Bulgaria self-guided walking holiday

“An eight day, tailor made independent walking holiday on some challenging hiking routes in the Rila and Pirin Mountains. Airport transfers and luggage transfers between accommodation as you hike. ”


Hiking in Rila and Pirin Mountains, Bulgaria | Govedartsi village | Ascent of Mount Musala (2925m) | Cirque of the Seven Rila Lakes | Rila Monastery | Hike to Polezhan Summit (2851m) | Cirque of the Banderishki Lakes | Todorini Ochi Lakes | Yulen Nature Reserve | Ascent of Mount Vihren (2,914 m)

Description of Bulgaria self-guided walking holiday

This Bulgaria self-guided walking holiday is perfect for keen and experienced hikers who are ever on the lookout for new challenges. This eight day, tailor made trip takes you into the heart of and indeed to the top of Bulgaria’s Rila and Pirin Mountains, with spectacular routes that take in dramatic ridges, alpine meadows and Cirques of glacial lakes, such as Seven Rila and Banderishki.

There are two summit highlights on this walking holiday: Mount Musala (2925m), the highest peak in the Rila Mountains and also Mount Vihren (2,914 m), the peak of the Pirins. These ascents are for experienced hikers only, with a good level of fitness and an ability to cope with changeable mountain conditions, although you don’t need any technical climbing skills. There may even still be some snow on high ground as late as June and July.

We arrange all your accommodation for you and your luggage transfers as you hike from one location to the next, meaning that you only need your daypack. We work with a number of responsible, family run accommodation providers throughout the mountain regions and can talk you through all your options, depending on the hikes that you wish to take on.

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Departure information

This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Bulgaria self-guided walking holiday


- We always encourage our tourists to learn about the vital ecosystems in Bulgaria and to follow some of the projects of our partners – WWF Danube-Carpathian Program and BALKANI Wildlife Society before arriving to the country.
- Transport – thinking about the reducing the carbon emissions during your travel, starts at home. You may also consider donation for offsetting your flight carbon emissions. While in Bulgaria we always use vehicles with low carbon emissions.
- Save paper – try to gather as much information possible online and print trip information sparingly. Only order the brochures you really need.
- All our guides demonstrate environmentally protecting behavior and are inducing such behavior as a standard for the whole group.
- Your guide will provide you with general guidelines, involving staying on trails, maintaining set distances away from wildlife, and not encouraging drivers to move too close to wildlife, even if it is tempting for getting a better picture. Do not buy any animal products while travelling. Do not remove any objects, plants or animal products from nature.
- All our tours and actions comply with local and international environmental conventions and laws.
- During our wildlife observation tours we never approach to a close distance nesting sites, night roosts, endangered species and always try to set as less as possible pressure to the environment.
- Our guides and groups will never leave litter behind.
- During our wildlife observation tours we meet you with local environmentalists and pay a visit to conservation centers, where you can donate directly to a nature protection project.
- Of course, following eco-practices and socially established norms is not enough. That is why besides our responsible travel policy, we have our environmental protection initiatives, to which we are zealously committed, so we know that we are also giving back. We make donations or directly help our partners WWF Bulgaria – The Danube Carpathian Program and BALKANI Wildlife Society in their work for wetland restoration and mitigation of the conflict between large carnivores and humans.


- We believe that we will achieve our aims far more effectively if we involve local people and organisations wherever possible.
- We strive to recruit local people in both office and field positions wherever possible. These members of staff are trained by us and receive the same remuneration as “foreigners” doing the same job.
- Wherever possible supplies and equipment are purchased locally.
- Small, family-run establishments make up a high percentage of the accommodation we use where it is practical. Almost 100% of such accommodations are used in our wildlife observation tours.
- Although generally more basic, homestays provide an invaluable insight into the local lifestyle.
- We endeavour to work with enterprises that treat both the traveller and the local community in a fair and just manner.
- By recruiting locals we always try not only to capitalize the natural and cultural assets of an area, but also to build their pride of what they can offer as unique product.
- Our guides always act as an example of how to behave and what is appropriate. They will inform you to what the locals are sensitive and how to respect their wealth of traditions.

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