Had enough campaign survey results

In 2004, Responsible Travel carried out a survey of 1,000 tourists – the results revealed that two thirds of them didn’t like the effects of mass tourism (in the form of resorts) on local culture and the environment. Almost nine out of ten respondents felt that tour operators had a duty to do more to protect them. Here are the results of the survey in full.

Summary of Responsible Travel 'Had Enough' survey results
Telephone survey conducted by Taylor Nelson Sofres among 1002 British adults between 30th January and 1st February 2004.

Question 1 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statements:

a) Mass market tour operators don't offer the most interesting holidays
· Agree 52%
· Disagree 28%
· Don't know 20%

b) I don't like the way mass tourism damages the environment and culture of the local resort
· Agree 67%
· Disagree 19%
· Don't know 13%

c) I've had enough of crowded beaches on resort type holidays
· Agree 60%
· Disagree 23%
· Don't know 16%

d) Too many holidays just offer chips and Sky football in the sun
· Agree 57%
· Disagree 27%
· Don't know 17%

e) I'm fed up with beer bellies and Union Jack t-shirts on holiday
· Agree 63%
· Disagree 25%
· Don't know 13%

f) I just want to have fun on holiday; I don't really care about the locals and their environment
· Agree 15%
· Disagree 80%
· Don't know 5%

g) Big tour companies just pump out superficial holidays and it is time they changed
· Agree 60%
· Disagree 25%
· Don't know 15%

h) I think tour operators should have a responsibility for preserving the local environment and culture and benefiting local people
· Agree 88%
· Disagree 6%
· Don't know 6%

i) I would be more likely to book a holiday with a company if they had a written policy to guarantee good working conditions for staff, protect the environment and support local charity destinations
· Agree 80%
· Disagree 14%
· Don't know 7%

Question 2 – I think my holiday would be more enjoyable if:

a) I could discover new and interesting places by using a tour guide from the local community
· Agree 87%
· Disagree 9%
· Don't know 4%

b) I could eat fresh locally produced food and discover local recipes
· Agree 86%
· Disagree 9%
· Don't know 5%

c) I could learn a little of the local language and meet local people
· Agree 89%
· Disagree 8%
· Don't know 3%

d) I was given advice on local cultures and customs
· Agree 88%
· Disagree 9%
· Don't know 3%

e) My hotel had adequate waste and sewerage treatment facilities
· Agree 89%
· Disagree 3%
· Don't know 8%

f) I could take short visits to local wildlife conservation and social projects
· Agree 70%
· Disagree 24%
· Don't know 6%
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