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Vis Island family activity holiday, Croatia

The island of Vis provides you with numerous possibilities for an active vacation, beautiful landscape, extremely clean and clear sea, unique beaches and an archipelago of tiny islands hiding such pearls as caves and restaurants. The island has a limited capacity of tourist accommodation which differs it from the other Croatian islands known for mass tourism. Vis is the choice island for the seekers of authentic tranquility, unspoiled natural beauty and hidden deserted beaches away from the tourist crowds of the Dalmatian coast. It becomes a choice of those who do not seek for nightlife adventures, crowded beaches, over loaded restaurants and taverns. This is an active vacation week for all ... Read more >
From €875 excluding flights

Vis Island activity holiday in Croatia

Vis Island, off the Dalmatian coast in Croatia, is an excellent base for an activity holiday, with clear seas, quiet beaches, unspoiled landscapes and a handful of tiny islands nearby hiding caves and secret restaurants. You won’t find many other tourists here, since Vis has limited capacity for visitors, and this makes it unique amongst Croatia’s islands, which can become very busy in summer. There are none of the trappings of mass tourism on Vis; no crowded beaches, heaving restaurants or nightclubs. Instead, Vis is the place for anyone in search of authentic Croatia, away from the busy Dalmatian coast. This activity holiday is a week that works for all generations, and can be tailored ... Read more >
From £765 excluding flights
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