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Tibet tour, Lhasa and Lake Namtso

This group tour is one of the best itineraries that cover the all the Lhasa main tourist sites like Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor street, Drepung and sera monastery with Gyantse Kumbum and Shigatse Tashi Lhunpho monastery. Tourists can see much natural scenery like beautiful sacred lake Yamdrok Lake, Namtso Lake and karo glacier with beautiful views of Mt. Everest, the highest mountain in the world from Everest Base Camp. Its surrealistic beauty will take your breath away in no time.Read more >
From US $1,400 excluding flights

Lhasa small group tour in Tibet

This is a short and simple trip in Tibet group tour. In the tour, tourists can stay three nights in 4-star hotel in Lhasa, Tibet. Although all meals are not arranged in advance, our experienced Tibetan English-speaking tour guide will take you to the restaurant which you will choose to taste the unique Tibetan food or featured Chinese food offered by the local Tibetans. After met by your Tibetan tour guide in airport or train station, you will be shocked by the lovely blue sky and impressive views of Lhasa River, the mother river of Lhasa city. The following two-days trip are arranged to visit all the world heritage sites, such as the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, including tremendous ...Read more >
From US $620 excluding flights

Central Tibet tour

The central Tibetan cultural group tour offers the epitome of Tibet with some of the most impressive visions: Potala Palaces, Jokhang temples, Drepung and Sera monastery, snow-capped mountains of Nyenchen thanglha and holy lakes Yamdrok and Namtso, real Tibetan villages and nomads.Read more >
From US $1,120 excluding flights

Tibetan culture tour in Sichuan, China

Jiuzhaigou is named from nine Tibetan villages in the three valleys. Nowadays, Jiuzhaigou is commonly regarded as “Heaven on Earth”. This money-saving route to Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong from and back to Chengdu by road will not only guide you enjoy the beautiful turquoise-colored lakes, large waterfalls and old-growth forest, but also bring you to visit the local Tibetan villages and explore Tibetan culture in the Amdo region. Although the driving journey is tough, on the way, you will enjoy the natural landscapes of western Sichuan. Huanglong is famous for the different shaped and colorful calcified ponds and caves in the valley.Read more >
From £430 excluding flights

Lhasa to Tibet Everest Base Camp tour

This is the best-selling tour to Tibet as tourists will traverse the mighty Himalaya ranges, and can not only view the panorama of Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak, but also hike up the Everest Base Camp to take a close look at the famous Everest sunrise and sunset, flat clouds, etc. Spending three nights in Lhasa in the center city of Tibet, which allows tourists plenty of time to acclimatization and easily visit to Lhasa’s main attractions and in-depth exploration tour to Everest Base Camp. Travelling westwards to Shigatse, the seat of Pamchan Lama, going through the Yamdrotso Lake, Karola Glacier and Gyantse old town, then travelling to Everest Base Camp, the highest place ...Read more >
From US $1,120 excluding flights

Kathmandu to Lhasa overland tour

Driving along Friendship Highway from Kathmandu westwards to Tibet, you will ultimately arrive at Lhasa via Tingri, Shigatse and Tingri. On the way, tourists will have two days to visit Mount Everest of northern Himalayas and to Take a closer look at Everest Base Camp. The wonderful tour cover snow-capped mountains, huge glaciers, sacred lakes and other natural landscapes, and several famous monasteries and palaces in Tibet.Read more >
From £742 excluding flights

Lhasa to Mount Kailash tour, Tibet

This is a top Tibet group tour which is specially designed for those pilgrimage trekking lovers to have an in-depth Tibetan plateau experience. Trekking around the mystical Mt. Kailash and travelling in the western Tibet are a dream trip for most of Tibet travellers. No planes, trains or buses journey anywhere near the Ngari region and even with rugged over-land vehicles the journey still requires weeks of travel. The best time to visit is from May to October. Mt. Kailash is recognized as the lofty mountain in the world, and the center of the world by Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, Bon - native religion in Tibet and Jainism. At 6656 meters above sea level, Mt. Kailash, shaped like a pyramid, ...Read more >
From US $2,190 excluding flights

Tibet Gama Valley trekking holiday in Tibet

The whole trekking route is inside the Mount Everest Nature Reserve with overwhelming landscapes. Eastern side of Mount Everest and Gama Valley were praised to be one of the “Top Ten Landscapes in the World”, “the most beautiful valley in the world” and “one of the top ten classic trekking routes in the world” by American and British explorers last century. You can appreciate Mount Everest (World first), Mount Lhotse (World fourth) and Mount Makalu (World fifth). The whole valley is an untraveled region with a large area of virgin forest. You can appreciate rapid replacement of natural sceneries from river valley (in more than 2000 meters) to high peaks (in more than 8000 meters) from ...Read more >
From US $3,080 excluding flights

Lhasa to Kathmandu overland tour

7-day overland tour from Lhasa to Kathmandu follows the Sino-Nepal highway, which offer you amazing views of the Himalaya and the picturesque Tibetan countryside. The visit to the old cities: Lhasa, Gyantse and Shigatse, will give you a complete impression of Tibet's religion, cultural treasures, and dreamlike landscape. The highlighted trip to Everest Base Camp en route will be a life-time memory to overcome yourself and get higher to the top of the world.Read more >
From US $1,090 excluding flights

Tibet holiday by train from China

The 10 days’ tour from Xining to Tibet enables tourists to enjoy the stunning Qinghai Lake, the largest saline lake in China. And later tourists will head towards Tibet via the world’s highest scenic train, Qinghai-Tibet railway. Then, the tourists are expected to visit the holy Tibetan Buddhist sites in central Tibet and explore the premium travel route to southwest of Tibet via Gyantse, Shigatse till Everest Base Camp.Read more >
From £1,054 including domestic flights only

Bejing to Lhasa tour, by train

Beijing is the first choice for foreign visitors to enter into China. 2 days in Beijing and 1 day in Xian will be the better arrangement to visit the popular tourist sites of Beijing and Xian, including: the splendid Great Wall, the imperial Forbidden City, the exquisite Summer Palace and the wonderful Terracotta Warriors and Horses. On the tour, you will not miss taking unforgettable experience on the Qinghai-Tibet railway. Then you will start the classic 8-Days Lhasa and Everest Base Camp Tour. You will be accompanied by the famous Palaces, temples, monasteries, and enjoy the Tibet’s superb scenery of the holy Mount Everest.Read more >
From £1,296 excluding flights

China to Tibet by train, Chengdu to Lhasa

The mind-blowing Tibet tour begins with a stopover in Chengdu, the major gateway to Tibet, where tourists can enjoy the dramatic Sichuan opera and adorable pandas there. Then, you will board the world’s highest Qinghai-Tibet train to Tibet. The stunning scenery along the train will be an experience of a lifetime. As you arrive in Lhasa, tourists will be able to visit a number of sacred Buddhist sites like Potala Palace, Johkang Temple, Sera Monastery, etc. Then you will head to Namtso Lake, the China’s third biggest saline lake, and you can stroll along the Namtso lake and Tashi Island. Later, move southwest Shigatse and Everest Base Camp.Read more >
From £991 excluding flights

China climbing and trekking tour in Sichuan

Mount Siguniangshan, or Four Girls Mountain, is known as the “Queen of Sichuan’s Peaks” after Minya Konka of “the King of Shushan” and is the nearest snow-capped mountain to Chengdu. This tourist destination is famous for its four peaked mountains and activities of hiking and trekking, mountain climbing and ice climbing. On this tour, you will be able to conquer one of the summits of Mount Siguniangshan. It requires physical demand and necessary equipment for camping and hiking at high altitudes.Read more >
From £469 excluding flights