Mauritius holiday, support and empower local women

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Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your holiday will help support conservation and local people.

All of our tours and excursions are non-motorized, proposing eco-conscious alternatives to commercial boat trips and day-tours by car; we bring our travelers on offbeat adventures to discover Mauritius' secret gems by sea-kayaking, mountain biking, walking tours and hikes.

This itinerary includes 2 full days of exploration on electric bikes. This will help you cover a long distance with several GEMS while preserving this area CO2-free.

Our tours and excursions happen either in exclusivity or in small groups of
maximum 6 people, to minimize the impact on the environment while maximizing safety and interaction with local guides.

We are committed to defend animal welfare, discarding activities that deprive animals from their natural rights or are invasive to their natural habitats, such as:
- the walk with lions and the crocodile park
- the overcrowded "swim with dolphins"
- the underwater walk and submarine, which damage greatly the coral reef

Our hikes & treks excursions include individual cleaning kits (in collaboration with "My Green Trip" NGO) for travelers to proactively help us clean-up debris left behind in nature. When possible, the collected trash is deposited in the segregated bins of "Mission Verte" local NGO for recycling purposes.

We promote in all our packages the use of biodegradable and reef-friendly sunscreens, to protect the corals while you enjoy your day at the beach.

All of our nature-based excursions aim to raise awareness of the places' flora and fauna and its relevance to the natural and social environments.

You will take part in at least one litter clean-up while discovering some of the most beautiful landscapes of Mauritius (Le Pouce).

Through your visit to Ile aux Aigrettes you support the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation to protect and repopulate the island with Mauritius endemic fauna and flora.

The Impacts of this Trip

The Lodges, activities, car rental guys, as well as the team of Mauritius Conscious, are all small & medium-size Mauritian companies that are led & run by women: A 100% of your travel money is invested in the hosting community.

We are committed to offer authentic holiday products with a direct link to Mauritian culture, heritage or history.

We support & empower small to medium businesses, set up independently and run by the local community, such as the two family-run Guest Houses and the two locally owned Eco-Lodges in this itinerary.

All of our tours and excursions are led by certified and licensed local guides from the areas visited.

Our proposed tours and excursions leak financially to the local community,
creating jobs or alternative revenue streams for those who need it most (such as the Geet Gawai rehearsal).

Travelers are advised, before their cultural immersions, of the cultural norms, dress codes and formalities to follow to act respectfully within places of worship or ethnic minorities.

Our itinerary includes a the stay in a small village (Guest House on the West) to buy authentic and handmade souvenirs, eco-conscious crafts and fair-trade products.

You are empowering directly women-led companies that leaks money from their cultural tours to those locals who need it most. In this itinerary, you'll be exploring the Mauritian cuisine & cultural immersion on a historical & street-food excursion.

Our local team will be in touch with you via WhatsApp to advise you on our favorite family-run Restaurants to eat authentic Mauritian meals, as well as farms and markets to buy local organic produce.


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