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Birdwatching holiday North Karpathos National Park

Karpathos, especially in the North is an exciting place for birdwatchers. Depending on the season and the weather you can normally see Bonelli eagles and long legged buzzards soaring above the mountains and plateaus. Also larks, wheatears, swallows, ravens and varieties of swifts. We have kestrels, peregrines and the occasional sparrow hawk. In the spring and autumn many eagles and harriers pass through. Also bee eaters. In the spring we have hoopoes, herons, orioles and cuckoos, in the autumn kingfishers and wagtails. At sea you will recognise three varieties of gull, including the rare Adouine, shags and shearwaters. For many birdwatchers the jewel in the crown is our ... Read more >
From €930 excluding flights

Greece walking holiday with beaches

Join us to experience a combination of trekking and snorkeling sessions, gastronomy courses and strong local cultural influence at the National Park of Northern Karpathos and Saria Island. Experience the adventure and indulge yourself in a unique blend of natural aromas and flavours pouring straight out of the Mediterranean wilds. Slow down and follow the nature’s rhythm exploring the timeless lifestyle of an authentic community that dates back to the Middle Ages. Discover the Aegean seabed and learn about the remote life of the Mediterranean monk seal, one of the most threatened marine mammals of Europe. Read more >
From €780 excluding flights

Karpathos Island walking holiday in Greece

Traversing Karpathos Island is a long distance starting from the south part of the island and ending in the northern edge of the island of Saria. We will walk 85 km in total with alternations in the fields and the natural environment and come across virgin beaches, high mountains, easy and tough trails. We will visit 9 different villages, each with its own tradition, architecture and history and we will taste their delicious traditional recipes to fill up with energy to go on! We will conquer the highest top of Karpathos (1215m) which offers us a breathtaking view, we will reach the village of Olympos, the centre of civilization in Karpathos, and, finally, we will be guided in the ... Read more >
From €985 excluding flights

Walking and botanical holiday on Karpathos Island, Greece

For Nature Lovers, for endemic and rare flora species “Hunters” but also for everyone who wants to experience , observe and photograph something very fresh and different. A botanical week in the Protected Area of Regional Marine Park of Northern Karpathos Saria and Astakidonision will be a life altering experience! We are inviting you to discover and explore this beautiful place with us because no one else knows its secrets better than we do! We will meet the Pelophylax Cerigensis, the rarest little frog in Greece, which has been recorded in the Red list of IUCN. We will also see the Lycias Salamander Helverseri –an endemic species- and we will hear the proud scream of the Falco ... Read more >
From €865 excluding flights
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