Kathmandu to Lhasa overland tour

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Kathmandu to Lhasa overland tour


With the help of our local Tibet tour leaders and our Tibetan guides, our clients really can gain firsthand insight into Tibet they are travelling through and benefit from their knowledge on places to eat and stay which best support the local people. We believe we can influence travellers as long as we insist our value.

Firstly, we pay much attention to increase travellerís awareness of environmental protection. When an enquiry is sent to us, our trip advisor not only help to design your Tibet itinerary, but also explain the necessary knowledge of Tibetan environment production.

Secondly, we give every travellers a guidebook before leaving for destination, on which, our clients not only know exactly how to protect cultural relics in the monasteries and palaces, but also understand the importance to keep the natural relics, lakes from being polluted during their tour.

Thirdly, on the tour, our tour guides distribute rubbish bags to each traveller, so they can collect their own trash as they travel and later throw all of it to designated places. We believe we can influence travellers as long as we insist our value.


As a responsible tour operator in Lhasa, we understand how important it is to work in the field of tourism and help local Tibetan to achieve stable and long-term profits and improve their standards of living.

All our tour guides and drivers are hired from the local Tibetans. Firstly, we provide them with salary, tour allowance, insurance, travel rewards, and opportunities for in-service training. We also offer necessary help when their family members become sick. Secondly, owing to the apparent seasonal change of Tibet travel, so far†this organisation†has offered 9 months' work to around 40 Tibetan staffs from April to January next year, representing 30 percent higher working months than average in the field.

On this Tibet tour, you can not only appreciate the scenery in a flexible way, but reduce the impact of pollution, you also have a good chance to feel the real Tibet life when stopping by the villages.

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