GO EAST! Growing trend for European destinations where the pound goes further

Responsible Travel today announces a colossal rise in popularity of Eastern European destinations for the first half of this year, compared to 2016. With exchange rates predicted to sting many tourists in traditional destinations this summer, the online travel company’s latest data suggests a growing trend for Eastern Europe, where holiday budgets stretch further and local communities can benefit too.

Responsible Travel’s percentage increase in enquiries (year on year):

Armenia +143%
Albania +110%
Montenegro +71%
Croatia +54%
Georgia +54%

Countries and communities in Eastern Europe will benefit from this increase in tourism. At £302, Albania has the lowest average monthly wage of these growing destinations. Responsible Travel CEO Justin Francis:

“Our customers are showing unprecedented interest in Eastern European destinations where we know they get better value for money. Local people can benefit hugely from this growth in popularity if we as travellers make sure our money is going directly to the people that need it. Staying in local accommodation, eating in locally owned restaurants, shopping in local markets…these pump money into communities. So when tourism is done responsibly then we have a win-win situation for local people as well as visitors.”

The weak sterling means tourists are being hit harder than ever in many of the traditionally popular holiday destinations. With the current exchange rate, it is reported customers will pay an extra £200 for €1000. Furthermore, as popularity and demand rises for destinations considered ‘safe’, such as Spain and Portugal, so do the prices.

To make your holiday budget stretch further, as well as deeper into local communities, Responsible Travel recommends the following:

Armenia cultural tour

From £819 per person for 10 days.

An ancient land with kind people.  Armenia has a huge breadth of Christianity history and old traditions. This holiday takes you from making your own carpet to supping on traditional wine and nibbling on local cheeses.

https://www.responsibletravel.com/holiday/20510/armenia-cultural-tour  01273823700

Walking in rural Albania

 From £690 per person, for eight days.

A unique village adventure for couples, friends or families who would like to experience rural Albanian life. Staying in a traditional stone house with a local family, this holiday takes you to a place which is caught in a time-warp.

https://www.responsibletravel.com/holiday/20178/walking-holiday-in-rural-albania  01273823700

Activity holiday in Montenegro

From £495 per person for seven days.

Secluded beaches, hidden rock-pools, jaw-dropping views and fine red wines will ease you into a different pace of life on this week-long hosted activity holiday at the stunning Lake Skadar National Park in Montenegro.

https://www.responsibletravel.com/holiday/3412/activity-holiday-in-montenegro   01273823700

Dubrovnik and islands walking holiday

From €620 per person for eight days.

Enjoy quieter aspects of the Croatian coast wandering around its maze of ancient streets and beautiful islands. This holiday visits the islands of Lopud, Kolocep and Sipan, where a variety of pine forests, sandy beaches and elevated coastal ridges.

https://www.responsibletravel.com/holiday/8585/walking-holiday-croatia  01273823700

Georgia small group tour

From £1599 per person for 11 days

Venture into some of Europe’s most remote and intriguing villages in the mystical regions of Tusheti and Svaneti - fiercely traditional lands with incredible architecture, hidden away in the high mountains of the Caucasus.

https://www.responsibletravel.com/holiday/20205/georgia-small-group-tour 01273823700

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Notes to editors:

High resolution images of each of the trips mentioned are available. 


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About Responsible Travel

At Responsible Travel we help travellers live their dreams through authentic and life-enriching adventures, ensuring local people and wildlife benefit and being a catalyst for change in the industry.

Responsible Travel is now the world’s largest platform for ethical tour providers (with a rigorous screening process in place to ensure each company fits the guidelines to be represented on the site). The company is growing by 22% each year with its profits dependent on an ‘Honesty Box’ where tour providers voluntarily declare their commission. It is a member of ABTA.

- The holiday collection includes tours from almost 400 small, specialist and ethical tour operators

- The collective operates in 190+ countries

- In 15 years, the company has helped over 100,000 people live their travel dreams, received over 1million holiday enquiries and taken £100m in booking revenue.

Alongside the holidays it markets, Responsible Travel has two other core programmes to drive positive change in the tourism industry:

- Activism – campaigning for more responsible types of tourism worldwide.

- Trip for a Trip - Funding a day trip for a disadvantaged child in a developing country for every holiday booking (where the customer opts in). 

CEO Justin Francis has been included in Courvoisiers The Future 500, Thames and Hudsons 60 Innovators Shaping Our Creative Future and taken his place on the Advisory Board of The International Centre for Responsible Tourism.

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