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Kalash Uchaw festival tour in Pakistan

Trip highlights: Islamabad-Swat-Chitral-Bumburet Kailash Valley - Peshawar – Takht-e-Bhai-Islamabad Most visitors of Northern Pakistan come back praising the beauty on offer in the region from the mesmerising views, the delicious fruits to the hospitality of the people. This 10 day tour gives you a quick overview of the key places that many of these travellers talk about, particularly keen photographers who love capturing culturally shots. There are four festivals celebrated by the people in Kalash, the scheduled tour dates are for the Chilam Joshi & Uchal Festival, two of the more popular ones and based in the Spring & Summer months of May & August respectively The Kalash are an ...Read more >
From £2,300 excluding flights

Pakistan architecture and history tour

Join us on an 11 day tour and journey around the different cities of Pakistan to discover and learn the history behind the different forms of architecture prevailing in the country dating from different eras with influences from a variety of civilisations. This tour focuses you to look at all of the places you visit from the lens of the architect within you. The tour is led by an architect and will start from Islamabad, after looking at the old and modern buildings that the capital has to offer, we will move on to Peshawar the oldest city in the sub continent region. You will then be taken to Lahore and eventually back to Islamabad. This tour will explore the different forms of ...Read more >
From £2,400 excluding flights

Pakistan food tour

Experience Pakistani cuisine like never before! Eat Local and discover the regional dishes from the flame to your plate. A food tour that lets you experience not just the taste of the best of Pakistani food, but takes you on a historic journey as well. Treating your senses with an unforgettable experience. This tour starts in the capital city with a home cooked feast comprising of a selection of cuisines from across the provinces of Pakistan, namely Punjab, Azad Kashmir, Sindh, Hunza & Khyber Pakhtunwala. We've teamed up with Madiha Hamid, owner & CEO of Chefling Tales, a local Blog e-magazine, a real foodie she's developed an itinerary that not only covers all there is to see in the ...Read more >
From £2,388 excluding flights

Pakistan cultural tour, 12 days

Oh this exclusive 14-day tour we take you on experiential adventure so you can enjoy local markets, mosques, high tea by the Lake in Chitral, forts, castles and caves. On this trip not only do you see and enjoy Islamabad and Lahore, but we also take you on a taste journey to enjoy local street food. Visit Chitral, home to the Kalasha Valleys and the Kalash people, as well as the Hindukush Valley and historic city of Peshawar. You will get to see the handicraft the local women in Kalash do, see the art of making Chappli Kebabs in Peshawar from scratch, enjoy local street food, visit the Wagha Border which is the dividing line between India and Pakistan and has a daily ceremony of the ...Read more >
From £2,453 excluding flights

Women only tour in Pakistan

HIGHLIGHTS: Islamabad - Naran - Jeel Saif ul Malook, Gilgit - Hunza - Gulmit - Hopper Valley - Gilgit - Swat - Peshawar - Islamabad. DETAILED DESCRIPTION & ACTIVTIES: Join us on a 15 day women-only trip to Pakistan and experience traveling around some of the less visited areas of the country with an amazing group of women, which will leave you with lasting memories and friendships that we hope will last beyond the trip. The trip will start from Islamabad. After doing some sightseeing around the country’s capital, we will head up North to explore Gilgit Baltistan, which is the most popular tourist destination of this region. Whilst on tour you will get the chance to live like a local & ...Read more >
From £2,900 excluding flights

Southern Pakistan women only tour

This is an incredible tour enabling you to enjoy the cities, culture and some of the most incredible world heritage sites from Sethi Mohalla in Peshawar to Uch Sharif in Multan. The tour takes you down streets which are shouting out hidden stories of previous civilisations which once lived in Pakistan from the people of the Indus Valley to traders which lived in the famous trade route of Peshawar. This tour has been designed, focusing on the interests of women, including culture and food. Not only do we take you to the more touristy spots we also take you to local bazars, so you can find yourself something authentic, benefiting the local community. The guide is male, as finding female ...Read more >
From £2,495 excluding flights

North Pakistan tour, small group

Pakistan’s northern region is blessed with sky rising mountains and, in their lap, lies the fascinating mountainous valleys with exotic cultures whose people are warm-hearted, with smiling faces and friendly attitude. Settled in mountain gorges along mighty rivers the valleys’ landscape is equally alluring with a thrilling drive. You can enjoy mesmerizing mountain scenery along the awe-inspiring adventurous road which run by the mighty rivers, this magical journey has been designed to show you a side of Pakistan, many don't know exists. It's an adventure like no another, designed for you so you can meet the people & experience the diverse landscapes in the Northern hemisphere of ...Read more >
From £3,800 excluding flights

Pakistan shopping and food tour

This is a trip like no other in Pakistan. It is focused on 3 key cities Lahore, Islamabad & Multan with a primary focus to discover local bazaars beyond the mainstream malls, so you can discover the local handicrafts in Pakistan. This tour is designed for shopaholics who love what there Pakistani friends bring back with them from Pakistan & who mainly go on holiday with the objective of shopping. Whether you like clothing, jewellery, accessories or homeware this tour will cover everything, whilst seeing a few key sights along the way. This is a 10 day tour and covers the key cities Islamabad, Multan, Faisalabad, Chiniot & of course Lahore, which is the Mecca of shopping & food. Explore ...Read more >
From £3,100 excluding flights