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Holiday in Georgia, tailor made

This itinerary for a cultural and wilderness holiday in Western Georgia is packed with some of our suggestions for ways in which to tap into not only the ancient cultures but also the sacred and mythical aspects of this gem of a country. As well as being featured in Greek myth Jason and the Argonauts, the country's Caucasus Mountains and Black Sea shores are not only dramatic, but verging on epic. And definitely worth an odyssey of your own. This itinerary takes you through the country’s western landscapes, starting in its capital city, Tbilisi and then through the snow capped mountains and prolific forests of the Caucasus. Highlights include sites such as the ancient cave towns of ... Read more >
From £1,995 excluding flights

Armenia small group holiday

This Armenia small group holiday takes place in summer months, exploring the cultural and natural highlights of this emerging and exquisite destination over nine days. Armenia lies at the heart of the Caucasus Mountains and is home to an extraordinary array of ancient monasteries, such as Geghard Khor Virap and Tatev as well as plenty of magnificent churches. Visiting the UNESCO Etchmiadzin Cathedral, the world’s oldest cathedral, is a highlight for many of our visitors. Travelling in Armenia is a journey through complex history with many influences over the years from both east and west, being situated on the confluence of the Silk Road. The cultural heritage has an almost constant ... Read more >
From £1,495 excluding flights

Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia holiday

This cultural adventure takes in the best of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia – a still relatively unexplored region at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, where reminders of legends like the Golden Fleece complement stunning scenery and hospitable locals. Following in the footsteps of Silk Road traders, Crusader knights and Ottoman princes, travel from the Caspian shores through the vineyards of Kakheti to the spectacular High Caucasus mountains. After exploring Baku and nearby spots like the UNESCO site at Qobustan, head into the Caucusus foothills to mingle with villagers and explore the former trading town of Seki – home to the Khan's Palace and bustling market – as well as ... Read more >
From £2,915 excluding flights

Karachi to Lahore holiday in Pakistan

Enigmatic, edgy and intriguing, Pakistan often makes the headlines for all the wrong reasons. However, it is a land filled with colour and contrast, offering the adventurous traveller a stunning wealth of culture, tradition and natural beauty. This remarkable journey encompasses everything from Sufi tombs and desert fortresses, to bustling bazaars and lively cities, as you travel from the streets of Karachi and deep into the Punjab. Beginning in Karachi you’ll have a chance to explore one of Pakistan’s most exciting and historic cities, before journeying across a landscape filled with World Heritage ruins and dazzling Sufi mausoleums. You’ll discover the tombs of some of the country’s most ... Read more >
From £2,595 excluding flights

Riding holiday in Kyrgyzstan

Saddle up for a unique horse trekking adventure along ancient Silk Road trails in Kyrgyzstan on paths taken by ancient warriors, nomads and traders through one of the world's most pristine wildernesses. You begin, though, in the laidback Kyrgyz capital Bishkek, famed for its Osh bazaar. You'll also visit the renowned felt-making village of Kochkorka, before fetching up at the magical 3000m glacial lake of Son Kul to meet our host family and horses. From here, each day's riding reveals unforgettable vistas. Cross the Uzun-Bulak Pass and camp wild by the Kurtka River, hug the banks of Kyrgyzstan’s largest river (the Naryn) to Ak Tal Chat, then enjoy two days of remote riding along two ... Read more >
From £2,765 excluding flights

Uzbekistan holidays, tailor made

This journey through Uzbekistan reveals a stunning melange of history, culture and natural majesty in one of Central Asia's most fascinating countries. Beginning in Tashkent, you’ll discover Silk Road cities and desert castles, see the transformation of the Aral Sea, and experience wilderness and village life in the beautiful Nurata Mountains. Delve one of the world’s finest collections of Soviet avant-garde art one day, sleep in a desert yurt camp another. After exploring Tashkent's mosques, madrassahs, grand squares and museums (don't miss the world's oldest Koran at the Muyie Mubarak library), travel north to the fascinating town of Nukus, home to a superb collection of rare Soviet ... Read more >
From £2,195 excluding flights

Argentina holidays, best of northwest Argentina

Strongly influenced by the traditions and heritage of the Quechua and Aymara cultures, northwestern Argentina is a wonderfully rich blend of indigenous customs and breath-taking scenery. One of the country’s least visited regions, here the European influences of the Spanish invaders are infused with rich Andean traditions. Your journey begins in Buenos Aires, Argentina’s bustling, cosmopolitan capital. After a chance to enjoy some of its most iconic highlights and a tango show, you will fly north to Salta, where you will stay in one of the highest vineyards in the world. An ideal base from which to discover rural vineyards, valley formations, Incan ruins and unique wildlife as you continue ... Read more >
From £2,650 excluding flights

Japan small group holiday North to South

This Japan small group holiday north to south is a truly comprehensive exploration of this beautiful, intriguing country. Spend time in each of Japan’s four main islands, from the lakes and volcanic landscapes of Hokkaido in the far north, through the ancient towns and lush landscapes of Honshu and Shikoku, before reaching the far south of Kyushu, Japan’s southernmost island. Travel in autumn to see hillsides blanketed in golden leaves – the famous ‘koyo’ – or in May, to enjoy warm spring weather. This 20 day holiday is a chance to see all sides of Japan – the ancient and the fiercely modern. We will take in some of Japan’s most iconic sights, enjoy its beautiful national parks, walk ... Read more >
From £10,195 including domestic flights only

Ethiopia small group holiday

The contrasts of Ethiopia never cease to amaze. While it may be home to the fertile headwaters of the Blue Nile and the striking Simien Mountains which rise to 4,550m, this adventurous trip focuses instead on the arid north-east of the country which counts amongst its treasures the fascinating medieval walled city of Harar as well as the unforgiving Danakil Depression, one of the lowest and hottest places on earth. Along the way our journey will see us encounter the famed ‘hyena man’ of National Geographic fame, take a drive through Awash National Park, where Wilfred Thesiger once explored in the 1930s and reach the shores of Lake Afrera which sits 100m below sea level. In addition we’ll ... Read more >
From £2,845 excluding flights

Ukraine and Moldova cultural tour

This Ukraine and Moldova cultural tour is a two week, small group holiday following an itinerary that has been carefully crafted to introduce you to some of the most fascinating aspects of these two countries. Although both countries are European, they are still virtually unknown to most tourists and yet its cultural riches make for an enlightening, exciting and sometimes esoteric trip. Starting in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, the trip has a bit of an emotional awakening as we drive north for a full day visit of Chernobyl and the deserted nearby town of Pripyat. We return to Kiev to enjoy some of the brighter sides of Ukrainian life before taking a train to the UNESCO World Heritage city ... Read more >
From £2,865 excluding flights

Costa Rica family adventure holiday, tailor made

Arguably the best family destination in Latin America, Costa Rica is well known for its white beaches, verdant rainforests and staggering biodiversity. One of the smallest countries in the Americas, it is also ranked as one of the world’s most progressively active environmental champions. Boasting an excellent tourist infrastructure and some superb accommodation options, it provides the perfect setting for an unforgettable family adventure. Your journey begins amongst the rich landscapes of the Central Valley, where you’ll venture into the steaming fumeroles and sulphurous lagoons of the Poas Volcano National Park. Visit a dairy farm and go white-water rafting through rainforest before ... Read more >
From £1,800 excluding flights

Northern Argentina holiday

Puna de Atacama is Argentina’s most otherworldly landscape and wild frontier. Strongly influenced by the traditions and heritage of the Quechua and Aymara cultures, northwestern Argentina is a wonderfully rich blend of indigenous customs and breathtaking scenery. One of the country’s least visited regions, a 5 day driving expedition to the Puna desert is an unforgettable and unique journey. Your journey begins in Buenos Aires, Argentina’s bustling, cosmopolitan capital. After a chance to enjoy some of its most iconic highlights you will fly north to Salta, where you will stay in a country lodge in the Andean hills. You’ll also get a chance to explore colonial Salta before heading off by ... Read more >
From £2,735 including domestic flights only

Jordan tour, tailor made

A stunning blend of cultural highlights and natural beauty, this eco journey through Jordan’s ancient landscapes combines the unmissable treasures of Petra and Jerash, the unique setting of the Dead Sea and the charming hospitality of the Wild Jordan range of properties. From Amman you will venture into the spectacular Roman ruins of Jerash, before moving on to explore the fortress of Qa’lat Al Rabin at Ajloun. Staying in cabins and guesthouses on the edge of some of Jordan’s most captivating wilderness, you’ll then spend the following days exploring the trails, villages and landscapes around Ajloun and the Dana Nature Reserve. See the income-generating projects run by local women in the ... Read more >
From £2,295 excluding flights

Uzbekistan small group holiday

Hear someone mention Uzbekistan and you’ll immediately think of the mysteries and legends of the ancient Silk Road – and this small group holiday takes you to its very heart. Along with a band of likeminded travellers and expert guides, you’ll spend ten days exploring the treasures of this extraordinary country and you’re sure to rack up a large collection of memories that will stay with you for a long time to come. Your journey begins in the Uzbek capital Tashkent, where there’s time to acclimatise before hopping on a plane to Nukus. Here, highlights include a visit to the Savitsky Museum, which details the region’s Karakalpakstan culture and early 1900s avantgarde Russian art. Next, ... Read more >
From £1,695 excluding flights

Tajikistan tailormade holiday

Mountainous, landlocked and continuously inhabited for over 6,000 years, Tajikistan is Central Asia’s least visited destination. Home to the Persian-speaking Tajik people and once part of the Samanid Empire, today it provides visitors with a captivating mix of unspoiled landscapes and a rich history that has seen it endure Soviet invasion and a devastating civil war. This memorable journey begins and ends in the Tajik capital, Dushanbe, home to the largest surviving Buddha in Central Asia. Travelling through high passes and spending time with the rural Tajiks in their mountain homes, you’ll take in the mountain lakes of the beautiful Fan Mountains and the ancient ruins of Penjikent, one of ... Read more >
From £1,995 excluding flights

Colombia chocolate tour with Amelia Rope

Join experienced and passionate chocolatier Amelia Rope on this Colombia chocolate tour. Amelia is the founder of Amelia Rope Chocolate and is an extremely knowledgeable guide for this fascinating and flavoursome adventure into Colombia and its cocoa industry. This 14 day small group holiday looks at the significance of cocoa to this vibrant and beautiful South American country, both culturally and as a valuable source of income for the nation, filling the gap left by the country’s once widespread drugs trade. The journey begins in Colombia’s capital Bogota and travels into central highlands and the western hills, to tour cacao plantations and discover beautiful colonial towns, including ... Read more >
From £4,725 excluding flights

2019 solar eclipse tour in Argentina and Chile

This 2019 solar eclipse tour in Argentina and Chile takes you to a truly spectacular part of the world to witness a truly spectacular event. Explore the vast landscapes of South America in the run-up to this unique astronomical moment, which will play out against the plains of northwest Argentina. This 15 day tour begins in Chile, in San Pedro de Atacama, where we can visit the Alma Observatory and walk amongst the dunes and hills of San Pedro’s ‘Death Valley’. Travel to the edge of the Salar de Atacama salt flats and the Atacameño Highlands, before crossing the Andes to reach Argentina. Here, we’ll discover the diverse landscapes of this northwestern corner of the country, including the ... Read more >
From £5,015 excluding flights

Colombia tailor made holiday, culture and nature

Colombia has been described as an entire continent encompassed in a single country and, indeed, it can boast an impressive resume; from palm fringed beaches and snow-capped mountains, to verdant rain forests and colonial charm. Having languished in the shadows for some time, Colombia has recently emerged back into the spotlight with an exciting new makeover. This comprehensive introduction to the country begins in Bogota, where you can explore some of its many highlights before moving on to visit the stunning underground Salt Cathedral at Zipaquira and the beautiful UNESCO town of Villa de Leyva. Moving on to the famed coffee region of Pereira, you have an opportunity to enjoy a three night ... Read more >
From £2,495 excluding flights

Algeria small group tour

This small group tour takes you to one of North Africa’s most interesting, beautiful and underrated countries. You’ll travel with a band of fellow travellers and will have expert local guides along the way to help you get the most out of your experience. Algeria has dramatic desert landscapes, a long Mediterranean coastline and is dotted with ancient Roman ruins and fairytale oasis towns, yet it is not as well known to tourists as neighbouring Morocco, Tunisia or Egypt. In just over two weeks, you’ll get to know some of these highlights, travelling from the far north to the depths of the Sahara Desert. First off are the spectacular UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the ancient Roman ... Read more >
From £3,695 excluding flights

Georgia horse trekking holiday

The Georgians have a saying that when God gave out land to the various nations of the world the Georgians were too busy drinking to attend – but ended up being given God's favourite spot when they smooth-talked the Almighty about being late due to drinking his health! Exploring this stunning and on foot and horseback you may well agree this might just be the best bit of the planet. And Georgia's famous wine-making heritage (arguably the oldest in the world) means you'll have something special to toast it with too! You'll also get to make delicious local cheeses on a day out with local shepherds. You'll discover spectacular mountain vistas and high plains on fantastic local horses, while ... Read more >
From £1,645 excluding flights
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