Umbwe Route Kilimanjaro climb

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Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your holiday will help support conservation and local people.

We care about our planet and are just as committed to green tourism as we are to organising fun and memorable challenges. Below is how, together, we can take a few simple steps to ensure that people can continue to enjoy the planet for generations to come:

All our branded stationary is carbon neutral, manufactured using 100% wind power. Green seal and FSC certified it is acid free, environmentally friendly, recycled paper. We also ensure we recycle any waste paper in the UK office, in order to reduce our carbon footprint further. We promote volunteering and sustainable tourism to all our customers. The wonderful thing about adventure travel is that it can be an opportunity to get involved hands-on in practical community projects around the world. There is nothing quite as fulfilling as knowing you're making a direct difference and building something for the future.

We strongly believe in the motto 'take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints'. Our guides and porters are always careful to leave as little trace as possible of our presence when we visit remote locations, we never leave any rubbish. Remember, the less rubbish you create the better, as many countries don't have adequate rubbish collection infrastructures in place, let alone recycling facilities.

Another key feature of our green tourism policy is that we make sure we boil all drinking water when on location, rather than relying on bottled water. This makes a huge difference to the local environment, as bottles take tens of thousands of years to biodegrade. Be aware of the environmental impact washing in streams and other natural water sources could have - many shampoos, soaps et cetera contain harmful chemicals which are then deposited into the ecosystem. Eco-friendly soaps are available to buy.

As part of our commitment to sustainable tourism, we provide our customers with organic food for their adventures whenever possible. This is often bought from local producers. For example, all food for the Kilimanjaro climb is bought from Moshi central market. This reinvests money into the local economy and supports local farmers, and small holders who grow their produce without the use of fertilizers.

The excursions we offer which take place in National Parks or Reserves are protected by strict guidelines. These enable the national authorities to control the impact tourism has on their local environment and reduce disruption by following established routes. By showing the authorities that we are serious about our commitment to responsible tourism, we can continue to organise challenges that trek through these beautiful parts of the world.

The Impacts of this Trip

We run this trip in conjunction with our local partners who are committed to ensuring that all our customers have a positive impact on the places they go and the people they meet. Their statement is as follows:- We believe that more than anything it is the people around you who really make an adventure special. That's why we think we go further than any other company in helping the people who live in Tanzania. Responsible tourism means treating all our partners fairly and ensuring they are properly remunerated for their hard work and commitment to each and every challenge.

Our head guides and regular guides are paid significantly more than government regulations. We do not use tips to top-up salaries, as we pay our staff a fair and generous wage. We take pride in our staff and local partners, and the invaluable contribution they make to ensuring all our participants have the best possible experience.

Our local partners have partnered with the International Mountain Explorers Connection and part of their initiative in Tanzania: The Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project, which aims to educate tourists about responsible tourism and improve working conditions for porters. We adhere to strict guidelines regarding weight restrictions on luggage carried by our porters and ensure that each porter is adequately equipped and clothed for each expedition. 100% of our staff abroad (all our office staff, guides, cooks, porters, drivers) are local to the area, providing jobs and stability to the local economy. We are committed to supporting local economies by never outsourcing local business to foreign third parties


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