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Community volunteering in Kerala

This community Development program in India involves assisting slum communities with education, empowerment or renovation work. No prior experience is required as our local teams will be there to guide you. This program is ideal for anyone who wants to do a humanitarian project witha flexible schedule and structure. Its also a great way to travel, see new places, and meet likeminded people and help communities along the way. You will be living and volunteering in Southern India. This program is set in Kerala which is a gorgeous part of South India. Cochin where this program is based has really boomed in the past decade however poverty remains an issue. Community development is ...Read more >
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Turtle conservation in the Maldives

This is a brilliant opportunity for anyone looking to live in paradise and assist with real conservation efforts. When you volunteer in Maldives on our sea turtle and Marine conservation program which is operating from Atoll Marine Centre you not only get to live in the Maldives like a local but also get involved with protecting the oceans. Here we rescue turtles from the illegal pet trade and those who have been injured from ghost nets, rehabilitate, and reintroduce them back to the wild. As a volunteer, you will be an integral part of our team, working with our Marine Biologists on the day to day running of the Marine Centre and turtle husbandry activities, from cleaning and feeding, to ...Read more >
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Cambodia community volunteering

Volunteer in Cambodia is much more than Angkor Wat, the mighty ruins of an ancient temple complex that has captivated tourists for years. This Asian country is boasts beautiful beaches, unbroken rain forests, and an idyllic rural landscape dotted with gentle rivers, caves, rice fields, and ornate ancient temples. Our Volunteer in Cambodia programs are based in Phnom Penh. Cambodia’s recent history has not been pleasant. The country has been pushed to the brink of poverty along with human rights issues such as child trafficking and persecution of minority groups. Other issues include environmental degradation and poaching of exotic wildlife. As a volunteer in Cambodia, there are many ...Read more >
From US $895 excluding flights

Surf and sports coaching in South Africa

The Western Cape, where this surf and sports volunteer program is based, is a very culturally diverse area of South Africa. There is a large integration of the underprivileged with the wealthy. The main cultures that you will be working with are Xhosa or Afrikaans South Africans. Most of these children can speak English, yet their home language may be Afrikaans or Xhosa. The homes they live in are often built from scrap metal and second-hand wood, usually they do not have running water in their homes. Forty percent of the families in these areas lack a male head of household and the children often have no one to monitor their educational progress or after-school activities. The children we ...Read more >
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Sri Lanka community volunteering

As with many places, Sri Lanka’s primary and secondary school system is broken down into public and private. Public schools are funded by the government to offer children from poorer backgrounds free education. Private schools tend to attract students from more privileged backgrounds as well as better equipment and better standards of teaching professional. This is where our English-speaking volunteers come in. We work with a couple of public schools in the greater Galle area: a nursery/kindergarten and a secondary school. In addition to daily classes we also conduct evening classes at our own teaching centre in the rural community of Katugoda. For the kindergarten schedule we ask ...Read more >
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Women’s empowerment volunteering in India

Women around the world face tremendous hardships, especially in developing countries due to many social and economic factors. Gender inequality and lack of access to a quality education is a huge impediment in their upliftment and growth. The divide is evident right from classrooms, workplaces, and homes which clearly shows that women have fewer opportunities to shape their lives and gain personal and financial independence. Our Womens Empowerment in India is a truly rewarding program based in Kerala, South India. Women here continue to be seen as “dependent wives” or “supplementary earners” at best. Traditional familial responsibilities of a woman, especially as a mother/wife/homemaker, ...Read more >
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Sri Lanka dog shelter volunteering

The life of a stray dog is far from easy in Sri Lanka. The vast majority of the public’s awareness of dogs (and animals in general) is still very limited. There are hundreds of thousands of stray dogs in the country who suffer from hunger and untreated diseases, some of which are shot, beaten to death or gassed. Most dogs live on the streets, and many are in an appalling state. Unsprayed females produce several litters of puppies every year, many of which are simply abandoned in front of temples or at the gate of the Dog Care Clinic. These puppies are usually too small to have even the slightest chance of survival unless provided with care. Most of them die of hunger or due to parasites ...Read more >
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Volunteer in India, sports coaching

Our sports development program in Kerala is giving you an opportunity to coach a football to local children. Your help will provide a platform to lots of school children not only just to improve their fitness and health, but also to enjoy more play time with their friends. You will become a member of the local community and experience the interesting and amazing culture of one of the unique corners of India through our sports volunteering program. In the sports volunteering your time on the program will be divided amongst sports coaching and other valuable community work. You will work on the project Monday to Friday, and could be spending the mornings supporting football coaching and the ...Read more >
From US $800 excluding flights

Family volunteering and safari holiday, South Africa

The Western Cape, where our family volunteering program is based, is a very culturally diverse area of South Africa. There is a large integration of the underprivileged with the wealthy. The main cultures that you will be working with are Xhosa or Afrikaans South Africans. Most of these children can speak English, yet their home language may be Afrikaans or Xhosa. The homes they live in are often built from scrap metal and second-hand wood, usually they do not have running water in their homes. Forty percent of the families in these areas lack a male head of household and the children often have no one to monitor their educational progress or after-school activities. The children we work ...Read more >
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Family volunteering in Sri Lanka

Our Sri Lanka family volunteering program is about escaping the norm and designed so you can experience this incredible country as participants rather than simply guests or tourists. For most families, volunteering while on holiday gives you an opportunity to ‘give something back’ or to put one’s skills to good use in an environment or community where they are needed. They are also about introducing children to a completely different world, giving them a chance to learn about wildlife and the environment, and some encouragement to break the moulds of consumer and indeed digitally driven life. When you volunteer in Sri Lanka, you will be in awe of Sri Lanka’s friendly people, its rich ...Read more >
From US $850 excluding flights

Volunteer in Peru, teaching and sports

This volunteering in Peru project is based in Cusco, which is gateway to the great Incan ruins at Machu Picchu. You will, for a minimum period of two weeks, be contributing to a teaching programme in the local community. You will be working alongside professional, full time teachers in an elementary school as a teaching assistant, helping children between 6-11 years old with basic skills in English reading, writing and speaking, and also in sports if you have skills in that area. Please note that sports teaching placements are for a minimum of four weeks. You will have 24/7 support throughout, so that both you and the young people you are working with can gain the best experience ...Read more >
From US $649 excluding flights

Kerala volunteering and Taj Mahal tour

This adventure tour is perfect for anyone wanting a 'real' taste of India in 10 days followed with a must do Taj Mahal Tour! Volunteering in India is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding things you can do in life, and we invite you to come take a walk with us to explore incredible India The first 7 days will be in Cochin, Southern India where you will be volunteering as an assistant to the teachers on community projects. Our volunteering programs range from English teaching, sports coaching and disabled care to women’s empowerment, yoga volunteering, arts volunteering and community development to medical and healthcare placements. Our programs are located in the historic port town of ...Read more >
From US $1,099 excluding flights

Volunteering in the Himalayas, Nepal

On this program you will be volunteering in Kathamandu, Nepal. You will be helping in various community development programs whilst getting an opportunity to live in this breathtakingly beautiful valley near the Himalayas. Your placement will be volunteering Monday to Friday in local government schools with disadvantaged children, youth and adults assisting local teachers with English, Maths, Drawing and fun mixed with knowledge activities. The communities we work with are not privileged and many lack resources or knowledge to pursue their talents, ambitions or interests. With volunteers we can deliver high impact workshops and give lessons and training that can be life changing for both ...Read more >
From US $999 excluding flights

Family volunteering with turtles in the Maldives

Located just south of the Indian subcontinent, the Maldives are a spectacular chain of islands consisting of 26 atolls. Its crystal blue waters teem with exotic marine life and its sandy white beaches are a beach lovers paradise. Family Volunteering in Maldives is nothing short of spectacular. The country is sought after not only for the wide ranging adventure activities such as scuba diving, kayaking, or sea turtle spotting but also boasts a rich history as showcased in its museums and monuments in the capital Male. All age groups can fall in love with Maldives quite easily. Although we offer a wide range of volunteer programs in the Maldives, our family volunteer program is around the ...Read more >
From US $1,899 excluding flights

India volunteering & highlights

India is a country that captivates the heart and mind and feeds the soul. There is so much diversity to India, that every day brings an exciting and unique experience, it’s definitely a place to expect the unexpected! On this 3 week adventure you’ll travel the length and breadth of this beautiful country experiencing two very different sides of life. After spending your first two week volunteering in the gorgeous Kerala or ‘God’s Own Country’ on teaching, disabled care or women’s empowerment volunteer programs, you will join the frenzy of the north. Your one week North India tour begins in New Delhi, and you’ll then explore India’s Golden Triangle taking in the breathtaking sites of the ...Read more >
From US $1,600 excluding flights

Family volunteering in Peru

Family volunteering in Peru really is an adventure for a lifetime for those who seek a real cultural exchange for them and their children. While adults work as teaching assistants (or teachers if they are fully qualified) in a local primary school, your children get to take part in classes, sports sessions and meet new friends from Cusco. So, although volunteering placements are associated with gap year students or empty nesters, we have found that families give and gain so much during these placements also. Cusco, where you will be based, is famously the capital of the Inca Empire, and so while you aren’t participating in volunteer activities, you will have access to the ruins at Machu ...Read more >
From US $655 excluding flights

Teaching assistant volunteering in Kerala

Its always difficult to decide on responsible holidays! We want to take away your trouble by offering some amazing opportunities in India where you can holiday and you can live like a local and give back to the community. Now thats being responsible! Our holiday programs are based in the lush evergreen sunshine state of India, Kerala. You will be living and volunteering in Fort Kochi area, a beautiful historic port town with charming architecture and friendly people. This is where India really slows down in pace and where you will find some of India's most cultured crowd! The focus on the volunteering here is to help children, youth and women that are disadvantaged, abused or struggling ...Read more >
From US $895 excluding flights

Family volunteering and adventure holiday, Nepal

This week long family volunteering program in Nepal is made up of a few days’ volunteering and also a few days of adventures in these dramatic and beautiful landscapes. You will be staying within a Nepalese village community, in a local homestay, enabling full cultural immersion and exchange. Although volunteering while on holiday is often see as a student gap year or empty nester activity, we believe that volunteering as a family reaps huge benefits for hosts and guests alike. Working within a Nepalese community, with adults volunteering with local teachers and children taking classes alongside local young people, is an incredibly bonding experience for adventurous family travellers. ...Read more >
From US $999 excluding flights

Family holiday with volunteering in India

This week long family holiday in India is focused on a wonderful volunteering project whereby you can fully immerse yourself in a community. Although volunteering is often thought of as something for gap year students or empty nesters, for example, we have worked with partners on the ground to create opportunities for families who also want to make a difference. While also having a very different type of holiday. The adults on this trip will be supporting teachers in a Kerala school or youth project, the beautiful and family friendly region in the south of India. The children will be joining other students in the classroom for an educational adventure of a lifetime and an exciting ...Read more >
From US $800 excluding flights

Over 50s volunteering in India

We offer a wide array of tailor made trips for Over 50’s who want to go volunteering in India. Long gone are the days when volunteering holidays were all about students ‘finding themselves’ on a gap year. Volunteering projects value the life experience and skills of more mature travellers and can be from minimum one week to as long as twelve weeks. The projects that we offer in India include teaching English, medical placements for experienced health professionals, caring for people with disabilities, women’s empowerment, volunteering with animals, marine conservation or arts volunteering. We will work with you to see what placement suits you best according to your valuable experience and ...Read more >
From US $895 excluding flights