Mexico sea kayaking holiday

Discover an iconic destination for sea kayaking in Espiritu Santo. Adventures await on a UNESCO Site and National Park island where you’ll camp on beaches and encounter amazing marine life.
La Paz Motor boat to Espiritu Santo Sea kayaking Isla Partida Ensenada Grande Sea lion colony Snorkeling Beach camping
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Description of Mexico sea kayaking holiday

Whether it’s your first time gripping a paddle or you’re an old hand, this Mexico sea kayaking holiday will convince you there’s no better place to be than on the water. For the beginner, complete instruction and guidance is provided from experienced professionals, while for more advanced sea kayakers there is the thrill of exploring the island of Espiritu Santo, just off the coast of La Paz. A UNESCO Biosphere reserve, Espiritu Santo is a renowned ecotourism destination and probably one of the most desirable places on the planet for a sea kayaking expedition.

Explore the dramatic coastline, overlooked by volcanic cliffs and dotted with the nests of myriad seabirds; discover offshore islands with picturesque bays, and take a boat trip out to a noisy sea lion colony, where you’ll have the blissful experience of swimming with the young pups, and can snorkel among shoals of tropical fish. The colony is on the neighbouring Isla Partida, separated from Espiritu Santo by a narrow channel, and where you’ll camp beside a turquoise ‘natural swimming pool’.

In fact you’ll be camping amid majestic scenery every night, often on long strands of silvery beach in earshot of the lapping waves. Imagine waking up to this scenery every morning.

Other likely highlights of this trip: watching manta rays skip out of the sea, sipping margaritas with your fellow kayakers under a warm Baja sunset, and possibly even encountering dolphins as you paddle around the islands. This is one of those trips where you find yourself dreaming about booking a return visit even before you’ve left.


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£1450 excluding flights
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2022: 15 Oct, 19 Nov, 17 Dec, 30 Dec
2023: 7 Mar, 18 Mar, 1 Apr, 8 Apr, 15 Apr, 29 Apr

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Holiday information

We cater for both vegetarians and vegans.

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) holiday so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


Waste: We operate on a “Leave no trace basis” and endeavor to leave the beaches in a better condition than we find them by removing other people’s rubbish and packing out all our waste.

Energy saving: We have an individual who is responsible for turning off all lights and computers at the end of each working day and checking that none of the taps on the premises are left dripping.

Water saving: We encourage all our clients to bring their own sleeping bags so that we do not have to continually launder our supply. This encouragement is explained to our clients and a higher than usual rental fee helps to perturb people from using our bags. A massive dunk tank (rather than running water supply) is used for rinsing all our gear to avoid water wastage.

Advising travellers to reduce impact: Clients receive a thorough briefing on our leave no trace policy and this in itself emboldens our guests to act as conscientious users in our area of operation. It is received as a positive aspect of their experience rather than ‘extra work’ as our guides go to some length to diplomatically explain the need to preserve our environment.

Purchasing policy: One of the bigger impacts of the marine life is people using non-biodegradable detergents and creams so we encourage people to purchase biodegradable sun cream in our office. We always try and source biodegradable washing detergents for the dishes.

Conservation & education: We educate our clients about the rules and regulations of the national parks and conservation projects. Part of the trip fee includes the park fees so that people ‘inescapably’ contribute to the environmental department – this raises thousands of dollars to help with both conservation of land areas and marine species in Baja.

Office practice: From day one of the internet web sites we stopped producing brochures and pamphlets. Our booking form has been on-line for many years and we recycle all used paper where possible. Our purpose-built office was designed for maximum air-flow, light (and shade) to reduce energy use while ensuring the most comfortable and enjoyable working conditions for our staff.


Local staff: All our staff are paid above the industry standard in Mexico and all bar one woman are hired locally – (we contract one female guide from Canada who has a Mexican work visa because it is hard for us to find enough female guiding expertise for our women’s only trip. This individual is planning to live permanently in Mexico).

Local purchasing policy: We shop locally where possible and much of our menu is created around locally produced meals such as home-made Tamales and locally sourced sea food.

Charity donations: We organize the gathering and distribution of clothes and other essential items to poor areas of Baja California Sur particularly following natural disasters – hurricanes etc.

Community projects: Voluntary beach cleans, educational courses for local schools relating to environmental protection and supporting local government conservation efforts to preserve Isla Espiritu Santo (national park). The latter work involves many hours of work on a monthly basis including strategic meetings to collaborate with ideas and projects to minimize the impact of tourism in this region.

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