Iberian Lynx watching holiday in Spain

Description of Iberian Lynx watching holiday in Spain

Join our expert Spanish biologist and enjoy some of the best wildlife watching in Europe. We have an enviable 100% success rate when it comes to seeing Ibeiran Lynx and know all of the best spots to see them.


We are specialists in tailoring wildlife watching and especially cat watching safari holidays all over the world. We have spent many years travelling the world searching for the best locations to see rare and elusive cat species and none is rarer than the endemic Iberian lynx. Once ranging throughout the whole of the Iberian peninsula the sight of Iberian lynx hunting rabbits on the open scrubland would have been a pretty regular sight. However habitat destruction and hunting took its toll on their numbers and the species was feared to be heading swiftly towards extinction. Most people who came to the south of Spain to try and spot one of the last Iberian lynx travelled to Coto Donana for a sighting; but as many tour operators were taking people there and struggling to see the lynx we had experts scouting out other areas and we started to hear rumours that lynx were being seen more and more. So after carefully researching the area known as Sierra de Andujar Natural Park we came to the conclusion that this is indeed the best place to see the Iberian lynx and as it happens this population is marking a large recovery in their numbers. So as well as arranging tours to see this rare cat we are also experts at tailoring bird watching holidays all over Spain and especially the very rich region of Andalucia. On the below itinerary we have an unrivalled 80% success rate in seeing and getting good views of Iberian lynx. One of the reasons why our lynx safaris are unique is that our background (as a company) is from a scientific and zoological standpoint and so have a great network of colleagues and contacts all over the world who are the people on the front line in search of the best new locations for lynx watching in the wild. All of these reasons and many more make us experts in arranging and guiding big cat safaris and are able to tailor a cat watching safari to any location that you request. All you have to do is to get in touch with your budget and your group size and where you would like to go to try and find wild species of cats.

Price Includes:

Everything mentioned in the itinerary is included. Including three meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) where mentioned. There will be bottled water (approx 1ltr) available for each guest each day. We have our own private air conditioned vehicles with an excellent local driver for all transfers. We include internal flights where ever possible on all our cat watching safaris. We use two brilliant guides; first a professional zoologist or local English speaking local biologist and a driver for all transfers. Your zoologist or naturalist escort is an expert in wild cat biology and behaviour and will be able to help you identify the different species as well as interpret you what behaviours you are seeing. Your zoologist (please check the availability of the zoologist for this tour when enquiring) escort has spent time studying and working with big cats all over the world and he has experience tracking down big cats from 4 continents. We also use local expert guides with decades of experience on all our Spain wildlife watching holidays. Our guide for this tour is Jose Luis who is one of the most well regarded bird and mammal watching guide in all of Spain. As with all of our tour we also include all vehicle safaris, guided walks, park entrance fees and sightseeing entrance fees. We include more time spent in the field searching for lynx per day than any other tour operator around; only if you request to have a rest day will we not arrange trips into the parks and reserves and other wildlife. A comprehensive species list (which states the relative chances of seeing animals based on past tours) is included in the pre-departure pack. There is also a reference book library available for your use throughout the trip as well as some documentaries on lynx which are available to watch throughout the tour.


Early March to late June and then again from late August to mid October. There is no real bad time to visit southern Spain and but we do not recommend travelling in the summer (July and August) as the heat can be very draining and the main lynx spotting is done in the open with no shade.

Why Choose this Tour:

• All of our lynx safaris are guided by a zoologist or a local biologist guides, drivers and also scientists or researchers where possible, this not only gives you numerous sets of trained eyes to find the animals but also gives you the chance to understand the behaviours and habits of the wildlife your watching.
• Our zoologist (where available) hat escorts all our wild cat safaris has great experience working with and studying big cats all over the world and has experience in tracking cats on 5 continents and big cats on all 4 continents that they live.
• The local biologist that we use as well or instead of our zoologist is an expert in the wildlife and ecosystem in Spain and have years of experience in knowing where, when and how to find wildlife including the elusive Iberian lynx here.
• We can offer you spotlighting tours of the surrounding areas (if local conditions allow) so that you can search for lynx and other nocturnal wildlife when they are more active.
• We can also bring thermal imaging and night vision equipment (on request) to also aid in finding the lynx after dark.
• We use camera traps (where available) which will increase the chances of getting close up pictures and movies of lynx and other rare nocturnal wildlife.
• We explore the Sierra de Andujar by vehicle and on foot, being on foot increases our chances of getting close up views of lynx and other wildlife including the wonderful variety of birds, reptiles and amphibians that inhabit this region.
• By joining one of our wildlife watching holidays you will have an overall wildlife experience as we are determined to showcase the other interesting wildlife of the areas we visit.
• We have explored all the areas we visit in depth and have found the best and most conveniently located accommodations to stay in whilst searching out lynx in isolated and remote places.
• The local guides that we use for our lynx and other Spanish tours have studied and help to conserve Spanish wildlife throughout the country and few people know the wildlife and their behaviours better than Jose Luis.
• All the above reasons give this our lynx tours of Spain a fantastic success rate (80%) of seeing wild lynx. We have an unrivalled network of experts and guides throughout Spain and we are experts at arranging independent tours and extensions to see other species as well as Iberian lynx like Spanish imperial eagle, Cantabrian brown bear, Iberian wolf, Eurasian otter, long-finned pilot whale, orca, Cuvier’s beaked whale, great bustard, lammergeier and hundreds other endangered, rare or endemic species throughout Spain’s plains, forests, mountains and seas. Whether it is the central Spanish plains, Andalucia, Straits of Gibraltar, Bay of Biscay or any of the other many wildlife watching locations you want to visit we can arrange it. Please inform us if you wish to receive more information about any of these locations and booking a lynx safari.
• Unlike many tour operators we are willing to run this tour for a single person (on request).


We have discovered that the best place to see wild Iberian lynx is the remote protected land of Sierra de Andujar and this is where the tour is based, we also visit some of the best bird watching locations around Andulcia as well and visiting Torcal which is a great place to see the endemic Iberian ibex.

Fitness Level:

The majority of the wildlife watching is all done from a vehicle (or a stationary position in the reserve) so any fitness level can participate. Any walking can be done at your leisure and there is no sustained walking involved. We do say that the temperatures can be hot during the middle of the day so be prepared for the heat.


When you book onto the tour we will send you a comprehensive pre-departure pack which will include a full packing list of recommended equipment; the equipment list will vary from tour to tour and from location to location so it is best to contact us or wait until you receive the pre-departure pack after booking.

Minimum Age: 16 Years Old

Hello. If you'd like to chat about this holiday or need help finding one we're very happy to help. Rosy & team.

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Departure information

This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Iberian Lynx watching holiday in Spain


In Spain (as with everywhere we go) we carefully choose accommodation, supplies and transportation that either minimises its effect on the environment or helps to contribute to its sustainable development. By choosing small, privately owned accommodation where possible we also look to only stay in truly eco-lodges that abide by basic and also pioneering methods of ecological sustainability. Where possible, we make sure that the lodges, camps and ranches that we use support local projects for the protection of the wildlife and local communities which rely on tourism as the principal source of income. We make sure that all the food consumed on the tour is locally sourced.
At the end of each we offset our carbon footprint (based on the number of tours we have completed and the number of passengers we have taken with us), with the Carbon Trust.

Wildlife Promise:

By bringing people here with a professional zoologist we aim to not just showcase the lynx and its natural environment in full but also to allow you to learn about the problems facing the lynx and other endangered European species in the area and how cutting edge research is countering the problems as well as showing you examples of success stories (such as the Iberian wolf). We also keep a record of all the lynx activity we see on each tour and record the environmental factors, this data is used by ourselves but also given to the researchers who work for SOS Lynx. All the information collected in invaluable as the knowledge of this lynx population very little understood. We also donate our pictures to the researchers to aid in their photo identification studies.


In all of our tours of Spain we stick to our policies that strive for continued environmental conservation ethics to be upheld by ourselves and all the local suppliers that we use. We look to employ as many local staff in our tours and in Spain we employ the services of local biologists. Our local guides are members of the Los Amigos de la laguna de La Janda. This area is a huge agricultural area in southern Cadiz province. It used to be one of the biggest lakes and wetlands in Europe but has since been drained in the last century. This environmental project hopes to recover a substantial piece of this land and return it to its natural state, which would inevitably lead to even more wildlife returning to this rich area. We also support projects which are looking into alternatives to the needless slaughter of birds by farmers. We spend much of our time searching for birds on private land and pay the farmers for the privilege, this then increases their revenue and farmers are beginning to be very happy to have birds on their land. We also encourage the purchasing of local handicrafts which are all created in a sustainable way and provide great unique souvenirs.

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