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Small group holidays to Madagascar

Culturally and geographically unique, Madagascar separated from the African mainland millions of years ago, allowing its flora and fauna to evolve into species found nowhere else on earth. Culturally, too, the island has evolved in a particularly unique way – with seafaring Borneans and Bantu Africans having navigated there way here centuries ago fusing their cultures, cuisines and languages into a curious Malagasy identity. This small group holiday to Madagascar explores the centre and south of this island in just over two weeks, taking in some of its most extraordinary landscapes including the rock pinnacles of the Tsingy de Bemaraha, and the lunar-like landscape of Isalo National Park. ... Read more >
From £2,495 excluding flights
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Burma tailor made holiday

This 10 day Burma tailor made holiday will take you on an incredible cultural history round-trip from the capital Yangon by public transport, internal flights and traditional long tail boats. After waving goodbye, for now, to the British colonial properties and ancient Buddhist temples of Yangon the next stop on this Burma tailor made holiday will be the former royal capital of Mandalay where palaces and monasteries sit side by side surrounded by Buddhist heritage. Bagan, one of Southeast Asia’s most incredible ancient sites, lies in wait after time spent in Mandalay, with a visit to Inle Lake conjuring up sleepy villages and unique fishing techniques prior to flying back to Yangon from ... Read more >
From £2,099 excluding flights

Ukraine cultural tour

This Ukraine cultural tour is a two week, small group tour travelling around one of Europe’s least visited countries which was very much hidden from the world during the Soviet era. The cultural wonders of this country are incomparable, with a superb collection of ancient monuments, sacred sites and traditional lifestyles, all with the backdrop of the magnificent Carpathian Mountains. Starting in Kiev, the capital city, visit historic greats like Saint Sophia Cathedral, Independence Square, wooden windmills and the extraordinary Lavra cave monastery. We then take an overnight train to Lviv, a wonderful town with plenty of UNESCO World Heritage gems, an elegant cobble stoned old town, ... Read more >
From £2,455 excluding flights

Burma cultural holiday

This two week Burma cultural holiday is a small group tour, following a carefully crafted itinerary that takes in many of, as it is now called, Myanmar’s most magnificent sites. Starting and finishing in Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon, you have plenty of time to explore this once capital city but still considered by many to be its cultural heart. From Yangon we take an internal flight to discover the cultural gems further north, while also taking plenty of moments to experience things well off the tourist trail. So, although we take in greats such as the colonial city of Mandalay, we also visit traditional villages in Kayah State. The thousands of temples and pagodas in Bagan are an ... Read more >
From £1,849 excluding flights

Romania adventure holiday

This Romania holiday takes you on a two week cultural circuit, travelling in a small group into the heart of a country that is not only captivating but also, in many ways, a complete revelation. It is also still very much off the tourist trail, despite its cultural gems and splendid Carpathian Mountain landscapes, and so we can travel through large swathes of rural Romania hardly seeing another tourist. With two weeks, we have time to really immerse ourselves in Romanian culture and take time in each of the places we visit, such as the medieval towns of Sighisoara and Sibiu in Transylvania, the stunning, painted monasteries of Bucovina or wooden churches of Maramures. However, we also ... Read more >
From £2,145 excluding flights

Silk Road adventure holiday

This Silk Road adventure holiday is a two week odyssey around China’s far western corner, an area that is a world apart in terms of both cultural and natural heritage from other more modern parts of China. This region has been influenced by many different ethnicities and traditions as traders from different regions of Asia passed through on the Silk Road. It is, in general, an arid mountainous terrain, and this holiday brings you on a journey that follows in Silk Road traders’ footsteps. Our carefully crafted itinerary starts in Urumqi, a busy and yet very remote city surrounded by desert but also in the shadow of the Tian Shan mountain range. Nearby Tian Chi Lake, otherwise known as ... Read more >
From £2,485 excluding flights

Moldova holiday

One of Europe’s quirkiest countries, miniscule Moldova is home to the “breakaway republic” of Transdniestr and the autonomous region of Gagauzia – making it extremely hard to define. Dwarfed by its neighbours Ukraine and Romania, Moldova’s historical and contemporary influences stretch from the Ottoman Empire to Russia, creating an intriguing confluence of cultures which can be explored on this Moldova holiday. Few people know about this region’s wine-producing heritage, but this six-day Moldova holiday takes you to vast, subterranean wine cellars and small family-run wineries with the chance to sample some of these superb wines. You can visit cave monasteries, the 16th century fortress at ... Read more >
From £995 excluding flights

Cultural holiday in Indonesia

The enormous and oddly shaped island of Sulawesi is one of Indonesia’s cultural treasures, but often neglected by western tour companies in favour of better known Bali or Java. Yet it holds a wealth of treasures that should be on every serious traveller’s itinerary, with fascinating ethnic groups following elaborate social practices which cannot be seen elsewhere. Our trip to this remarkable land encompasses both the north and south of the island, starting from the bustling capital Makassar and heading into the Tanah Toraja, an area of highlands where traditional architecture and practices are at their strongest. We explore villages with amazing carved houses where we hope to see some of ... Read more >
From £2,195 excluding flights

Omo Valley cultural holiday in Ethiopia

This two week group tour of the Omo Valley in Ethiopia focuses on the rich diversity of the cultural groups living within the region that have long retained tribal customs and traditions whilst staving off the trappings of the modern world. Your group (no more than 12 people) will be invited into the villages of the Mursi, Karo, Hamer and Konso tribes in the company of a local guide so as to find out more about the lifestyles and cultural heritage of the Omo Valley as well as how it differs and compares to other areas of Ethiopia. Visiting local market places, meeting tribal members and listening to the knowledgeable tales of your guide enables travellers to expand their Ethiopian ... Read more >
From £2,395 excluding flights

Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan holiday

This two week Tajikstan and Kyrgystan holiday is one serious road trip, travelling along the famous Parmir Highway, the second highest highway in the world running between Osh in Kyrgyzstan to Khorog in Tajikistan and winding its way through the Parmir Mountains, their 7,000m peaks earning this artery the title ‘roof of the world’. As we travel through remote communities scattered along the Highway and beyond, we stay in welcoming homestays, immerse ourselves in a cacophony of cultures, with each village speaking in a unique dialect. This journey through some of the most exquisite elevated landscapes in the world is more about following in the tracks of ancient traders and explorers than ... Read more >
From £2,295 excluding flights

Oman small group tour

Oman is slowly emerging from its hermit shell, revealing a land of friendly people and dramatic landscapes, peppered with forts. Oman is distinctly Arabic and offers many old-world wonders. Swimming in the turquoise waters of Wadi Bani Khalid and then driving across the dramatic red dunes of Wahiba are both adventures to be remembered forever. Embrace the curious traveller within exploring Bedouin desert culture, visiting ancient tribal forts and mountain mud homes, small plantations and fishing villages. And show your considerate side by staying in locally owned hotels, supporting the green turtle sanctuary at Ras Al Jinz, being guided by local experts who advise on cultural sensitivities ... Read more >
From £1,799 excluding flights

East Timor holiday

This two week East Timor (Timor-Leste) holiday is a tailor made trip, travelling with a local expert guide through this wonderful country, still very much unknown to most tourists. We suggest the itinerary below to ensure that you get to visit the country’s cultural and natural highlights but it is, of course, a flexible itinerary, which we can tweak to accommodate your interests and time frame. East Timor is thankfully at peace and proud to be so after a long struggle for independence from Indonesia which they gained in 2002. It boasts a long list of highlights, both cultural and natural, and from the start of this holiday in Dili, the capital, you will instantly garner a sense of East ... Read more >
From £3,799 excluding flights

Iran cultural holiday

This fascinating Iran cultural holiday takes place over two weeks and invites a unique opportunity to peel back the veil of mystery surrounding one of the Silk Road’s most enigmatic trading posts. Strategic positioning on the Silk Road has led Iran to have become influenced across the ages with an incredible depth of heritage creating a wealth of wondrous sites to accompany an Iran cultural holiday. From the spectacular shrines and gardens of Shiraz to the ancient pre-Christ landmarks of Persepolis and the restored caravanserai city of Yazd, this Iran cultural holiday leads you to the unique architecture and trading posts where time stands still and travellers hold their breath. Time ... Read more >
From £2,899 excluding flights

Japan tours

Our group tour of Japan finds a country that combines the past and the present effortlessly. The hectic metropolis of Tokyo, beautiful ancient Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, the tragic and moving Hiroshima Peace Memorial and Kyoto, one of the best-preserved cities in Japan, are all included. The little visited Nara is home to no less than 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and to some of the most important temples in the country. We journey on the impressive Bullet Trains and stay on a farm with a local Japanese family. But what charms the most is the proud promotion of age-old traditions and culture and the respect and courtesy that is evident everywhere. Read more >
From £3,950 excluding flights

Burundi holiday

Nestled away in the hills of central Africa lies Burundi, a tiny nation in comparison to its neighbours but rich in wildlife and culture. Far off the tourist trail, little visited Burundi offers a fascinating insight into the region, with a bustling capital, lush primeval forests and intriguing cultural heritage. We spend time here learning about the culture and customs of the local people with an excellent tour of Bujumbura run by local women. At Rusizi National Park we search for wildlife before moving on to see local cottage industries, impressive waterfalls and the southernmost source of the Nile. We also explore Lake Tanganyika by boat and delve into Burundian heritage at Gitega, ... Read more >
From £2,499 excluding flights

Eritrea tour

We offer a stunning tour through Eritrea’s unique and varied landscapes; from amazing mountain ranges (the northernmost reaches of Africa’s Rift Valley) to unique red earth formations, and spend time in gorgeous Asmara, the highland town of Keren and evocative Massawa on the Red Sea coast. Archaeological evidence suggests that the plains and highlands of Eritrea were first inhabited as long as ago as 750BC, during the time of the Queen of Sheba. Visitors today can clearly see traces of the country’s fascinating history, with evidence of early Turkish rule from the beginning of the 16th century, to the arrival of the Italians in the 1880s. A fantastic insight to this little visited corner ... Read more >
From £2,490 excluding flights

Azerbaijan holiday

Neither fully Asian nor European, Azerbaijan is an enigmatic country of medieval architecture, Soviet planning, mud-bubbling volcanoes and “flaming mountains”. This Azerbaijan takes you from the mishmash capital of Baku, with its ancient and very, very modern buildings, to the nearby Absheron Peninsula, with its Temple of the Fire Worshippers and mud volcanoes. Baku sits on the shores of the Caspian Sea, and there will be time to take a boat ride here – across the largest body of inland water in the world. Explore more ancient terrain in Sheki, sitting squarely on Trans-Caucasian trade routes, where caravanserais still stand, and mosques and churches dot the countryside. And in the ... Read more >
From £1,655 excluding flights

Laos and Vietnam overland tour

A unique tour to South East Asia’s best kept secret, Laos, where we get well beyond the tourist trail up North exploring hill tribe villages and taking an unforgettable river journey into Phou Louey National Protected Area to look for flora and fauna. After exploring the amazing former Indochina war caves of Viengsay we cross into Vietnam experiencing the rich culture of the North and staying with local families before ending our journey in Hanoi. Read more >
From £1,899 excluding flights

Haiti holiday, small group

Little visited and hugely misunderstood, Haiti is one of the least explored Caribbean islands, yet one with phenomenal landscapes, a fascinating history, rich Afrocaribbean culture and – of course – beaches just as beautiful as anywhere else in the Caribbean, but without the resorts or revellers. This Haiti small group holiday takes you across the world’s first black republic to explore some of the island’s most phenomenal yet unexpected sites – such as the Citedelle Lafarriere, perched on a mountaintop to survey the surrounding seas and hills for attackers. One of the benefits is a Haiti small group holiday is that as well as the key sites – such as museums, waterfalls and stunning ... Read more >
From £2,385 excluding flights

Navrus Bayram Festival in Turkmenistan

On the edge of the Silk Road and with a rich history stretching back millennia, Turkmenistan is a land that few have knowledge of. Dominated by forbidding desert and once the abode of fierce tribesmen renowned for their slave trading, the country today is characterised by sharp contrasts, from the futuristic building projects of the capital to remote communities living in tents among the sands. This thirteen day trip is a comprehensive journey through one of the most mysterious places in Asia. Starting in Ashgabat we combine both ancient and modern, visiting the monuments built by the previous ruler Turkmenbashi.In addition we will travel a short distance outside Ashgabat to join the local ... Read more >
From £2,499 excluding flights
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