Sports coaching in South Africa

“Spend five weeks coaching your favourite sport in three schools per day, 5 days per week. In various townships and primary schools in South Africa. An incredible experience, based in Port Elizabeth.”


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Description of Sports coaching in South Africa

By sports coaching in South Africa, you are choosing a country that is home of budding sportsmen and women in many sports: from cricket to rugby, atheletes to tennis players, this certainly is a strong sporting country. Not all children have access to sports facilities and coaching, and this rewarding and important project encourages you to reach out to these children and offer them experiences that they would never get otherwise.

The kids in the townships are desperate to play sports and games. These are simply not part of their curriculum. Bring to them your love for rugby, for football, for tennis, for football... and even for netball, hockey, swimming and basketball! Whatever your sport, the kids will love to learn it.

Where will I be based?
You will be based at a highly-regarded sports foundation in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

What will I be doing?

Each day you will visit local primary schools to coach your chosen sport. The kids come pouring out of their classrooms ready to play and to learn. You coach with other volunteers, running drills, games, skills sessions and warm up exercises. The programme aims to give the kids positive values and teach them about healthy living. It's very rewarding to give them these opportunities when so much is stacked against them. You don’t have to be a top player. It’s your personality and drive that will make the biggest impact.

The whole experience is very sociable, working alongside fellow volunteers with plenty to enjoy during your time off. Your accommodation comes with swimming pool, games room (including table tennis, table football, pool and darts!), wifi and even a small gym. The lounge is comfortable and boats a television with over 20 sports channels! Port Elizabeth has excellent bars and restaurants and tourist attractions. You will also get the chance to go on outings arranged by your hosts. There is excellent attention to your personal safety throughout, with high standards of accommodation, transport and supervision.

We have strict policies in place when it comes to working with children overseas. We thoroughly check out the projects that we work with to make sure that there are clear policies in place. We also assess the suitability of our volunteers through interview to make sure they are motivated but also up to the challenge physically and mentally. All volunteers need to have experience working with children and must volunteer for a minimum of 4 weeks. Anyone working 1-1 with vulnerable children must provide a police check.

Day-by-day experiences

Day 1:Arrival day is a Saturday
Days 2 -5:You will receive a full induction, including training, a tour and advice on staying healthy and safe.
Weekdays:You will be coaching in three schools per day, 5 days per week.
Weekends:Free for you to explore, play sports with local clubs, go to watch a match, travel around etc

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Volunteer travel - what's it all about

Are you looking for an adventurous trip with a purpose, or on a gap year or career break? If you want to make a difference in some of the world’s most important conservation areas - and in community projects - then volunteer trips are for you! Volunteers tend to have a sense of adventure, and come from a range of different backgrounds and from all over the world.
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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Sports coaching in South Africa


Our programmes are designed to immerse you in a different culture, living and working with local people. There’s plenty to gain personally from this. But we make sure that local people benefit too.

We send out comprehensive pre-departure briefing, which includes a section on protecting the local environment. In particular we advise participants to take care with water, which is scarce in many of our destinations. We recommend they avoid unnecessary washing, using hand wash gel where they can. We also instruct them on how to dispose of waste properly, not to litter and, where possible, to avoid using plastic water bottles which are not easy to dispose of environmentally. Those going trekking are advised to keep to marked footpaths so as to prevent further erosion of the landscape.

Our company is an environmentally responsible one that operates recycling and reusing of waste products. We also offset carbon emissions in our office (gas, electricity, business mileage) and encourage all participants to offset their flight emissions via a carbon offset scheme run in conjunction with Tree Aid.


Meeting local needs
This project provides sports coaching to children who wouldn’t normally be able to access it. The positive impact of sport on children’s fitness, confidence and self-discipline is well known. For some it might even provide future career possibilities. As well as improving the lives of local children, you will also contribute directly to the area’s economy. The volunteer scheme provides work for domestic staff at the accommodation. You will eat locally-sourced food and make use of shops and leisure facilities in the town. You will not be taking jobs away from local people. The project employs local staff where possible, but relies on volunteers to support them.

All our volunteers are fully trained on arrival and will work in groups when coaching the children so will never be left unsupervised. Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.

Cultural sensitivity
We emphasise the importance of showing respect for local people and their customs in our briefing material. Participants will work alongside permanent staff, forming close bonds and getting an insight into real life in South Africa’s poorer communities. Our policy is to send people to the developing world in small groups or individually. This minimises the environmental and social impact that the participants have on the destination and helps them to integrate into the local community.

All of our participants recieve comprehensive pre-departure briefing as well as training on arrival. This covers topics on how to be culturally sensitive, how to best look after the environment when in the country and how to stay safe as well as up to date information on the political situation. They are also briefed on how to dispose of waste properly and where possible, to avoid using plastic water bottles as these are not easy to dispose of environmentally.

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