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Trans Mongolian railway holiday

This brief journey captures the highlights perfectly. You’ll visit a collection of the world’s most fascinating cities: St Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan, Ulaanbaatar and Beijing – each as diverse as they are iconic. And you’ll experience two of the world’s most famous railways, before walking along the Great Wall of China.  Read more >
From £2,710 excluding flights

Naadam Festival holiday in Mongolia

Celebrate the Naadam Festival with the locals as remote Mongolia relives its finest traditions dating from the days of Genghis Khan and his ferocious nomadic warriors. Witness skilful displays of archery and wrestling, and colourful horseracing events during the nation’s most important festival. Read more >
From £2,000 excluding flights

Wild Mongolia and Golden Eagle Festival holiday

Revel in Mongolia’s beautiful mountainous regions, traverse the steppe and desert to discover ancient archaeological sites, stay with a nomadic family and witness the vibrant Golden Eagle Festival. Read more >
From £4,720 excluding flights

Uzbekistan holiday, Tamerlane's Empire

Take a deeper look into Uzbekistan as we transport you from the lively capital of Tashkent to hidden villages in a remote valley, before focusing on those magical places which have besotted travellers for centuries – Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. Read more >
From £1,430 excluding flights

2020 World Nomad Games holiday in Kyrgyzstan

Ancient sports, incredible strength, and patriotic showmanship combine with captivating culture all against the natural beauty of the Kyrgyzstan landscape.  Channel your inner nomad and head out to the wilderness. This biennial celebration is not to be missed. Read more >
From £2,055 excluding flights

Gobi Desert explorer tour in Mongolia

Discover the very best of Mongolia, from the bustling capital Ulaanbaatar we journey across the steppe to Kharkhorin. We will encounter ancient Buddhist monasteries and the remarkable diversity of the Gobi Desert; sacred mountains, dinosaur ‘cemeteries’, flaming cliffs, singing sand dunes and spectacular canyons. Read more >
From £4,070 excluding flights

Trans Mongolian Express

This is an amazing adventure for aspiring travellers seeking a great experience in a short time. Take in the highlights: Russia’s greatest cities, remote Siberia, Mongolia and the Gobi Desert; and Beijing. Travel the rails with the Trans Siberian and Trans Mongolian railways. Read more >
From £3,835 excluding flights

Grand Trans Siberian rail tour

Ride the grand Trans Siberian Railway from Vladivostok to the old Tartar capital of Kazan, en route to Moscow. Graceful imperial St. Petersburg is the perfect climax to this historic journey. Read more >
From £5,915 excluding flights

St Petersburg to Vladivostok on the Trans Siberian

Starting in elegant St. Petersburg and traversing the mighty Trans Siberian Railway you will visit all that Russia has to offer as well as the wilderness of Mongolia. Spanning histories and time zones this is truly a majestic journey. Read more >
From £5,530 excluding flights

Trans Mongolian Eastbound, St Petersburg to Beijing

Travel eastwards from the land of the Tsars to the wonders of China, via the kingdom of Genghis Khan, on this undeniably epic small group tour which takes you along the Trans Siberian and Trans Mongolian railways. You’ll be accompanied throughout by a professional tour leader as you depart from St. Petersburg to explore Moscow, Siberia, Ulaanbaatar, Irkutsk and Beijing, with an itinerary that promises a wealth of cultural discovery. Visit unmissable sites around St. Petersburg including the fabulous Catherine Palace, the Hermitage, and the Peter & Paul Fortress. Wander the Armoury Museum of the Kremin, home to a stunning collection of Faberge eggs as well as vast quantities of historical ... Read more >
From £7,015 excluding flights

Winter Trans Siberian rail holiday

Nothing is quite as evocative of Russia as scenes of glittering snow and silent birch forests as the Trans Siberian train slides across the country. Wrap up warm as your inner Doctor Zhivago takes you on this winter adventure, celebrating this festive time of the year to the sound of sleigh bells. Read more >
From £2,170 excluding flights

Trans Mongolian westbound tour

There are very few journeys in the world that carry the promise of so much adventure and romance as the Trans Mongolian and Trans Siberian railways. This month-long small group tour retraces the original westbound route from Hong Kong to St. Petersburg over some 12,000km via Mongolia, and quite frankly, you’re going to love it. Travel through Guangzhou, with its bustling Qing Ping market one of China’s top foodie destinations. Discover the amazing Terracotta Army outside Xian, buried for centuries, and must-see landmarks of Beijing from Tiananmen Square to the serene Temple of Heaven, and of course a section of the Great Wall of China. Here you’ll board the Trans Mongolian, whisking you ... Read more >
From £8,315 excluding flights

Trans Mongolian west bound to St Petersburg

Westwards, from China to Russia through the heartlands of Genghis Khan in Mongolia, the spectacular scenery unfolds over three weeks from your carriage window. Step aboard the legendary Trans Mongolian in the Chinese capital, Beijing, for an adventure that many dream about and few find it easy to forget. Travelling as part of a small group, you’ll be accompanied by a professional tour leader to take care of all the practicalities while you get on with enjoying your journey, immersed in the fabled landscapes and historic attractions of this legendary route. Take a stroll on the Great Wall of China, discover the myriad treasures of the Kremlin, watch a fascinating performance of Mongolian ... Read more >
From £6,830 excluding flights

Myanmar and Yunnan holiday

Journey through some of the most ethnically diverse parts of Asia. After years of closed borders, travellers are now welcome in Myanmar, where roads lead north to the Chinese frontier and its beautiful Yunnan province set in the southern foothills of the mighty Himalayas. Read more >
From £4,405 excluding flights

Christmas on the Trans Mongolian to Beijing

Experience a Christmas amongst pristine snow-covered steppe mingling with Mongolian nomads, and then ring in the New Year in bustling Beijing. Along the way, you can enjoy a traditional troika ride led by three horses, and stay in Siberian guesthouse in the winter wonderland that surrounds the magnificent Lake Baikal. What more could you wish for this Christmas? Read more >
From £5,995 excluding flights

Westbound Trans Mongolian holiday

Begin by walking the Great Wall of China. Then ride the rails through northern China, far across the vast expanses of the Gobi Desert and the Siberian steppe. Still farther on, we find a historic city where Islamic and Orthodox architecture stands side by side. And in the distance, we discover Russia’s two grandest cities. Read more >
From £3,870 excluding flights

Caucasus holiday, Armenia and Georgia

Prepare to be amazed, arriving in Georgia and Armenia is like stepping through the looking glass into a completely unexpected travel destination; beautiful, welcoming and with a wild and intriguing history – add great food and wine, incredible UNESCO heritage sites and stunning scenery and you have the perfect mix for an incredible journey of discovery. Read more >
From £1,795 excluding flights

Festive Russia holiday by rail

Experience the frosty and festive delights of Russia in winter and visit the home of Father Frost, Ded Moroz, in remote and picturesque Veliky Ustyug, a true winter wonderland experience. Coincide your visit with either Western or Orthodox Christmas and you may even receive a gift. Read more >
From £2,030 excluding flights

Trans Mongolian tour, St. Petersburg to Hong Kong

Travelling on the Trans Siberian and Trans Mongolian railways, the journey itself is the destination. Over this month-long small group trip from St. Petersburg to Hong Kong you’ll share the journey with a never-ending variety of fellow passengers, from holidaymakers to commuters, local families to traders. It’s an endless kaleidoscope of new encounters, experiences and stories to share. And, with a professional tour leader alongside to ensure that all of the trip arrangements run smoothly, you can simply sit back and drink in the spectacular scenery as it drifts past through the carriage window. You’ll pause in great cities that have shaped the course of human history: St. Petersburg, home ... Read more >
From £8,470 excluding flights

Silk Road adventure tour

Designed especially for travellers who seek high adventure among the peaks and mountain passes of the Tien Shan Mountains, this journey traverses some of the least travelled routes of the Silk Road. Your adventurous spirit will be rewarded with breathtaking scenery in unspoilt wilderness.   Read more >
From £3,595 excluding flights
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