Camp Leakey and Tanjung Puting NP tour, 4 days

“Sleep aboard a traditional wooden river boat and learn about orangutan rehabilitation and research on this three night excursion into the heart of Tanjung Putting National Park”


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Description of Camp Leakey and Tanjung Puting NP tour, 4 days

This 3-night tour takes you into the heart of Tanjung Puting National Park and to Camp Leakey, the renowned orangutan rehabilitation and research centre. Along the way you are accompanied by an English speaking guide who will assist you throughout your tour, plus the knowledgeable rangers at Camp Leakey who will guide you through the camp and introduce you to their work and the orangutans.

Tanjung Puting National Park is made up of over 400,00ha of mangrove swamp, rainforest and dense jungle and is home to thousands of species including primates, leopards, lizards and hundreds of species of birds.

Your accommodation is on board a traditional wooden river boat designed to navigate the waters of Indonesia and known as a Klotok for the noise the engine it makes as it moves downriver - ‘klok tok tok tok’. Facilities include a cabin with a mattress and mosquito net and a bathroom with western style toilet (not en suite). The roof of the boat forms the upper deck and is the best place from which to experience the views. These are not luxury yachts, but they are an unforgettable way to experience and explore the jungles and waterways up close.

An on board cook will prepare your breakfast, lunch and dinner leaving you plenty of time to soak in the incredible flora, fauna and jungle sounds as you make your way down the river.

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Departure information

This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Camp Leakey and Tanjung Puting NP tour, 4 days


Camp Leakey is an active research facility which is dedicated to protecting and conserving its resident orangutans and the rainforest which has been destroyed by deforestation and palm oil plantations. The tourism activities here are controlled and run by local guides and local communities who understand that it is imperative that the orangutans and their environment are protected. By taking the 4 day Camp Leakey trip, you are helping to protect the work of the Orangutan Sanctuary through your entry fee and by purchasing any souvenirs while you are there.

While visiting the camp you will be given a full briefing about their work and you will be able to see the researchers in the field, however we do ask that you don't interfere with them and that you respect the wild animals in their natural environment to limit unnecessary contact with humans and allow them to continue their rehabilitation process without interruption. Educating the local community and tourists who visit the centre is an important part of the work the camp is undertaking to ensure that these wonderful animals come off the 'highly endangered' list where they currently are.


We only work with responsible ground agents, and in Indonesia our Ground Agents live and work in the country. They have fully committed to ‘giving back’ to ensure an improving quality of life for their local communities. They provide local villages with the tools to help improve education along with social services, assistance programs and structural developments, although any building work is carefully considered to minimise its impact on the natural environment.

They also support local charities and focus in particular on the R.O.L.E foundation in Indonesia. R.O.L.E focuses on empowering underprivileged women by giving them the education, skills and job opportunities they need to create a living. They do this through sending them on a subsidised training courses which include learning English, women’s health, IT and hospitality focused kills, or creating small, sustainable businesses which benefit the local communities and the women who run them.

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