Our South Africa holidays

Given its mammoth size, the ‘Rainbow Nation’ fittingly offers a kaleidoscope of experiences for travellers. Our South Africa holidays take in Kruger and other national parks and their wildlife – the Big Five are present and correct. But they also explore the majestic Garden Route (self drive holidays are ever popular), the wild and remote KwaZulu-Natal, Victoria Falls and even the beguiling beaches of nearby Mauritius. Your holiday can support conservation projects, such as the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre or lodges helping to train rangers. You may also visit local communities for a true insight into residents’ lives and issues.

Our top South Africa holidays

Self drive South Africa holiday

From £3395
15 days inc UK flights
Explore Cape Town, the Winelands and the Garden Route

7 day big five safari in South Africa

From £1995 to £2105
7 days ex flights
7 Day Safari with wildlife conservationists
Small group2023: 7 Oct, 14 Oct, 21 Oct, 28 Oct, 4 Nov, 11 Nov, 18 Nov

South Africa holiday, Cape Town to Kruger

From £3580
10 days ex flights
Cape Town, Kruger and Victoria Falls

Southern Africa holiday

From £3280 to £4045
16 days ex flights
Amazing scenery, wildlife & people
Small group2023: 22 Oct, 3 Dec, 2024: 4 Feb, 17 Mar, 7 Apr, 28 Apr, 19 May, 2 Jun, 23 Jun, 7 Jul, 14 Jul, 21 Jul, 4 Aug, 18 Aug, 1 Sep, 15 Sep, 22 Sep, 6 Oct, 20 Oct, 17 Nov, 8 Dec, 22 Dec

Family holiday to South Africa & Swaziland

From £1695
13 days ex flights
Kruger, Swaziland and Durban with the family
Small group2024: 31 Mar, 14 Jul, 21 Jul, 28 Jul, 4 Aug, 11 Aug, 18 Aug, 18 Dec

Johannesburg to Cape Town tour in South Africa

From £4349 to £5349
22 days inc UK flights
An incredible journey of wildlife, culture and stunning scenery
Small group2023: 7 Oct, 18 Nov, 2024: 6 Jan, 9 Mar, 5 Oct, 16 Nov

Safari adventure holiday, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique

From €2690 to €2790
22 days ex flights
An extraordinary camping safari across South Eastern Africa
Small group2023: 28 Oct, 2024: 16 Mar, 23 Mar, 4 May, 22 Jun, 3 Aug, 17 Aug, 14 Sep, 12 Oct, 26 Oct, 9 Nov, 23 Nov

Zimbabwe & Botswana game tracker safari

From €2680 to €2780
16 days ex flights
A lodge safari through Kruger, Zimbabwe & Botswana
Small group2023: 18 Nov, 16 Dec, 2024: 6 Jan, 13 Jan, 3 Feb, 24 Feb, 23 Mar, 6 Apr, 13 Apr, 4 May, 11 May, 18 May, 1 Jun, 8 Jun, 29 Jun, 6 Jul, 13 Jul, 20 Jul, 27 Jul, 10 Aug, 17 Aug, 24 Aug, 7 Sep, 21 Sep, 28 Sep, 12 Oct, 19 Oct, 26 Oct, 9 Nov, 16 Nov, 23 Nov, 14 Dec

South Africa safari holiday, 14 days

From £4495
14 days ex flights
Award winning safari in South Africa
Small group2023: 5 Oct, 26 Oct, 2 Nov, 5 Dec, 2024: 8 May

About our South Africa holidays

Why visit South Africa?

South Africa is a great introduction to Africa. It’s accessible, with good roads and infrastructure, and there’s a hugely diverse sweep of sights. Kruger National Park could be the poster boy for safari holidays, whilst Cape Town and its surrounding Winelands know how to wine and dine visitors. In a country this large, don’t just visit one place. Road trips in the country are popular for a reason. Add Johannesburg after Kruger National Park or combine KwaZulu-Natal with the Elephant Coast. It’s South Africa’s variety that makes it so compelling.

Kruger National Park

Tell people you’re going to South Africa on safari, and they’ll probably think you’re going to Kruger National Park. This huge game reserve is four hours’ drive or a flight from Johannesburg, and is home to black and white rhino, big cats and African wild dogs. Most people visit the wildlife-rich south and it can be a busy place; if you spot a lion, you won’t be the only ones watching. However, the park is ringed by private game reserves that offer more secluded excursions, and the north of Kruger is quieter, too.

Self drive holidays in South Africa

Driving along South Africa’s coast, you might be distracted by a whale spout out to sea or do a double-take at the sight of penguins on the beach. Head inland and there are ostriches running alongside the road in the Karoo and warthogs trotting ahead in the game parks. The country’s good roads and big scenery is perfect for self drive holidays, and there are some well-known routes to follow. The best known is the Garden Route from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth, enjoying the green corridor of land that lines the coast – less a garden and more an adventure playground.

Family holidays in South Africa

Whilst family holidays to South Africa are both safe and wonderful, to get the most out of safari – which can often involve long drives and patient waiting – it’s best if your children are over the age of eight. Older children and teenagers can start to learn about South Africa’s challenging history and multifaceted culture, too, by visiting Johannesburg and having a guided tour of Soweto. If you’re travelling with younger children, you might even want to consider a volunteering holiday. Young children can work with orphaned primates; age is no barrier to having a monkey cuddle.

Types of tours & holidays in South Africa

From Addo to Hluhluwe, you’ve got your pick of parks and private reserves on a safari holiday in South Africa. It goes without saying that this is a marvellous wildlife holiday destination. And think beyond big cats: you could visit the coast to see dolphins and whales chasing the annual sardine run instead. Joining a small group holiday can be a really fun way to drink your way through the Winelands. Feeling intrepid? Consider an adventure holiday – you could get up close to great white sharks or stick to dry land on an overland tour.

Going beyond South Africa

From here, the only way is up: South Africa is a gateway into the whole continent of Africa and a great starting point for an overland tour. The most popular route from Cape Town to Victoria Falls goes via Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia, and takes around three weeks. If you have less time, you could just nip into Namibia – where its vast deserts provide a contrast to the Cape Winelands. Alternatively, combine safari with a beach break by visiting South Africa and Mauritius – the island is the perfect place to wind down after all those lion encounters.
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