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Hiking holidays in Kythnos island, Greece

Would you like to explore one of the renown Greek islands, but you wish to avoid the tourist masses? The secluded island of Kythnos is your ideal choice! Although it is one of the closest to Athens islands, Kythnos has managed to remain an unexplored paradise, a truly gem of the Cyclades islands. Traditional villages with Cycladic architecture, a wonderful coastline with more than 90 beaches, a rich history dating back to the Mesolithic era, agricultural fields, hot springs, plenty of hiking trails, one of the largest caves in Greece and the delicious local cuisine will undoubtedly offer you a memorable authentic active holiday on a Greek island. If you are looking for serenity, ...Read more >
From €600 excluding flights

Cyclades islands sailing holidays in Greece

Surrender to your dreams of sailing the renowned Greek islands on this superb sailing adventure to the Cyclades islands! Sail on Mediterranean waters, swim in turquoise seas, explore ancient sites and traditional Cycladic villages and soak up the sun, fresh Greek food and culture. From laidback, non-touristy islands like Kythnos, Serifos and Kimolos to the more aristocratic island of Sifnos and the volcanic island of Milos, renown worldwide for its spectacular beaches, experience the utmost of Greek island hopping on this eight-day sailing odyssey. Explore the whitewashed villages and sapphire waters of Greece, sail across the Aegean Sea, visit some of the picture-postcard Cyclades ...Read more >
From €1,950 excluding flights

Greece multi activity holidays

Have you even been to places, unknown to most of the world, yet so beautiful and magical, that you want to keep them secret for yourself, but at the same time scream it out to the world? Have you ever thought of Greece as a place with wild and steep mountains, ideal for adventure holidays? If you are an outdoors lover and you like to explore places beyond the ordinary way, then this 7day multi-activity adventure is your perfect choice! Join us on our “Wild Mountains & rivers” adventure and discover the secret beauty of the Greek mainland through a wide range of activities. Hydrobiking in Lake Plastira, hiking through beautiful mountain paths, rafting and horseback riding in Northern ...Read more >
From €1,200 excluding flights

Cyclades multi activity holiday in Greece

When you think about Greece, the first things that come to your mind are white – cub houses, deep blue crystal clear waters, sandy beaches and sun? Are you looking for an unforgettable island getaway with an authentic touch of culture and adventure? If the answer is yes, then this is the right exploration for you! Join us to explore the hidden side of the Cyclades islands… go hiking in ancient paths, sea kayaking along Santorini’s unique coastline, climb to the highest peak of the Cyclades, sail inside Santorini’s caldera, enjoy wine tasting, visit traditional villages and Venetian castles, monasteries and important archaeological sites, taste some delicious Greek food and of course, meet ...Read more >
From €1,480 excluding flights

Saronic Gulf sailing holiday in Greece

If you love sailing and you prefer exploring the Greek islands from the sea, then do not miss the chance to join us on board our sailing adventure. This 8day trip combines sailing and lot of swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea combined with some adventure, culture, history, gastronomy and relaxation on board! Our sailing adventures are ideal if you are looking for something more than just chartering a yacht. Join us and let us show you the hidden gems of the Saronic Gulf, indulge you in the local cuisine and guide you through the history of some significant archaeological sites, such as the temple of Aphaea on Aegina island and/or the Sanctuary of Asclepius and ...Read more >
From €1,850 excluding flights

Hiking in Greece holiday, Zagori & Meteora

Unknown to most of the world, yet so beautiful and unspoiled, Zagori area is the ultimate hiking destination in Greece! Traditional stone made villages, arch stone bridges and pristine natural landscapes will offer you an unforgettable week-long hiking adventure in North-Western Greece! Plus, do not miss the chance to visit the UNESCO Worldwide Heritage Site of Meteora and follow the hiking trails of the ancient monks! If you are an outdoor enthusiast and you love hiking, join us on this adventure and explore on foot the secret paths of North Pindos National Park (also a UNESCO Geopark) and Meteora, learn more about the history of the area, observe the unique flora and fauna, enjoy ...Read more >
From €1,050 excluding flights
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