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Southern Myanmar tour, 7 days

This Southern Myanmar leads you through this lesser visited part of the country, exploring for 7 days. Itís an ideal tour for anyone with a love of adventure, eager to escape the busy cities and learn about the local life and country culture of the ethnic people of Kayin and Mon state. Meet local people, eat in local restaurants and get to know and understand this beautiful part of Myanmar. Begin in Yangon, a wonderful city with a great atmosphere which offers a host of different experiences to curious travellers. Some highlights to consider is riding the famous circular train and exploring the local market, as well as touring the impressive temples at Shwe Dagon Pagoda. Next, explore Hpa ... Read more >
From US $680 excluding flights

Shan State tour in Myanmar

Discovering the 4 days trip to Eastern Part of Shan State will be the great experience for adventure activities lovers such as couple, family, group of friends and also the person who love the real natures and culture of our ethnic groups. Keng Tung, the green city and major city of Eastern Shan State which is very near the Thailand Border and also China Boarder. There are a lot of interesting sights for nature lovers such as the tall standing Buddha image, Long Tree Hill with its famous 250-year old tree, Zawmmoon Matyan Monastery, Naung Tong Lake, traditional Shan lacquer ware production facility, Wat Zom Kham pagoda, and the beautiful Watin Monastery. The perfect things of the Keng ... Read more >
From US $390 excluding flights

Myanmar 13 day itinerary

Explore Myanmar, discovering its temples, villages and exciting cities on this 13 day tailor made itinerary. Begin in Yangon, a lovely city with a great atmosphere, where you can admire the Burmese architecture of the downtown area, explore the Musmeah Yeshua Synagogue, and see the dazzling golden Shwe Dagon Pagoda that rises above the Yangon skyline. Next, travel to Bagan, with its scattered temples and long history. All the temples of Bagan are impressive, but Htilominlo Temple is famous for its fine plaster carvings and glazed sandstone decorations while the large Manuha Temple is home to large and beautiful images of Buddha. Visit Baganís market, Manisithu Market, crowded with locals ... Read more >
From US $1,025 excluding flights

Myanmar 9 day highlights tour

Discover the breathtaking temples, pagodas, small villages and vibrant cities of Myanmar on this 9 day highlights tour. Itís ideal for couples, families, solo travellers or even small groups (6-10 persons), with a great mix of places to visit. The Golden Land rarely fails to deliver unforgettable experiences and memories that will be treasured. Begin in Yangon, where there are many different experiences to enjoy, including the Burmese architecture of the Downtown Area, learning about the Jewish community that once lived here at Musmeah Yeshua Synagogue, and an array of temples at Shwe Dagon Pagoda. Next, travel to Bagan, with its scattered temples and long history. All the temples of ... Read more >
From US $795 excluding flights

Myanmar family tour

This holiday for 14 days in Myanmar will give you a chance to learn an interesting history lesson with the great culture and religion of the Buddhist for the travelers with their owns family. The well-organized program with unique places for the family will be just a book for your treasured memories of the trip to the Golden Land. All the places in each destination will create the treasured memories of your family and the locals that you will meet on the tour will give you the warmest greeting and share stories of their daily life. All the great cities will offer different experiences and feelings for your family trip. We will begin the tour with the heart of Yangon, the glorious ... Read more >
From US $1,580 excluding flights
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