Northern Albania walking holiday

“A little known but superb walking destination, northern Albania has vast lakes, tall peaks and tiny villages, revealed on this small group break.”


Small group guided walking | Tour leaders | Local guides and drivers | Tirana | Shkodër | Lake Koman | River journey towards Albanian Alps | Valbonë Valley | Bori Pass on border with Montenegro | Thethi | Theth National Park | Trek to Thore Pass along Kaprea Creek | Nderlysa Pools | Krujë

Description of Northern Albania walking holiday

This Northern Albania walking holiday explores this wild and undiscovered pocket of Europe on foot. The Albanian Alps, also known locally as the Accursed Mountains, tower over a landscape of valleys, lakes and limestone gorges – walking in this wild and sparsely populated region feels like a true adventure.

This eight day walking holiday begins in Shkodër, one of Europe’s most historic cities, before heading to the vast and beautiful Lake Koman, in the Valbonë Valley. Take a boat cruise here to fully appreciate the canyons and narrow passageways that flank the lake, looking a lot like the Norwegian fjords.

Enjoy hikes that follow little used trails to pretty mountain villages and lead up to the dramatic Bori and Valbonë passes. These hiking routes wind through pristine and beautiful landscapes, surrounded by some of the best scenery in Albania, including Theth National Park. After years as a forgotten pocket of the Mediterranean, Albania is now opening up to visitors, and this walking adventure is a wonderful way to explore its dramatic landscapes and gain an insight into local life little changed in centuries.

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Northern Albania walking holiday


We have a strict environmental policy to make sure that the environments we visit are not damaged in any way. Our “Leave No Trace” ethic is applied to each one of our trips, and as a responsible tour operator, it is something we are careful and steadfast about promoting. Each one of our guides are trained to uphold, promote and put into practice such responsible behaviour, especially in wilderness areas or whilst traveling to UNESCO heritage sites, which this Japan trip does do. We attempt to reduce plastic bottle use wherever possible by promoting use of reusable bottles. We understand this is not always possible in countries where tap water is not safe to drink.

By keeping the group size to a maximum of 12, we can also minimise the human impact on the fragile sites and ecosystems we visit. In addition, walking through the mountains of Albania reduces our environmental impact upon the landscape as we use a knowledgeable guide.

We attempt to reduce plastic bottle use wherever possible by promoting use of reusable and filtered water bottles. Our partnership with Water-To-Go provides a discount on filtered water bottles to our clients. We do not provide water from plastic bottles to our clients in country but always ensure there is regular access to drinking water on our tours.

We are promoting the natural beauty and ancient heritage of Albania through visiting the Protected Historic Centre of Theth and Theth National Park. Visiting such sites helps sustain the traditions and natural ecosystems of Albani.

When you take one of our tours, me make a contribution to ‘Carbon Clear’ – an organisation devoted to ‘offsetting’ or ‘neutralising’ harmful greenhouse gas emissions caused by your flights. This is done by funding projects across the world that will reduce greenhouse gases on our behalf through sustainable energy or rain forestation.


Responsible travel and sustainable tourism are fundamental ideas that we have been committed to since our conception. It is part of our core sets of beliefs that these words are not simply scattered nonchalantly into our literature and on our website but moreover that they are central to each and every trip.

Our adventures are carefully curated celebrating all that is local from the people, to the culture. We believe that a successful trip delivers a unique and authentic journey for our clients, but furthermore benefits the people whose land we have the privilege of encountering.

On each group tour we use local ground handlers. This means that all operational costs go directly into the local economy and help improve employment opportunities in remote regions. Such support can also be seen in our incorporation of homestays, locally owned hotels, family run restaurants and the services of local guides and drivers into our itineraries, which ensures that the money you spend with us goes directly into the local economy and local community.

In conjunction with our local partners in Albania, we have been supporting local families in the region by arranging for them to supply our groups with picnic lunches or more substantial meals in their gardens.

On this particular tour, we will be staying in locally owned guesthouses in the mountain villages of Thethi and Nderlysaj. Thethi is a protected site as it is the most well-preserved alpine village in Albania. Staying here ensures not only contributes to the local economy but ensures the traditional way of life is preserved in this fascinating town.

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