Annapurna Circuit and Tilicho Lake trekking holiday

“Trek through one of Nepal's friendliest and most biodiverse regions, where the Annapurna Massif shimmers reflectively in the high altitude waters of Tilicho Lake.”


Kathmandu | Pokhara | Tilicho Lake | Annapurna Massif | Marshyandi Valley | Manang | Muktinanth and temple | Exotic wildlife and flora | Throng-La Pass

Description of Annapurna Circuit and Tilicho Lake trekking holiday

This is one of Nepal's most attractive regions, renowned for the hospitality of its fascinating inhabitants. Its geographical position also underpins one of the country's richest array of flora and fauna - white capped river chat, brown dipper, white-breasted kingfisher, butterfly, barking deer, rhododendron forest and myriad orchid species.

At its heart is the breathtaking Tilicho Lake – 4150m up, at the base of the Great Barrier glacier system – which offers excellent views of the Annapurna massif reflected in its cool waters.

Your treks begin in the unique lowlands of Marshyandi Valley before climbing steadily towards the sky to reach the snowy Throng-La Pass at 5416m. You'll pass through the remote Manang and Tilicho regions to reach Muktinanth, a holy spot whose famous temple is a shrine for both Hindu and Buddhist devotees.

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This holiday is operated by a company based in the holiday destination and they will be able to provide expert local knowledge. They will be able to tailor make your holiday to suit your requirements not only concerning the dates of travel but also typically the standard of accommodation, and thus price. It is rare for local operators to be able to help with the booking of your flights.

Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your holiday will help support conservation and local people.

Our trekking company is wholly committed to responsible tourism. On our treks & tours, tourism helps improve the standard of living for the local people by generating income for the local community through purchasing of local products such as fresh fruits, handloom products, meat, drinks, and fresh vegetables and providing job opportunities.

We employ well-trained & experienced local guides and hire local porters whose load limit is 20-25kg. Our guides will give a briefing about responsible tourism e.g. rubbish disposal, giving food scraps to domestic animals, paying the porters to carry out trash, using a fire pit when camping, not picking flowers, using kerosene instead of firewood, avoiding bathing/washing clothes in streams, using local tea houses or camping sites. In addition the small group size of 4-10 people helps to minimise the impact on the environment.

On this trek, we stay at local lodges/tea-houses operated by local people such as Himalayan Panorama lodge, Mountain views lodge and Tilicho lodge. These lodges manage garbage properly, use gas for cooking and solar energy facilitated.

Our trekking company supports a local school & health post by financial donations and educational and medical materials. We also support the Kavresthali Women society with financial donations which provides goat farming and adult literacy for women. On this trip, our guests will have the opportunity to give donations to these causes, and visit the Annapurna conservation project to explore the activities of environment protection system in this region. This project plays vital role to protect environment and development community of this region. Visitors can share a moment with the project and see how it is moving ahead for the preservation of nature and culture in this region. Visiting Manang School, visitors can learn about the educational activities of Mongolian students and also can support them by contributing educational materials such as copies, art books, pencils, and sports goods.

3 Reviews of Annapurna Circuit and Tilicho Lake trekking holiday

3 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on 16 Mar 2013 by

1. What was the most memorable or exciting part of your holiday?

Getting on top of Thorung La Pass and the excitement, adrenaline pumping, amazing feeling. But the most memorable was meeting local people in the paradise that is Nepal.

2. What tips would you give other travellers booking this holiday?

Just make sure you make a little research on what you're going to see before setting off for the trek.

3. Did you feel that your holiday benefited local people, reduced environmental impacts or supported conservation?

I hope the fees we pay go to conservation of those incredible mountains. As for local people, they run business to give service to tourist. The key is sustainable development...

4. Finally, how would you rate your holiday overall?

It was incredible, amazing, breathtaking. Simply spectacular. Totally worth it, Nepal is a paradise, and its people are a big part of the good feeling you get there.

Reviewed on 15 Mar 2013 by

I returned last week following my 17 day A.C trek and thought it might be useful to share some thoughts of the trip for the benefit of people who might be considering the trek and using this operator.

I needed to be back in the UK at the start of March and chose this operator as reviews on various for them were positive and I was impressed with how promptly the operator always replied to my emails.

Whilst I had not thought I would be trekking alone (+ guide and porter) I did so and in fairness was more than happy as it enabled me to go more at my speed than influenced by others and meant not having to share a room with someone who I might not have got on with etc (or vice versa!)

My guide Krishna and porter Ali were helpful throughout with Ali never saying a negative word about my kit bag he was carrying and Krishna being especially on the early morning ascent to Thorong La Pass. He sensibly walked 40/50 paces then stopped for 30 seconds and then on again etc. At that altitude the pace was just right and we made it to the top in wonderful snowy conditions with clear blue skies at 8.30 am – a great memory to have.

Walking days after the pass were shorter which I found a little frustrating (Muktinanth to Kagbeni and Kagbeni to Jomsom) as there was not much to do in most of the villages en route.

From Jomsom we intended to fly to Pokhara and although the morning was clear and bright there was too much wind and the flight was cancelled. “No problem” says Krishna “We’ll just take the bus”. “OK” I said and never gave it a thought...BIG mistake!

For the next 7 hours I endured the most petrifying bus journey I have ever experienced. Yes I was scared. Krishna never mentioned the road down the mountain would be similar to the new road from Bensisgar to Chame which we had seen whilst walking up the trail. A road is not the best way to describe the surface which in reality is a narrow very bumpy track with 400/500 ft drops to the river below for virtually the entire duration on the journey.

Please be warned that if you are of a nervous disposition then this bus trip is not for you! You will need to rethink your itinerary.

The hotel and food were all generally good (but take plenty of books as nothing to do in the evenings and be careful with ebooks as electricity not always available higher up in the mountains so recharging a problem) with 3 meals a day a surprisingly good choice although less so the further you go up but that there is anyone up there anyway to provide food and lodging is a big plus in itself.

I am happy to recommend trekkers to this operator (based in Kathmandu) and the views of the mountains from Manang and beyond were just stunning. However the new “road” from Bensisgar to Chance and that down the mountain from Jomsom do mean that in some parts you have to walk on the new road as this has replaced the former trekking trails. I have to say not ideal from a walking point of view but it back to the original trails after Chame which I was grateful for. I think there is a way to trek back down from Jomsom to Pokhara (35 mins as against 7 hours on a bus and that is only to Beni!)

Mid/late Feb was a great time to go. In the 17 days I must have seen no more than 30 trekkers including some who had turned back beyond Manang due to the depth of snow and the pass being blocked. Fortunately the Gods were with us as we got through in deep snow but glorious sunshine.

In conclusion a very satisfactory experience in Nepal although personally I wish I had visited 5 or 10 years ago as the country is changing (new roads, hotels etc) to accommodate tourists but you can’t blame the Nepalese for wanting to cash in on their assets of the glorious mountains and scenery.

Reviewed on 29 Aug 2013 by

1. What was the most memorable or exciting part of your holiday?

Achieving my goal of finishing the trek

2. What tips would you give other travellers booking this holiday?

Not to use this trekking company. I was not told this was the off season and I would not get to view the mountains which is a large part of the reason for
doing this trek and I was charged full price I was able to talk to other tourists who were given a much better price because they knew how much it was really worth because they had talked to other tourist. So I came away feeling very stupid for being so trusting.

3. Did you feel that your holiday benefited local people, reduced environmental impacts or supported conservation?

Due to being charged so much for my trek I was unable to afford to do much else.
I ws still expected to tip my guide and porter. I found out that they received a
fraction of the money I paid. I was was charged first rate for third rate accommodation. I could reccomend nepal as a trustworthy place to vist. It is
also highly polluted by its own people there is rubbish strewn all along the trek

4. Finally, how would you rate your holiday overall?

Nepal is a stunning country but it is being undermined by pollution and corruption. There seems to be an attitude that its ok to overcharge tourists because they are seen as rich by comparison. I saved a long time to do tjid as it's been a dream of mine but I came away feeling cheated

Read the operator's response here:

Hi Jane,
Thank you very much for the submitted your views in the . First of all we would like to remind you that you have purchased the package trip of Annapurna circuit trek as per your traveling plan and interest and we organized accordingly. You have received our fully services as per mentioned on the package list which we were deal with you on the purchasing period of trekking program.

As far as the matter of views, it depends on weather condition, which times it would be cloudy or crystal or raining that depends on the nature of weather that is our beyond control. It can be changed at any time not only this month, it could be the period of Oct& November too.

We are government authorized company, so its has more responsible to care and make the safety for all our valued clients during the trip,therefore those amount will be paying extra rather than free lands tourists (It means self walking on the trail at their risk) or organized trip with unauthorized companies because when they will achieve the problems like high altitude problems, sick,accidents etc during the journey, in this time, they will definitely realize why I came to alone on the trip or organized the tour with unauthorized company instead of authorized company.

Finally, we assure you of our best service at all times and always put all our efforts to make the trip smooth and pleasant for all our valued clients.

With best regards,
Keshav Karki

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