Antarctica semi-circumnavigation cruise

€23490excluding flights
4 Weeks
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33 Days Antarctic Semi-Circumnavigation Jan 14th Departs Ushuaia, Argentina & ends: Bluff, New Zealand Feb 17th Departs Bluff, New Zealand & ends: Ushuaia, Argentina Inc helicopter excursions Lloyds 1a ice strengthened expedition ship
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€23490excluding flights
33 Days Antarctic Semi-Circumnavigation Jan 14th Departs Ushuaia, Argentina & ends: Bluff, New Zealand Feb 17th Departs Bluff, New Zealand & ends: Ushuaia, Argentina Inc helicopter excursions Lloyds 1a ice strengthened expedition ship
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Antarctica adventure
No one tells you that penguin colonies smell. They smell so much, you can smell them even before you reach the shore. It’s not the first thing you’ll ...
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Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) holiday so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


Our Antarctic expedition ships are smaller, less imposing on the polar landscape than the bigger cruise ships. Group landings by zodiac are more easily managed and a low ratio of leaders to passengers provides a personalised, added value experience. Your onboard natural history experts, through guided walks and evening talks, reveal the wonders of Antarctic scenery and wildlife. In this way you will be introduced to some of the local and global conservation issues which this fragile habitat faces.

Our expedition trips are made under full membership of the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators (IAATO) and as such abide by their strict codes of conduct. Encounters with all wildlife are controlled by strict responsible codes of conduct.

On our Antarctic Peninsula expeditions we are committed to the conservation of the places we visit. Conservation donations to environmental conservation programs include bird protection projects (i.e. Save the Albatross campaign) researching by the catching of seabirds in fisheries.

In a global context our company has its origin and heritage in marine and environmental science, research and rainforest conservation. Our team consists of marine and environmental scientists, conservation experts, professional wilderness guides, diving instructors and yachtmasters.

We are committed to being Carbon and Biodiversity Positive and work closely with our partners including Rainforest Concern and the Rainforest Trust towards this objective. Your travel with us helps to pay for the permanent protection of rainforest, areas which without protection are likely to be felled for timber and burned to make way for cattle, palm oil and other agro-uses.

Over the past few years projects have included: Peru, where Aqua-Firma committed to fund the creation of a 10,000 acre protected forest reserve within a 5.9 million acre of national park, national reserve and 57 community owned territories in Amazonian Peru. We have also been contributing to the development of a rainforest corridor in the Choco-Andean cloud forests of Ecuador - an area where a rare carnivore called the Olinguito, new to science in 2016, is anticipated to survive.

In Madagascar we funded 1,000 acres out of 76,000 acres of new rainforest reserve, where the Golden Mantella Frog, once considered extinct, survives; alongside Madagascar's largest surviving lemur, the Indri. We continue to support this project with ecotourism development, reforestation and sustainable farming projects.

In view of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we have been contributing to Rainforest Concern's efforts to increase self-sufficiency and protective equipment for indigenous people in Amazonian Colombia and the Xingu region of Brazil. These people are guardians of rainforest, at the often dangerous frontline in preventing rainforest destruction.

Our next target will be the protection of 4,412 acres of rainforest in southwestern fringes of the Amazon.


The areas we visit throughout Antarctica and the Sub-Antarctic region have no permanent population other than the researchers who reside seasonally or overwinter at bases in the Peninsula and the Antarctic Islands.

There is a good rapport between such station staff and our small expedition ships, we bring passengers to appreciate their work, offer company and discussion and also bring their otherwise underused cash to uniquely spend on what service or souvenir they offer. Where possible scientist and those stationed in Antarctica enjoy free lifts transport from regular tourist ships.

Many of our voyages start and end in Ushuaia, Argentina. This is a Town that relies heavily on tourism for its economy: locally owned restaurants, municipal museums and a network of local companies who operate day excursions into the nearby Tierra del Fuego. We offer locally owned and operated boutique hotels and excursions through local partners in Ushuaia, investing back into the economy.

Onboard these vessels is fostered a strong sense of community for the duration of the trip and which often continues long after it ahs finished. The passengers, ship crew, guides and hotel staff can be attracted to the expedition from every nation in appreciation of the last great wilderness and create mutal understanding, tolerance and lasting friendships across the globe.

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