritage. Even in Tehran the contrasts are extraordinary, a sprawling modern metropolis but also home to the stunning 19th century ... Read more >
From £2,799 including UK flights
Late availability on these dates: 28 Oct

Albania holidays, small group tour

This Albania is a ten day cultural tour around this highly underrated Mediterranean country which is packed with Byzantine and Roman history, just as its neighbouring Greece is, and yet so much further off the cultural tourist’s radar. As well as its ancient civilisations, architecture and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Albania also has its own Alps, known as the Accursed Mountains, with remote villages bearing little change since times when blood feuds were the norm and small family farms tucked into exquisite valleys still are. During this Albania holiday we travel in a circuit, starting in the culture clash capital city of Tirana where Italian architecture, Ottoman minarets, mosques and ... Read more >
From £849 including UK flights

North Cyprus walking holiday

Since separating from the rest of Cyprus in 1974, Northern Cyprus has received far fewer tourists than the rest of island – but some of Cyprus’s most beautiful landscapes and fascinating archaeological sites can be found here. This North Cyprus walking holiday takes you through this unspoiled region, teeming with wildlife, to introduce you to the laid back Turkish Cypriot culture and discover the remains of the civilisations that inhabited the region, dating back over 3,000 years. Along the way, you’ll visit pretty mountain villages and harbour towns; crusader castles at Kyrenia and Buffavento; and the Incirli cave, filled with stalactites and stalagmites. Most days you’ll be walking ... Read more >
From £729 including UK flights

Amalfi Coast and Bay of Naples holidays

There is a lot to pack into an Amalfi coast holiday, Naples, Herculaneum, the island of Capri and incredible walking routes that line the coast, dipping in and out both the Gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno. Both of these Gulfs compete for gorgeousness, but this eight day trip manages to capture many of their highlights, based in one charming family owned hotel for the entire stay, and taking private transport out to the various daily sites every day. The hotel, in the village of Bomerano has an outdoor pool and is in a lovely elevated position with a refreshing breeze when you most need it. Travelling in a small group, with a local expert guide accompanying you, tours include the ... Read more >
From £1,099 including UK flights

Cross country skiing in Iceland

Iceland is known throughout the world for many things, from erupting volcanoes to rushing waterfalls to the Northern Lights.The Icelanders themselves make great use of their very own adventure playground and are keen mountaineers, trekkers and downhill skiers. Cross-country skiing is now waking up to the unique opportunities here. On this trip we spend a day and a half skiing near Reykjavik before heading to Akureyri, known as the 'capital of the north'. Traditionally a fishing port, today it is an easy-going town that sits at the head of Iceland's longest fjord. It is the perfect springboard for skiing in magnificent surroundings on crowd-free trails. This far north of course ... Read more >
From £2,599 including UK flights

Your own group walking holiday to Morocco

The Atlas Mountains of Morocco provide some of the most rewarding trekking experiences to be found anywhere. Morocco's immense mountain landscapes vary with vast peaks and ridges that stretch as far as the eye can see, sub-Saharan rock formations of a surreal extravagance, a geologist's paradise. We stay in a simple but very pleasant gîte located in the village of Tijhza. The picturesque valley gives us access to mountain walks to turquoise lakes and high altitude pastures. Each day walk varies in both length and content, providing enormous variety, and you can choose to walk as much or as little as you like. A visit here is equally rewarding on the human level: a rich history and ... Read more >
From £524 including UK flights

Brown bear watching holiday in Bulgaria

This wonderful week of brown bear watching in Bulgaria takes place within the realm of the Rodopi Mountains to the southeast of Sofia where you’ll join a small group and a brown bear watching expert, Julian Perry, on a uniquely exciting holiday, far from the tourist-filled coast. A succession of daily treks take your group deeper into the realm of Bulgaria’s brown bears as you learn how to look out for tell-tale signs of bear activity and record evidence as part of a registered conservation initiative. Not only does this brown bear watching holiday include daytime tracking it also features nocturnal searches too with a couple of evenings spent in a bear hide keeping watch over areas where ... Read more >
From £1,099 including UK flights

Spitsbergen wildlife cruise in the Arctic

The spectacular Svalbard Archipelago is a captivating land of peaks and glaciers. This itinerary is the most comprehensive voyage in Spitsbergen available - no other trip anywhere gives as much time in this intoxicating land of ice and tundra. Combining a great variety flora and fauna with stunning remote landscapes, Spitsbergen is a must for wilderness and wildlife enthusiasts. Situated high above the Arctic Circle, with 24 hours of daylight, the chance of outstanding wildlife sightings is greatly increased. Read more >
From £6,500 excluding flights

Pyrenees cross country skiing holiday in France

The Pyrenees offer a wonderful combination of high altitude skiing and sunshine, with a backdrop of fantastic scenery. On this small group guided trip we focus on two of the best known ski areas in this part of the mountains: the Cerdagne plateau and the Capcir region. In total there is over 100km of tracks to explore across five days, and each night we return to our traditional Logis de France hotel in the mountain village of Bolquère. Cross country skiing has long been a part of the culture in this part of France, and after a week here it’s not hard to see why. It’s a chance to explore the winter landscapes on varied routes with wonderful views, away from the confines of the Alpine ... Read more >
From £1,199 including UK flights
Late availability on these dates: 13 Jan, 20 Jan, 27 Jan

Antarctica, Falklands and South Georgia cruises

Cruise Antarctica and you'll quickly discover the inhabitants of the Falkland Islands with Rockhopper penguins mixing with their Magellanic cousins whilst large black-browed albatross overlook the ocean from above. As your Falklands cruise continues eastwards South Georgia comes into view as your ship begins to navigate shimmering fjords en-route to Gold Harbour Bay and the wide open Salisbury Plain that features an inordinate array of animal life including a vast colony of King penguins complete with fluffy chicks huddling close together on the beach just out of reach of Elephant and Fur seals. As your Antarctica tour heads south to the Antarctic Peninsula, frozen landscapes become the ... Read more >
From £10,530 excluding flights

India hill stations cycling holiday

This 17 day India hill stations cycling holiday takes you through the homeland of the Dalai Lama in the shadow of the Himalayas with a combination of peaceful rural roads and temple-filled towns creating indelible images as you cycle an average of 45kms from point to point per day. From the Golden Temple at Amristar to the Hindu temple at Mandi, this India hill stations cycling holiday offers a treasure trove of cultural landmarks alongside opportunities to find out more about British influences within locations like the former capital of Shimla. Himalayan scenery makes for a breathtaking backdrop with views from the Jalori Pass certain to make the ascent all the more rewarding on this ... Read more >
From £2,099 including UK flights

Sierra de Aitana activity holiday in Spain

Embarking on a Sierra de Aitana activity holiday in Spain places you right at the heart of the region within the stunning Guadalest Valley to ensure participants will need a head for heights as well as a healthy body, ready for a week of outdoor activities. Although just 20 minutes from the beach, this Sierra de Aitana activity holiday takes thrill seekers onto some of Valencia’s most impressive natural landmarks with sheer rock walls and deep natural crevices helping to form the adventure playground, that is: the Aitana Massif. As you’d hope from a Sierra de Aitana activity holiday in Spain, the outdoor action is a blend of learning new skills and developing existing knowledge with ... Read more >
From £1,079 including UK flights

Mosstrond cross country skiing in Norway

The shores of frozen Lake Mosvatn, on the edge of the Hardangervidda National Park, is our beautiful base for this week of isolated off track skiing. All from the doorstep of our historic accommodation. Setting out across the frozen lake, we explore the winter landscape and have the chance to develop both confidence and skill while discovering new routes and trails every day. The skiing will be off-track, the only tracks you are likely to see will be those of elk or reindeer. Read more >
From £1,299 including UK flights

Mount Toubkal climb in Morocco

Standing at an impressive height of just over 4160 metres, Mount Toubkal is the highest peak in both the High Atlas Mountains and North Africa with relatively close proximity to Marrakech (60kms south) making it an attractive prospect for climbers and trekkers alike. This particular eight day Mount Toubkal trek is ideal for anyone looking to enjoy the incredible scenery of the High Atlas without too much of a physical challenge with a series of solid footpaths making the whole experience easily accessible for travellers who are relatively fit and healthy. Although the higher portion of the Mount Toubkal climb does involve some steeper gradients the increase in altitude leads to ever-more ... Read more >
From £729 including UK flights
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