Family tour of Jordan

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Family tour of Jordan


One of the highlights of the tour is a visit to the protected area of Wadi Rum. It is a perfect playground for children to run around in and roll of sand dunes or try out sand surfing.

Entry tickets to Wadi Rum are included in your program and these include conservation fees. By visiting Wadi Rum your children learn to appreciate the silence of the desert and you contribute to conserve this amazing desert.

A major conservation program is on the way to tackle some challenging environmental problems. To contribute our local guides and drivers ask you kindly to follow the rules and regulations and do all you can to respect the site and its people. This includes leaving no waste behind and this doesn't just go for Wadi Rum but for all the sights you visit during your holiday in Jordan.

Another highlight is your visit to Petra. Petra is a very big sight to explore. To make it more fun for the children they can ride horses, camels and donkeys. Giving a unique feeling to the sight. Also for Petra the entry tickets are included and they include conservation and restoration fees. A lot of Petra is yet to be discovered, by visiting you help conserving and restoring this immense sight to its beauty.

Especially in Petra you will find children trying to sell rocks in the most beautiful colours. We ask you not to buy from them so children won't be encouraged to look for more and unintentionally damage the sight.

We ask all our guests to limit their water use. This can be done by taking short showers and not letting the water run unnecessary. Jordan doesn't has a lot of water and even the locals are often on a ration. So trying to limit your water use as much as you can is highly appreciated in Jordan. Also make sure not to let any waste behind you wherever you go, our guides and drivers are aware of these guidelines and all are instructed to make sure people follow up on this. It is also expected from our guests to handle the sights with care and not to damage them.

Note that as much as possible we use locally owned hotels. We strive to book you hotels around Jordan that are located close to the sites & restaurants and so minimise the needed transfers.

Also at our office we try to limit the use of paper as much as we can by making reservations via email instead of via fax.


You will be meeting some real local Bedouins on your desert experience in Wadi Rum, they will guide you and show you the most impressive places of the desert. It is a great experience for you and your children to learn from other cultures. This is why we mainly use locals for the services you book. Hotels, your driver, guides etc most of them will be locals. Of course your driver and local guides all speak English. You will tour Jordan together with your English speaking driver and a private a/c car.

With us you get to experience the famous Jordanian hospitality at its best in a responsible way.

By your visit to Jordan you will be contributing to a fair income to several local families. Keeping them happy with a good payment will ensure they go out of their way to give you your dream family holiday you and your children deserve.

When out of the hotel, try to cover your shoulders and knees with clothes. By respecting the culture in Jordan people will give you an even bigger welcome and will go out of their way to make you happy.

Depending on your preferences as a familynwe discuss which hotels will be included in your tour. From (small) locally owned hotels to big chain hotels it depends on you and the wishes of your children. Locally owned hotels often have a heartwarming welcome and guests feel at home here. By choosing this option you help support the local community. If you prefer a big chain hotel with a bit more luxury such as a pool to swim in etc this is no problem either. Big chain hotels have many locals employed and by giving them a small extra tip you help the community too. Plus many of the big chain hotels have environmental projects such as reducing water usage etc.

There are a lot of cheap souvenirs sold in Jordan, however most of them are brought in from abroad. We recommend our clients to buy from shops that support local artists. In Petra there is a shop called handmade in Jordan, this shop ensures people are given a fair compensation for their hard work and creativity. Other options are Souk Jara in Amman, taking place every Friday during summer. Or Souk by the Sea in Aqaba during winter. Both markets sell beautiful local crafts and have a lot of great souvenirs to offer to your children. By buying from the local artists you support even more local families, making your dream holiday their dream visit.

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