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Teaching assistant volunteering in Thailand

Our Volunteer Teaching Assistant Program in Thailand program is based in Phang Na, in the beautiful Andaman region of Southern Thailand that was destroyed in 2004 Tsunami. This program intends to immerse you into real Thai life. Volunteer Teaching English in Thailand will be helping Thai, Muslim and Burmese communities. You will play a vital role in the education of all the children at a local school by being an assistant to local teachers. You will be assisting the Thai English teacher who is always enthusiastic about new teaching techniques. It is helpful to lesson plan the subjects you choose to teach with the English teacher and create interactive activities to coincide with the ... Read more >
From £600 excluding flights

Cambodia community volunteering

Phnom Penh is the cultural and economic center of Cambodia. Its beautiful historic architecture is interspersed with modern buildings indicating the robust economic growth the country has experienced in the last decade. Real GDP expanded at double-digit rates from 2004 to 2006, and Phnom Penh has become the heart of the country’s thriving manufacturing sector. However, significant problems persist in this capital of one of the world’s poorest countries. Decades of conflict have significantly weakened economic, political and social institutions, and many residents of Phnom Penh remain trapped in the poverty cycle. Access to education and healthcare remains limited for many, and gender ... Read more >
From £699 excluding flights

Teach children in South Africa & Kruger safari

South Africa is a truly incredible country rich in history, culture and natural beauty. However, there are still many people living in poverty and we are working to offer orphans and disadvantaged children educational opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to them. On this 10 day holiday you will be volunteering on meaningful projects and ending your volunteering week with a 2 Day Safari in the Kruger National Park where you can spot the BIG 5 wild animals! On your final 2 days you can relax at a lodge in the Mpumalanga Region. Situated in Fobeni village, Limpopo area, your placement will be in a kindergarten and a primary school. There are approximately 300 children, ages 3 to ... Read more >
From £749 excluding flights

Volunteer with school children in South Africa

The incredible country of South Africa is rich in history, culture and natural beauty. However, there are still many people living in poverty and we are working in villages to offer orphans and disadvantaged children educational opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to them. We are situated in Fobeni village in the Limpopo area, which is close to the Kruger National Park. Your teaching placement will be in a kindergarten and a primary school. There are approximately 300 children, ages 3 to 13. The children in the village areas are in desperate need of educational enhancement. This volunteer project involves providing a safe, fun and creative environment for these children, ... Read more >
From £449 excluding flights

Thailand elephant volunteering project

An exciting opportunity to learn about and be part of a new elephant home leading the way in the move to animal rather than human centred elephant interaction.Based in the culture rich city Chiang Mai, we hope that you will enjoy your time living alongside the elephants and the mahouts and gain a unique and immersive experience of Thailand. This is a 7 day program and its available year round and suitable for families, friends and solo travellers! This elephant home in Chiang Mai is being very pro-active in a responsible experience – no visitors are allowed to ride the elephants and mahouts are being encouraged to see that they can earn a living whilst putting their elephant first and ... Read more >
From £649 excluding flights

Volunteering in Bali

Bali has so much more to offer than a beautiful landscape. Get to know its warm-hearted people and their vivid and magical culture as a volunteer in Bali. We traveled around and discovered great social projects you can participate and contribute in. As a volunteer you can give something back to the welcoming locals. Support social organisations by teaching English in NGO schools or help underprivileged youngsters or women to raise their job perspective. Help to preserve Bali's vegetation and endangered species and support organizations in raising environmental awareness among locals and tourists. Expand your horizon through exploring Bali's local community. There is a minimum 4 week ... Read more >
From £999 excluding flights

Medical placements in India for medics

Our Medical Programs gives qualified medics or those studying any health care discipline such physiotherapy, pharmacy,or nursing, a chance to gain practical work experience in India, Nepal, or Sri Lanka. Your placement will be in busy hospitals, or clinics where you will work alongside local medical staff. This is also suitable for students looking to gain experience that will give you an edge over your peers. In India you can choose from Dharamshala (North India) or Kerala (South India), India has medical problems that could be different from Western medical problems. You will learn about the differences in healthcare systems, procedures and treatments in India in comparison to your ... Read more >
From £599 excluding flights

Volunteer in Peru, teaching and sports

This volunteering in Peru project is based in Cusco, which is gateway to the great Incan ruins at Machu Picchu. You will, for a minimum period of two weeks, be contributing to a teaching programme in the local community. You will be working alongside professional, full time teachers in an elementary school as a teaching assistant, helping children between 6-11 years old with basic skills in English reading, writing and speaking, and also in sports if you have skills in that area. Please note that sports teaching placements are for a minimum of four weeks. You will have 24/7 support throughout, so that both you and the young people you are working with can gain the best experience ... Read more >
From £649 excluding flights

Thailand volunteer, teach and homestay adventure

Join us on an unforgettable and magical adventure in Southern Thailand in PhangNa. Away from the tourist traps, this part of Thailand is still being discovered. Volunteering is a real need as the Tsunami had destroyed a lot of Southern Thailand and there are many Burmese Migrants living here as well. You would be assisting to teach English in a local Burmese Migrant Centre who need help with volunteers. You can take classes with teachers or if you are a teacher then you can work independantly. By living and working in Kuraburi you will experience real Thai life and enjoy all that the country has to offer and give back. You can add to your experience by exploring the friendly village of ... Read more >
From £649 excluding flights

Sri Lanka community volunteering

Sri Lanka is a very unique and special place, and anyone who travels here nearly always comes back because there is an innate soulfulness and wisdom in Sri Lankans, which makes for a truly uplifting travel experience. For that reason, many travellers who come to enjoy our national parks, ancient culture and beach life also want to have a positive, philanthropic impact and volunteer within small communities. Which is why we have partnered with local projects which are always in need of support. Most volunteers work as teaching assistants as this is something that many people have within their skillset, helping young people develop their English writing, reading and of course speaking, as ... Read more >
From £699 excluding flights

Volunteering in the Himalayas, Nepal

On this amazing summer program you will be volunteering in Kathamandu, Nepal where you can have vies of the Himalayas. Please note that we can customise this trip for you. You will be helping in various community development programs whilst getting an opportunity to live in this breathtakingly beautiful part of Nepal! You will be working independantly and at times in a group, always supported by trained members of staff. We screen all applicants for relevant skills/certificates so for example TEFL qualified teachers helping with the teacher training and trained medics helping with health care. You will be living in the culture mecca of Kathmandu. Here you will be working in local ... Read more >
From £649 excluding flights

Volunteering with disabled people in India

Join on on this unique and extremely rewarding program where you will be assisting at a disabled school in Cochin Kerala, India. In India having disabilities is viewed as social stigma particularly in the low income families. It is difficult for parents as they cant afford treatments and disabled children often get abused badly. We are working to help a charity in Kochi that is helping such children. Volunteer are needed to assist the teachers. A new sensory room has been build by us to give a sensory experience. Your role will be to assist the specialist teachers in the work that they do. You can conduct Arts, Sports, or any interactive activity with the children. Specialist teachers ... Read more >
From £699 excluding flights

Volunteer as a teaching assistant in Nepal

Nepal is not only one of the most stunning mountain landscapes in the world, but Kathmandu where this teaching assistant volunteering trip takes place is its spiritual and cultural mecca. With eleven UNESCO World Heritage Sites and vast amounts of history, this area suffers terrible poverty mainly due to civil war which lasted over twenty years. And then of course the devastating 2015 earthquake. Tourism is now one of the major contributors to the local economy, and we have found that a lot of travellers coming here also want to contribute in a deeper way. And working as a teaching assistant is one way that many people can do so. With programmes lasting between 2-12 weeks, and working ... Read more >
From £699 excluding flights

Nepal highlights tour and volunteering

This 2 week volunteering project as well as 2 week trip of the major places of interest combines community work with adventure activities for your complete Himalayan adventure! The jaw dropping winding road, the mountains and the Trishuli river by the side is so picturesque that you won’t hesitate to jump in the river right away. If you feel like you need to change something within yourself, let Nepal change by you by immersing yourself in its culture and living among the community. Wake up early in the morning to the sound of roosters and get involved in the community work. You can milk the cow or work in the field, get plowing or simply sit with the elders and chat with them with cup of ... Read more >
From £1,349 excluding flights

Family volunteering in Peru

Family volunteering in Peru really is an adventure for a lifetime for those who seek a real cultural exchange for them and their children. While adults work as teaching assistants (or teachers if they are fully qualified) in a local primary school, your children get to take part in classes, sports sessions and meet new friends from Cusco. So, although volunteering placements are associated with gap year students or empty nesters, we have found that families give and gain so much during these placements also. Cusco, where you will be based, is famously the capital of the Inca Empire, and so while you aren’t participating in volunteer activities, you will have access to the ruins at Machu ... Read more >
From £649 excluding flights

Family volunteering and adventure holiday, Nepal

This week long family volunteering program in Nepal is made up of a few days’ volunteering and also a few days of adventures in these dramatic and beautiful landscapes. You will be staying within a Nepalese village community, in a local homestay, enabling full cultural immersion and exchange. Although volunteering while on holiday is often see as a student gap year or empty nester activity, we believe that volunteering as a family reaps huge benefits for hosts and guests alike. Working within a Nepalese community, with adults volunteering with local teachers and children taking classes alongside local young people, is an incredibly bonding experience for adventurous family travellers. ... Read more >
From £599 excluding flights

Family volunteering with Sea turtles in Sri Lanka

This week long family volunteering with sea turtles programme in Sri Lanka is a wonderful way for adults and young people to contribute towards vital conservation in Sri Lanka, while also exploring our beautiful coast and culture. We also work with local communities on educational projects, teaching English for example, and we believe that this combination of responsible tourism and philanthropy creates deeper family bonds but also makes for an exciting and culturally immersive holiday. We also highly recommend and welcome single parents on these volunteering programmes. We offer two options for family volunteering in Sri Lanka, both of which are suitable for all age groups: Regular ... Read more >
From £499 excluding flights
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Sports coaching volunteering in Sri Lanka

This amazing program is based in the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. Sports and Arts play an important role in child development boosting confidence , and developing their athletic abilities. On this Volunteer Program you will be working in a local schools where you will be working on an arts project or coaching children on sports such as cricket or football, and encourage general fitness and well being through workshops. Through the medium of sport or art we hope to develop children's English and other life skills such as teamwork, communication and creativity. We aim to encourage a positive lifestyle and keep the students off the streets by providing fun during our before or after school ... Read more >
From £499 excluding flights
Book volunteering in Sri Lanka for August and get a £50 discount on any program and any duration! Come and Teach or get involved with sea turtles or medical programs

Mozambique marine conservation with PADI course

This amazing opportunity is set on Tofu Bay in Mozambique where you will be helping with marine conservation efforts and enjoying diving. More than 60% of Mozambique’s 25.8 million people live in coastal areas, placing significant pressures on the marine environment and its resources, with many species vulnerable to illegal poaching and exploitation. Most Mozambicans view the sea as foreign and something to be feared. You can contribute to the marine conservation project and activities and work together with its renowned scientists in the field of manta rays, whale sharks and other megafauna. Highlights include: Get PADI Open Water or Advanced Open Water certified Explore the Inhambane ... Read more >
From £2,175 excluding flights

Kolkata community volunteering, India

Kolkata, affectionately referred to as the "City of Joy", is a popular destination made famous by Saint Mother Teresa, who spent a lifetime here serving the poor throughout most of the 20th century. As the capital of British India, Kolkata served as the main commercial and cultural hub for nearly three centuries of colonial rule and still retains much of it's rich colonial history, as evidenced by it's magnificent architecture, thriving art community, continental cuisine and english-speaking population. A place where old meets new, you'll experience a true India with the best from both worlds. From Kolkata, you can explore the beautiful tea town of Darjeeling, the raw untapped beauty of ... Read more >
From £499 excluding flights
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