Rebecca Adventure Travel

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Rebecca Adventure Travel gives you the unique opportunity to see Ecuador through local eyes. All tours are personally selected by Rebecca, which will be your guarantee for authentic (preferably family owned) hotels, high quality tours, great service and last but not least, value for money.
Member since: 01 Sep 2017

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Sponsor - 1% of direct multiple day sales goes directly to Local Dreamers; a foundation in the South of Quito to stimulate youth to discover their talents.
Only work with local guides with their own families
Locally sourced welcome package
Preference for eco-hotels

Environmental responsibility

Reuse paper
Only laptops that donít need electricity whole day
Online administration
Bio food during team lunches
Bio cleaning supplies
Second hand furnishing
Work as much as possible with eco-hotels
Garbage separation in office
Water tank on tour bus instead of bottle of water for every guest (shared day tours)

Social responsibility

Staff of Rebecca Adventure Travel helps at local foundations as volunteers: s/
Offer tours to local communities:
In the travel voucher we tell travelers how to behave with wild animals and in nature
Travellers Code of Conduct
Offer Amazon tours to increase awareness for nature and culture conservation: