Save money and donate to charity with our bespoke insurance!

Columbus DirectWe’ve teamed up with Columbus Direct to create a bespoke travel insurance product.

An insurance product where you can get a discount and donate money to charity*. And you can choose how much you do of both.

The charity will be one of the charities Responsible Travel supports. Please see the charity section below for more information.

There is a 20% discount on normal Columbus rates to play with. You can choose between:
  • Taking all the discount yourself
  • Giving it all to charity*
  • Taking half as a discount & giving half to charity*.
You can see an example of what this means in the chart below:
Prices quoted are for an individual aged 18-49 travelling Worldwide with Annual Bronze cover - prices correct as of 01/03/15. Discounts do not apply to any medical conditions or policy options attracting an additional premium payment.

Based on a full policy price of £37.49, all figures approximate.

Policy price to you

You save

You donate

20% donation given to charity




10% donation to charity & 10% discount




20% discount of policy




So make a difference even when buying your insurance. Choose your preferred option using the links below - your chosen discount will automatically be shown in your quote & your donation will be made on your behalf.

Get your quote now on the Columbus website using the links below:


Or through the insurance line on 0800 068 0060
(Please quote the reference code as above for the required option)

Our Charities
On behalf of our travellers who have bought their insurance policy via Columbus, we have donated over £2000 to charities. The charities having benefited most recently are:

The World Cetacean Alliance: £1450
The World Cetacean Alliance is the largest global partnership working to protect whales, dolphins and porpoises (cetaceans). They not only aim to conserve and protect these intelligent creatures and their habitats but are also committed to preventing all cetaceans from being held in captivity except for rehabilitation and release purposes. We are proud to be working in partnership with WCA on our joint ‘Say No to Orca Circuses’ campaign.

Elephant Family: £250

Asian elephants are amongst the world’s most magnificent and threatened species. But sadly the future for this iconic animal is under threat as the spread of human settlements continue to infringe upon their natural habitats. Their long-term survival depends on diffusing such conflict and securing their corridors of travel – a challenge Elephant Family are determined to meet. Since their launch in 2002, they have been working hard to secure elephant and wildlife habitat whilst supporting local communities to promote human-elephant coexistence.  

All Out Africa Foundation: £250

All Out Africa is a responsible travel company and a non-profit foundation which focuses on supporting social and environmental projects in Swaziland, Mozambique, South Africa and Botswana. Our marketing director, Tim Williamson, volunteered with his family in Swaziland with All Out Africa and set up the swimming programme after learning about the large numbers of children who drown whilst playing and washing in the dams and rivers. Brighton based swim club, Pool to Pier (part of Brighton Swimming School) has now hosted 3 annual “Swazi swims” between the famous Brighton piers and have raised over £3,000 so far. These funds go directly to pay the wages of a swimming teacher for a year in Swaziland and the purchasing of much needed swimming equipment.
Surfers Against Sewage: £250

Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) is an environmental charity who run community action projects aimed at protecting the UK’s oceans, beaches and waves for all to enjoy sustainably. Campaigns target a range of coastal environmental issues from marine litter, sewage pollution and toxic chemicals, to shipping, industry, coastal development and climate change – all things which also matter to our coastal swimmers in the Responsible Travel office!
Read more about our charity commitments here.

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