Greece cultural holiday

“An 8 day, cultural tour of Greece, from Athens to Monemvasia via ancient ruins, magnificent landscapes and medieval castles.”


Athens | Mycenae | Nafplio | Bassae | Kalamata | Ancient Olympia | Sparta | Monemvasia | Mystras | Mantineia wine tour | Capsia Cave

Description of Greece cultural holiday

In ancient Greece all forms of art and science blossomed, but the modern world owes much to the Byzantine Greeks as well, often said to the bridge between the ancient world and modern times. This cultural tour combines the best of both, from the marvellous ruins of Ancient Greece to the beautiful medieval towns of Byzantine Greece.

The historic capital of Europe, Athens is a beloved destinations for historians, art lovers and anyone interested in architecture and archaeology. The magnificent Acropolis hill, site of the Parthenon, is one of the remaining wonders of the ancient world. Exploring the ancient citadel with an experienced local guide, who will lead you through its history and offer insights on the different important sights, is essential. But Athens isn't confined to the pages of a history book, as you will discover during your stay here. Modern Athens is just as fantastic a place to see, and we will spend some time in the up and coming neighbourhoods, visit the vibrant Flisvos Marina and enjoy some home cooking in one of the local tavernas before we head on to see more of Greece.

Our cultural journey takes us from the Acropolis to Mycenae and Epidaurus, where we will see the best preserved ancient theatre in Greece, then the temple of Apollo Epicurius and the ancient state of Olympia. We also visit the Byzantine town of Mystras and the medieval castle-town of Monemvasia, Nafplio and the Kalograion Monastery, and take in some of the unforgettable Greek landscapes.

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Departure information

This trip can be booked between April and October

Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your holiday will help support conservation and local people.

During this tour we follow the principles of "No Trace Travel", meaning that:
- we choose our meals' stops carefully,
- we use tap water, wherever possible, and fill each time our bottles, avoiding buy plastic water bottles of one-use,
- we suggest our visitors to buy food and delicacies with minimal packaging to reduce plastic waste.
Usually, most places we pass through, have recycling options, so we encourage everyone to use them for specific items. When this is not possible, we carry back all rubbish at the hotel and throw them in the waste bins.
In this trip we visit the Southern Greece, passing through the slopes of the Taygetos Mount. Taygetos, «the male Greek mountain» as they call it, is the highest mountain range in the mainland Southern Greece. Its presence has a great importance for the ecology of the whole Peloponnese.
The imposing mountain, because of its geographical position, is a passage for migratory birds. Also its slopes include over 100 endemic plants and a rich variety of mushrooms. Its mountainous areas are covered by many coniferous forests. Dominant trees is the famous fir species of Kefalonia, as well as the black pine.
Passing by car close to the imposing range, we stop to admire the beautiful scenery and to take unforgettable photos. This is a great opportunity for us to show our respect to the protected environment.
We do not smoke. We do not throw away garbage. We do not cut branches from trees.
A large part of the mountain has been burned some years ago. Since then the forest is trying to be reborn.
Tourism has the capacity to have a great impact on the whole planet and on the environment as well.
Our goal is to make this impact as positive as possible!

The Impacts of this Trip

The philosophy behind all our trips is : we care - we share - we love!
The meaning is that our tours focus on nature and the environment, on people and their culture.
That's why we prefer family tavernes and restaurants, where the local owners cook with goods from the agricultural and livestock production of their region.
We select local suppliers that have the same vision with us, meaning to reduce the environmental impact of tourism and preserve local surroundings.
We select local guides and craftsmen to ensure that we help the local economy.
Our guides are able to offer an insight into the local culture and guide the visitors to unique and less known areas.
In this tour, we visit a family olive oil factory and meet the owner, who will show us all about his work and production. We also visit a family winery on the outskirts of Monemvasia, where we will have a tour and learn about the beautiful moments, but also the problems of winemaking all over the region of Monemvasia.
We care about all the Peloponnesian communities we visit in this tour, so we recommend local handicraft shops to our travelers so that their holiday spending contributes to the economic development of the region.
We try to share with our guests the information needed, so that they can understand the communities they are visiting, and create valuable opportunities for them to mingle and exchange thoughts with local people.
This is the way to be a traveler, not a tourist !!!
This is the right way to travel !


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