Ecuador adventure tour, 16 days

“A 16 day, adventure tour of the highlights of Ecuador: the Andes, the Amazon and the Galapagos Islands. Featuring wildlife, culture and outdoor activities. ”


Quito | Amazon trek | Canoe excursion | Kichwa Birdwatching Tower | Caiman spotting night excursion | Cotopaxi National Park | Mountain biking | San Cristobal | Kicker Rock | Paddle boarding at Playa Mann | Santa Fe | Isabela | Los Tuneles snorkelling | Quilotoa lagoon

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Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your holiday will help support conservation and local people.

Wildlife: We know our wildlife, are committed to conserving it and encourage guests to follow our lead.
In our tours to Ecuador, we are strongly committed to preserving the wildlife of the country. In this tour, our guests will visit two of the most unique places in the world, the Amazon and the Galapagos. These two places are known in the world to have a unique variety of wildlife that needs to be protected. There are many laws already in place that enforce the protection of the environment. As a tour operator, it is in our best interests be part of the protection of the wildlife and therefore we follow all the guidelines that are given to us. These are guidelines that we follow: In the Galapagos, it is not allowed for tourists to touch any of the animals that they encounter because it directly affects their natural environment. Apart from this, it is of course strictly prohibited to take any of the animals or insects that are found in the Galapagos. This is strongly regulated when leaving the Island. It is the same case in the Amazon region. It is strictly prohibited to touch or take any of the animals in the natural environment and also the plants that are found in the Amazon. All our guides both in the Amazon and the Galapagos Islands are certified naturalist guides that have been trained on how to make sure to protect the environment and also how to help people understand the importance of protection in these places. They make sure that people behave in a way that is safe and responsible to these unique places. Our commitment to the preservation of wildlife lies in the fact that we are only going to operate a tour in these places where we are sure that they are respected and taken care of appropriately by the experts.

Energy: We reduce our energy and find appropriate renewable energy sources. When visiting the Amazon, all the lodges that we work with are eco-friendly and therefore have several ways to reduce the energy that they use. Our eco-friendly lodges have ways to minimize the energy consumption and therefore they already make sure people adopt this way of living at least for a couple of days while they are there. When one of our guests go to the Cuyabeno in the Amazon, then they immediately learn about ways to live in a more eco-friendly manner. This is one of the aims of going to these lodges so that people learn to live with less. This, in a long-term, is also an experience that they can take home with them and also try to incorporate ways to reduce energy consumption, or at least they will be more conscious about the amount of energy that they use.

The Impacts of this Trip

Volunteering & charity We support local projects & people through volunteering, fundraising or charity
In April 2016, Ecuador was hit by a 7,8 earthquake that left many damages in the whole country. Since then, our company decided to get involved and try to support in any way possible. We initiated a donations campaign where we collected things from people and take them to a little school in the coast of Ecuador that was severely damaged. We received the donations and proceeded to take them personally to the school. We teamed up with other Dutch people to carry out this project and the results were quite comforting. We got to know the people and the kids from the school and after some time the school was able to open again so that kids could attend once again. It was a very challenging experience for us, and therefore we cannot even begin to imagine how it was for the people that suffered losses and lost their houses. In the end, it was very important to be able to be there for them at least with support from donations.

A fair deal: We offer local people good working conditions, a fair wage, and empower them with training opportunities. It is very important for us that all the people that we work with are highly trained professionals and therefore we offer fair wages and give them the opportunity to grow. Since this is a business that started small, but then grew rapidly, we still have a very personal and flexible dynamics. Apart from the environment at our company, we also make sure to give a fair wage with the people that work alongside us. The tour leaders, guides, drivers, and hotels all receive a fair wage from us for the services that they provide. In the end, is most important that a person or a company gets paid a fair wage so that they do their utmost to provide a good service to our guests.


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