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Sri Lanka family holiday

This two week tailor made Sri Lanka family holiday offers a rich and varied range of activities, excursions and things to do all within a relatively short distance of each other which cuts down on travel time and the ‘are we there yets?’ Opportunities to rest, relax and enjoy the scenery come thick and fast with everything from waterfalls and tea plantations to beaches and rainforests providing an exotic backdrop from where to search for wild animals and fabulous photographs. Cultural sites are just as fascinating and beautiful as their natural equivalents with the statues at Sigiriya, the ancient ruins of Polonnaruwa and numerous remote jungle villages bound to inspire the imaginations ... Read more >
From £1,255 excluding flights

Mongolia family holiday for all ages

What better place for someone who just loves to head out into the middle of nowhere, bumping along a dusty track through stunning panoramic scenery, having fun clambering around in the mountains and spending their evenings around a camp fire? Mongolia is a place like no other - a striking desert landscape of dramatic sand dunes, rolling grasslands dotted with tents housing friendly nomadic families, rocky gorges hiding dinosaur fossils and crystal clear ice cold lakes. You'll never have such clear views of the stars bright at night, or find a frozen glacier in the middle of the desert! The children will come back to school filled with wonderful tales of hearing the wolves howl, riding ... Read more >
From £1,560 excluding flights

Family wildlife holiday in China

When thinking of wildlife and nature in China, we all think about pandas, of course! But how about deer, wild boar, monkeys, birdlife, snow capped mountains, steep valleys and brightly coloured lakes? There is more diversity in China than most of us realise and this specially designed wildlife trip will show you the best of China's incredible nature and scenery. You can still see the highlights of China - after all there is such a vast amount to see and do. However in addition to the unmissable sights you will want to include, you will also get away from the crowds and take in some of the lesser known national parks for an unforgettable holiday. You will visit Tangjiahe Nature Reserve, a ... Read more >
From £2,345 excluding flights

Zimbabwe family holiday, tailor made

Where to start with all the reasons to visit Zimbabwe?! How about four magnificent World Heritage Sites, vast expanses of pristine remote wilderness and an abundance of fascinating history and culture, as well as the hospitality and friendliness of the Zimbabwean people? Also, some of the best game viewing locations in southern Africa are here. Zimbabwe has fabulous national parks with some of the world’s highest concentrations of leopards and rhinos, as well as birds and other wildlife. Unlike some other parks in Africa, however, you will not see convoys of jeeps while you are game viewing. Great Zimbabwe is the country’s architectural highlight. Its huge acropolis can be seen far and ... Read more >
From £2,000 excluding flights

Family holiday in Burma

This 16 day tailor made family holiday in Burma opens the door to travellers wishing to discover a lesser visited part of Southeast Asia with a variety of gorgeous natural locations and cultural landmarks ensuring everyone gets to enjoy time away on their own level. Time has been well spent organising activities to keep kids and parents happy, relaxed and active all day long with a family holiday in Burma meaning just that, a holiday, for all the family. From days spent in the jungle looking for pygmy elephants and riding up river on a traditional long tail boat, to overnight adventures in rural villages where children have a chance to play with the local kids and enjoy a chance to try ... Read more >
From £1,350 excluding flights

Exciting family holiday in Jordan

If your idea of a perfect family holiday might involve a camel safari through spectacular desert scenery, a night under the stars in a Bedouin tent, a ramble through the crumbling ruins of a Crusader castle and a snorkelling excursion in the Red Sea in search of beautiful angel fish and irridescent coral, then Jordan could be exactly the place to go! Every visit must include the Nabatean city of Petra, with its huge edifices carved out of the pink and sandy coloured rock. Active families will enjoy hiking up to the 'High Place of Sacrifice' where the children's imaginations will be set to work picturing the gory practices that may have taken place there two thousand years ago. It is also ... Read more >
From £970 excluding flights

Family adventure holiday to Vietnam & Cambodia

At just over two weeks, this trip includes all the highlights of Vietnam and Cambodia, but also some more off the beaten track surprises as well. In Vietnam, you will enjoy the hustle and bustle of Saigon and Hanoi but will also get away from it all on a two night cruise through the magnificent scenery of Halong Bay and, for something different, how about a food tour in Saigon? In Cambodia you will not only see the Angkor Temples but will stay at a charming homestay where you can take part in countryside daily life, explore the pre-Angkorian ruins of Sambor Prei Kuk and climb over lianas and giant tree roots in the fabulous temple of Beng Melea, far from the tourist crowds. There are ... Read more >
From £1,450 excluding flights

Exciting Cuba family holiday, for all ages

Magical, fun, unspoilt and dramatic... Cuba is the largest of the Caribbean islands. Boasting gorgeous tropical beaches, stunning limestone karst scenery, densely forested mountains, red fields of tobacco and endless coffee plantations, this lush and tropical land has plenty to offer adventurous families. Take photo after photo trying to capture the faded grandeur that is so appealing in these beautiful towns with crumbling colonial buildings painted in pastel hues, lovely old whitewashed churches and tiny little piazzas where you can find a somewhere to relax with a drink and an ice cream, listen to some salsa and see who can spot the coolest classic car that comes rumbling by. Of ... Read more >
From £1,395 excluding flights

Family holiday in Laos and Cambodia

Two week family holidays in Cambodia and Laos are ideal for those who want to see all the highlights as well as getting to grips with some of the lesser-known sites too. Angkor Wat and Battambang in Cambodia combined with Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng in Laos help create a family holiday that’s well-balanced with the chance to take lunch with local families and learn about Southeast Asian culture and traditions certain to appeal to parents and kids alike. Of course, no family holidays in Cambodia and Laos would be complete without taking a cruise along the industrious Mekong River and if you’re looking for a way to introduce your family to lifestyles that are far from what they’ll have ... Read more >
From £1,950 excluding flights

India family holiday

India is an incredibly exciting destination, a constant kaleidoscope of colour, noise, mayhem and occasional serenity. There are holy cows wandering in the middle of the road, holy men with long dreadlocks getting into strange contortions and holy temples awash with incense, fragrant flowers and hundreds of pilgrims. It is a huge country that deserves many visits and we recommend that you concentrate on one particular part of the country for each stay. A good place to start is the princely state of Rajasthan, home to many of India's most beautiful and well known sights, including crumbling forts that are begging to be explored, exquisitely decorated merchants' houses, majestic palaces ... Read more >
From £1,050 excluding flights

Vietnam family holiday

This two week tailor made Vietnam family holiday takes you on an adventure from top to tail, or vice versa, with an array of stunning scenery, cultural sites and delicious regional dishes to keep you wide eyed and active all holiday long. As this Vietnam family holiday is possible from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, or in the opposite direction, you can tailor make your tour to suit your wishes with guided cyclo (bicycle rickshaws) tours around the old districts bound to kick start your holiday as you mean to go on. If you’re starting in the northern capital of Hanoi then the karst landscapes of Halong Bay are an inevitable next destination with kayaking, swimming and boat tours around ... Read more >
From £1,075 excluding flights

Thailand family holidays

This fantastic two week tailor made itinerary lets you experience Thailand family holidays as they should be with a combination of cultural excursions, exciting activities and excellent accommodation adding to plenty of lazy days spent by the beach. Starting your Thailand family holidays in Bangkok, the capital, will chuck you in at the deep end however, you’re bound to come up swimming within a city that never sleeps and never fails to excite and enthral in equal measures. From tuk tuks to long tail boats there's certainly more than one way to travel around Bangkok with sightseeing tours featuring the Grand Palace, Wat Pho and the banks of the Chao Phraya River all adding to an array of ... Read more >
From £1,450 excluding flights

Exciting family holiday in Tanzania

If there’s one thing to get children and parents raring to go it’s going to be an exciting family holiday in Tanzania and although there’s no age limit on this tailor made trip, older children, above 7 or 8yrs old, will certainly benefit the most. From the vast plains of the Serengeti to the unique environment of Ngorongoro Crater this exciting family holiday in Tanzania will take you to some of Africa’s most concentrated areas for wildlife with stunning natural backdrops adding to the inspirational experiences for young and older travellers alike. Watching lions on the prowl and elephants by the watering hole will become daily occurrences with ranger instructions enabling everyone to ... Read more >
From £2,395 excluding flights

Exciting family holiday in Egypt, for all ages

What more wondrous and timeless place to take the children? Egypt is one of the world's most exotic, charming and exciting destinations, steeped in thousands of years of abundant history, it's the perfect place for a family holiday. Leaving the city and approaching the desert, the first glimpse you catch of the majestic Pyramids is a moment you'll never forget. The children will be fascinated by the exquisitely painted tombs of the Pharaohs, lying under the barren desert on the west bank of the Nile, and the whole family will be bowled over at the awe-inspiring temple at Abu Simbel (painstakingly cut apart and then re-built on higher ground to avoid flooding from the Aswan High Dam). ... Read more >
From £950 excluding flights

Exciting family holiday in Oman

This 11 day tailor made tour has got all the makings of an exciting family holiday in Oman and will go some way to putting its bigger, brasher neighbour, Dubai, firmly in the shade. Anyone wishing to see a much more authentic Arabian oasis should certainly consider an exciting family holiday in Oman that will take you off the beaten track and into some of the region’s best beaches, desert dunes and most dramatic mountain ranges. Aside from sand and year round sunshine, Oman boasts a series of impressive fortifications, tranquil fishing villages and some of the friendliest, hospitable and generous local people that you could ever hope to meet. Not only will this exciting family holiday ... Read more >
From £1,150 excluding flights

Family Kilimanjaro trek in Tanzania

The highest freestanding mountain in the world, the dormant volcanic Mount Kilimanjaro is mysterious and iconic. Within reach for adventurous families, you will be guided by our expertise and experience at arranging a successful and safe trek to the top for all the family. The fastest ever ascent and descent of Mt Kilimanjaro was 6 hours and 42 minutes. We will be doing it slightly slower than this! In fact, we deliberately follow a slow and steady route taking quite a long time ascending the mountain. This gives everyone in your group time to properly acclimatise, minimising the impact of altitude sickness and thereby maximising the chance of summiting. The result is a more enjoyable ... Read more >
From £1,600 excluding flights

Exciting family holiday in Peru

There are so many reasons to take the family to Peru! Our favourite South American destination, Peru is one huge adventure for children and adults alike. South America is full to the brim of colourful markets, stunning scenery, fascinating archaeological ruins and unique eco-systems, and Peru has it all in one country. The incredible ancient Incan site of Machu Picchu is not to be missed. On this tour the site is accessible to all on a day trip, however those intrepid families with older children might want to consider adding the three day Inca Trail hike to the ruins. Challenging? Yes! But with the right preparation one of the best things you will ever do. If trekking isn't your ... Read more >
From £1,900 excluding flights

Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam holidays

This four week trip includes all the highlights of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam but also some more off the beaten track surprises as well. In Cambodia you will not only see the Angkor Temples but will also ride on the bamboo train in Battambang (essentially a bamboo platform on wheels!), have lunch with a local family near the pre-Angkorian ruins of Sambor Prei Kuk and climb over lianas and giant tree roots in the fabulous temple of Beng Melea, far from the tourist crowds. In Laos you will see the exquisite temples of Luang Prabang and the stunning landscape around Vang Vieng but will also take a boat ride down a tiny tributary of the Mekong, stopping in a small village for a picnic lunch. ... Read more >
From £3,200 excluding flights

Exciting family holiday in Cambodia

Cambodia is often overlooked in favour of its more well known and visited neighbours, Thailand and Vietnam. However it has a huge amount to offer and is a fabulous destination for a family holiday. At the heart of any trip to Cambodia are the incredible Angkorian ruins that include Angkor Wat. There are literally hundreds of temples in various stages of repair and children will have a fantastic time channelling Indiana Jones as they clamber over the ruins to find hidden chambers and crumbling frescoes. Many of the temples have been almost entirely reclaimed by the jungle and we recommend a visit to some of the more remote ones where literally you have to climb over lianas and tree roots to ... Read more >
From £1,025 excluding flights

Family holiday to Jordan and Egypt

Egypt and Jordan are home to some of the most incredible sites anywhere in the world, a treasure trove of ancient cities, dramatic temples and vast tombs. Who can fail to be awed by the majesty of the Pyramids, the looming columns of Karnak Temple and the carved facades of Petra? There is also a remarkable variety of scenery ranging from the lush fields that line the banks of the Nile to the huge sandstone outcrops of Wadi Rum and the stunning mountains of the Dana Nature Reserve. Explore these fields on the back of a sturdy donkey as it slowly plods its way towards the Valley of the Kings or from the deck of a felucca as you glide along the Nile; admire the rocky majesty of Wadi Rum from ... Read more >
From £1,300 excluding flights
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