Trip for a trip

Every time you book one of our holidays and opt in we will organise a day trip for a disadvantaged child or youth. We took children who live close to Angkor Wat in Cambodia, but have never visited, on a guided tour. Some children who live near game parks or the sea have never seen any wildlife or the ocean...

In the first year we took 1,001 children and youths on a day trip. We hope others in our industry will copy us and by 2020 we can give 1 million disadvantaged children and youths a great day out. Read more about the trips.

Michael Palin, December 2016:
Trip for a Trip sounds an excellent idea. My appetite for travel began with day trips, so I know how much they can mean to a child. Good luck and thanks to all who can make this happen.

Get involved
If you've booked a holiday via Responsible Travel, claim your booking gift to join our Trip for a Trip scheme.
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