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Some of the most interesting parts of Spain aren’t found along the Costas, in the city centres or on island resorts. It’s inland, among the peaks of the Pyrenees and the Picos de Europa, in the Catalonia countryside, or the Altiplano de Granada in Andalucia. Our Spain holidays unlock traditional culture by bringing you into contact with local people happy to share their ways of life with you. Walking mountain landscapes with knowledgeable guides drawn from the same region, language or cookery lessons, and multi activity holidays where you stay in family-run guesthouses – this is Spain.

Our top Spain holidays

Altiplano de Granada activity holiday in Spain

From €457 to €665
8 days ex flights
Multi-activity family holiday in the Spanish Lake District

Spanish course & walking holiday, Picos de Europa, Spain

From €830
5 days ex flights
Walk and talk on this small group language holiday in Picos de Europa National Park
Small group2023: 2 Oct, 9 Oct, 16 Oct, 23 Oct, 30 Oct

Las Alpujarras walking holiday, Spain

From €1395
8 days ex flights
Guided walking holiday, Andalucia, with writer Chris Stewart
Small group2023: 21 Oct

Cooking and walking holiday, Spanish Pyrenees

From €1595
8 days ex flights
Gastronomy and beautiful walks in the Spanish Pyrenees.
Small group2024: 30 Apr, 9 Jul, 17 Oct

Wildlife and walking holiday in the Spanish Pyrenees

From €1595
8 days ex flights
A naturalists paradise in the heart of the Spanish Pyrenees
Small group2024: 28 May, 8 Jun, 28 Jun

Sierra de Aitana walking holidays in Andalucia, Spain

From £1399 to £2099
8 days inc UK flights
Magnificent trek with views over the sparkling Mediterranean
Small group2023: 22 Oct, 5 Nov, 2024: 7 Jan, 11 Feb, 25 Feb, 10 Mar, 24 Mar, 7 Apr, 21 Apr, 28 Apr, 26 May, 2 Jun, 15 Sep, 22 Sep, 6 Oct, 20 Oct, 3 Nov, 17 Nov, 8 Dec, 2025: 5 Jan, 9 Feb, 23 Feb, 9 Mar, 23 Mar, 6 Apr, 20 Apr, 27 Apr, 25 May, 1 Jun, 14 Sep, 21 Sep, 5 Oct, 19 Oct, 2 Nov, 16 Nov, 7 Dec

Catalonia family activity holiday, Spain

From €670 to €820
8 days ex flights
Family fun with scenic bike rides & adventure activities.

Luxury fitness holidays in Spain

From £1295 to £1595
7 days ex flights
Luxury holistic health fitness & wellness retreat Spain
Small group2023: 25 Oct, 2024: 21 Feb, 13 Mar, 3 Apr, 17 Apr, 1 May, 22 May, 11 Sep, 16 Oct, 23 Oct, 6 Nov

Catalonia self guided walking holidays

From €739 to €887
8 days ex flights
Self-guided walking holidays in Catalonia

More about our Spain holidays

Walking holidays in Spain

There are two immediate reasons why you’d want to go walking in Spain: great weather and great scenery. Seek shade in Mediterranean forests in Catalonia, hike between striking white villages in Andalucía, and wander the vivid green valleys of the Basque country. Take time in these special areas of Spain and many more reasons come to the surface once you zoom in on the region you’d like to explore. Only then will you realise that every part of Spain has its own local identity, every town has a specialty, and every region runs on its own calendar of festivals.

Cycling holidays in Spain

When each village has a different specialty, what better way to see Spain than to cycle? Pedal between settlements, stopping for a well-earned lunch every day. There are quiet roads and well-established cycle paths, and – whether you’re freewheeling through orange groves or tackling a summit – it’s a great landscape to take in from two wheels. Cycling holidays might go through wetlands in Alicante, coastal forest in Catalonia, or overtake walkers on the Camino de Santiago. In central Spain, you only have to go a little way out of Madrid to find yourself cycling in some really wild Castilian countryside.

Family holidays in Spain

When the water is this warm and the weather this sunny, there’s no question that family holidays will be an instant hit with your little ones if you take them to Spain. If your kids love splashing around, activity holidays in Andalucía, a villa in Lanzarote, or a trip to Catalonia’s Costa Brava will suit them, whilst older teens will enjoy the great outdoors in the Spanish Pyrenees or the Picos Mountains, or tackling some more rugged Catalan terrain on a mountain bike. Spanish food is delicious and kid-friendly, and paella and tapas are a great way to end the day.

Flight free holidays to Spain

Spain is well connected by rail, not just between cities, but with neighbouring France and Portugal too, meaning that a flight free holiday is perfectly possible. If you’re travelling from London, you could be in Spain 15 hours later, travelling via Paris or Lyon and changing train just before the French-Spanish border. We have a great team of travel experts and partners who can help if you are looking for your next flight free adventure, and they can help you with everything from itineraries to timings and bookings. Spain by train isn’t just doable, it’s highly enjoyable.

Types of tours & holidays in Spain

Seeing Spain in a small group gives you a ready-made social circle, and is especially great if you’re interested in learning and practising your Spanish. There are plenty of active ways to see the country. Walking holidays take advantage of the great weather and scenery, cycling holidays take you through quiet towns off the tourist trail and multi activity holidays give you a little bit of both, plus kayaking and paddle boarding. Adventure holidays in Spain aren’t just for the brave – they’re for the curious. You can learn Spanish, go horse riding, or even try a little winter walking.

Where to go on holiday in Spain

Spain’s best places highlight its diversity. Catalonia shows that Spain’s identity isn’t as simple as it seems – the Catalan language, cuisine and traditions distinguish this autonomous region, as does its famously pretty coastline. Andalucía’s Moorish architecture in the beautiful cities of Seville, Cordoba and Granada still points to its previous tenants – the Moors occupied large parts of Spain for centuries. Further north, Spain becomes greener, making the famous Camino de Santiago, which runs for 800km all the way from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port in France to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, if not a walk in the park, then a walk in the pastoral.
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