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A week in Georgia tailor made tour

Come on a journey through the stunning landscapes and vibrant culture of Georgia! In just one week, you'll have the opportunity to explore the country's most iconic destinations, from the bustling streets of Tbilisi to the tranquil beauty of Tusheti, the majesty of Kazbegi (Stepantsminda), and the historical significance of Gori.Read more >
From £1,345 excluding flights

Ghana,Togo and Benin experience tour

Nestled closely together in the heart of West Africa, offering such diverse cultures and traditions, each with distinct historical pasts and varied wildlife makes a multi country tour of Ghana Togo and Benin the perfect way to experience West Africa. Explore off the main tourist route at every opportunity and experience life as a local in these three wonderful countries.Read more >
From £5,595 excluding flights

Albania tailor made tour

Introducing Albania, a hidden gem nestled in the Balkan Peninsula of Europe. With a rich history, beautiful coastlines, and stunning mountain landscapes, Albania offers something for every traveller. On this 8 day tour, we aim to show you the best of the county. Explore the capital city of Tirana, with its bustling streets, colourful buildings, and a lively café culture. Check out the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Berat, known as the "city of a thousand windows," and the picturesque town of Gjirokastra, with its well-preserved Ottoman architecture. No trip to Albania is complete without trying the delicious cuisine and we get to sample plenty of great local wood and wine. Indulge in ...Read more >
From £1,645 excluding flights

Madagascar wildlife experience holiday

Embark on an extraordinary journey through the island nation of Madagascar. Travel with us through captivating landscapes, seamlessly weaving from lofty plateaus to the scenic coastal region in the mesmerizing north-west. This immersive journey promises an exquisite encounter with fascinating species, each contributing to the rich tapestry of this remarkable destination. It is difficult not to be enthralled as lemurs gracefully leap through the lush canopies, chameleons showcase their colourful transformations, and the forests serenade the night with enchanting melodies.Read more >
From £2,925 excluding flights

Romania tailor made tour

From beautiful mountain ranges and ancient trading towns to a castle that inspired the Dracula novel, on this tour you certainly get to see the best of Romania. We take 11 days to explore the country but even that will leave you wanting more. Explore Peles Castle, take an overnight train to the beautiful city of Cluj, discover fortified churches and painted monasteries. All of this with a stunning backdrop of valleys and mountains and a culture that is warm and welcoming. Romania is little visited. We cannot understand why, however it does make for a fantastic holiday, and somewhere that very few others will have taken the time to explore.Read more >
From £3,595 excluding flights

Electric bike cycling tour in Costa Rica

This tour is ideal for recreational cyclists and you will get to know rural Costa Rica as we travel along a variety of different cycling stages. We visit the beautiful Orosi Valley and the Tapantí National Park. Here we get a great look at the coffee and sugar cane plantations on the way to La Suiza de Turrialba. In Sarapiquí, you will interact with the locals, who will introduce you to the secrets of the Costa Rican cookery. Enjoy the stunning nature of the northern lowlands in Boca Tapada and relax your limbs in the warm waters of a thermal spa in La Fortuna until you finish your bike experience in the seaside resort of Sámara on the Pacific.Read more >
From £2,895 excluding flights

Hidden Greece small group tour

An authentic off the beaten track, 10 day escorted small group tour of Greece. This tour covers some of the lesser visited regions of the country, popular with the Greeks but not so well known with international tourists. We visit the capital city Athens and explore the world famous sights before heading to the nearby island of Evia. The highlight of this tour must be the time spent on the small Greek island of Skyros. This tour is led by expert local guides and uses great quality local hotels throughout. An itinerary that has been designed by local experts to see the highlights of Greece while also discovering the authentic Greek cultures.Read more >
From £1,855 excluding flights

Kyrgyzstan 9 day tour, Nomadic life

Join the Kyrgyzstan Nomadic Life Tour and discover how the local people work in harmony with the land and resources that sustain them. On this tour you will meet passionate local service providers who are dedicated to creating a sustainable future for tourism in the area. You will enjoy the quiet charms and warm hospitality of the Kyrgyzstan people and experience a nomadic life including sleeping in a yurt beside the alpine lake of Song Kul. We will soak up the hustle and bustle of oriental bazaars as well as taking time to explore Kyrgyzstan’s green, modern capital, Bishkek. A highlight of this tour for many is the chance to take part in workshops of Felt and Yurt production and learning ...Read more >
From £1,895 excluding flights

Yoga holiday in South Morocco, 10 days

Embark on a soul-soothing 10-day journey like no other, as you escape the hustle and bustle of Marrakech and immerse yourself in a serene tour that blends the art of yoga with Morocco's rich cultural heritage. Get ready to be captivated by desert camps, ancient kasbahs, and fortresses steeped in history, and beaches that will leave you awe-struck. Picture yourself joining regular yoga sessions amidst the stunning landscapes of Morocco, finding balance and peace as you connect with your mind and body in a truly transformative way. But this journey is not just about yoga, it's about nourishing your soul with authentic travel experiences that will leave you with cherished memories. Savour the ...Read more >
From £3,325 excluding flights

North Ethiopia holiday

Indulge in the sheer magnificence of Ethiopia, where nature, history, religion, and culture intermingle to offer a truly unforgettable tour. No tour of Ethiopia is complete without exploring its natural beauty, and our journey will lead us to the splendid Simien Mountain National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its picturesque views of the mountains and abundant wildlife, including the Walia Ibex and the gelada baboons. We continue on this remarkable expedition as we visit the historical destinations of Gondar and Lalibela. The incredible architecture and the rich history embedded in these sites are worth experiencing in person.Read more >
From £4,795 excluding flights

Turkey in depth small group tour

Explore Turkey on our 15 day day escorted small group tour. Discover Istanbul, Cappadocia, Konya, Izmir, Ephesus, Pergamon and Troy. Our tours are designed and crafted with love and understanding. An appreciation of the cultural, historical and modern combine to offer travellers to Turkey a fantastic 15 day escorted tour. Discover the best of Turkey on this tour as we visit spice markets in Istanbul and eat with the locals in Cappadocia. You can relax in the the crystal blue Mediterranean at Antalya and experience the hot springs of Pamukkale. Sample local wines at a vineyard before getting a history and culture fix as we explore Pergamon and Troy.Read more >
From £2,995 excluding flights

Azerbaijan, Georgia & Armenia tour

Take a trip through the fascinating Caucasus tour, where ancient civilizations share stories of greatness in stunning landscapes. Explore the impressive flame towers of Baku and the peaceful beauty of Lake Sevan on this 14-day guided tour of Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia. As you travel through the Caucasus, dive into the diverse cultures, traditions, and flavors of the region. Enjoy lively folk music and savor the delicious smells of local cuisine at each destination, creating unique and unforgettable experiences. Let this 14-day guided tour whisk you away to a place where history and beauty come together, where breathtaking landscapes leave you in awe, and where warm hospitality makes ...Read more >
From £2,595 excluding flights

Portuguese Douro wine region walking holiday

Explore from Porto into the very heart of the Douro region and discover the picturesque slopes and stunning valleys of this World Heritage landscape on this self-guided, 1 week, walking holiday. Follow unpaved roads and local footpaths as you walk from village to village. Stop for picnic lunches and visits to local wine estates where you can sample not only award-winning table wines but also port and moscatel wines. Museums such as the Bread and Wine Museum in Favaios will give you a greater appreciation of local traditions and understanding of the wine-production. You’ll also be able to see the year-round work that is involved in tending to the vines and terraces. You will get to relax ...Read more >
From £1,345 excluding flights

Dominican Republic authentic tour

On this Discover the Dominican Republic tour, you will experience ‘most beautiful land ever beheld by a human eye’. We start in Santo Domingo, the first colonial old town in the New World, an open-air concert with Caribbean rhythms and typical local cuisine await you. Off the beaten track, you will get to know a less privileged part of town and make a small contribution to improving the conditions of the poorer population. During a ride on the cable car you will enjoy a unique perspective of the city. You will learn all about coffee cultivation in the Dominican Alps, visit a cocoa plantation and a cigar factory. On the Samaná Peninsula you will experience authentic Caribbean magic with ...Read more >
From £1,755 excluding flights

Northern Pakistan tour, Kingdom of Hunza

Embarking on a 15 day journey to discover northern Pakistan. Retrace the footsteps of ancient traders and explorers as you venture through this historic Silk Road route.Read more >
From £1,995 excluding flights

Authentic Morocco escorted tour

Embark on a journey through the heart of Morocco, where the echoes of ancient empires reverberate in the four imperial cities: Marrakech, Rabat, Meknes, and Fes. Within the labyrinthine alleys of these medinas, vibrant trade and skilled craftsmanship converge in a tapestry of colours and scents. The allure of Moorish architecture graces the cityscape, as centuries-old buildings adorned with elegant arabesques and meticulously carved cedar wood ceilings stand as a testament to the region's distinctive heritage. This 8 day exploration takes you to the authentic heart of Morocco.Read more >
From £1,599 excluding flights

Senegal discovery tour

Explore Senegal on this 9 day journey where we unveil a tapestry of historical gems with tales of antiquity and cultural prominence. This expedition is not confined solely to history and culture, as we explore an incredible variety of natural environments such desert dunes, savannah, estuaries, forest and mangrove swamps. Birds will be a constant presence along the whole journey and when we visit Djoudj National Sanctuary, you will discover why it is considered by many as best bird sanctuary in the world!Read more >
From £2,895 excluding flights

Grand tour of Morocco, 13 days

The Grand Tour of Morocco is a 13 day voyage of discovery through this ancient land. All the highlights of the country are included such as Marrakesh, Ait Ben Haddou, the Erg Chebbi desert and Fes. If this is going to be your first time visiting Morocco, then this is the perfect tour for you. The tour is led by expert local guides and uses carefully selected authentic accommodation. Designed by local experts to show you the highlights of Morocco, this tour can be ran at anytime of the year.Read more >
From £2,995 excluding flights

Classical Greece small group tour, 10 days

Embark on this authentic 10 day escorted small group tour of Greece and immerse yourself in the realm of classical Greece. Traverse the fabled Peloponnese, where myths come to life, and explore the resplendent cities of Macedonia – once the very abode of Alexander the Great, who embarked on his illustrious expedition to the East. Witness the geological marvels of the Thessalian Meteora, a testament to nature's grandeur, transformed into Christian monastic havens during the late Byzantine era. Our tour will venture into the heart of Greece's enchanting landscapes. Exquisite beaches we've thoughtfully curated for your enjoyment which are perfect havens for both relaxation and rejuvenating ...Read more >
From £2,695 excluding flights

Ivory Coast discovery tour

Embark on a voyage to a land that has only recently opened its arms to the intrepid wanderer once again. A journey for the true pioneers of travel, beckoning those seeking to explore the multi-faceted essence of Africa in its raw, unadulterated form.Read more >
From £3,445 excluding flights