Lisbon to the Algarve cycling tour

1180To1610 excluding flights
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8 Days
Tailor made
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INCLUDED: Quality touring bike and equipment hire.
Options for upgrade to E-Bike. Detailed maps and route suggestions & GPS Good quality hotels/apartments along the route Route advice & recommendations Airport Transfers
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Description of Lisbon to the Algarve cycling tour


Price information

1180To1610 excluding flights
Convert currency:
INCLUDED: Quality touring bike and equipment hire.
Options for upgrade to E-Bike. Detailed maps and route suggestions & GPS Good quality hotels/apartments along the route Route advice & recommendations Airport Transfers
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This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

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Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) holiday so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


We pledge:

to maintain and enhance the quality of landscapes, both urban and rural, and avoid the physical and visual degradation of the environment: By using non carbon emission transport(bicycles) and instruction to dispose of rubbish environmentally

to support the conservation of natural areas, habitats and wildlife, and minimise damage to them: By advising the client in the rules of the National Parks and Nature Reserves and to limit the visits to these areas to small groups of twenty or less.

to minimise the use of scarce and non-renewable resources in the development and operation of tourism facilities and services: By using recycled paper in our printed literature

to minimise the pollution of air, water and land and the generation of waste by tourism enterprises and visitors. By using bio degradable products for bike cleaning and CO2 friendly lubrication: By providing the clients with reusable water flasks and reducing the transport logistics to a minimum.

Tap water is safe to drink in virtually all of Portugal– if in doubt, ask your hosts. Use the refillable water bottles supplied and reduce your waste.
Be respectful of local resources, particularly water. Keep well-hydrated, of course – but don't waste water.

Wild fires are a risk throughout the long, hot summer months. Be extremely careful when driving, do not discard cigarette butts and never leave glass bottles lying around, as they can spark a fire in dry vegetation. In some regions, starting a forest fire – even if it is an accident – is treated as a criminal offence.

Familiarise yourself with the rules for each National Park or protected area. You may be expected to stick to the main trails, wild camping may not be allowed at all or only following certain guidelines, and bathing in rivers or lakes is not always permitted. These rules are there to preserve the biodiversity and the natural beauty – please obey them!


Eat local! Outside of the concentrated resort areas, this is surprisingly easy to do. Weekly markets are a great place for self-catering travellers to stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables, and coastal areas will benefit from daily fish. Inland, river towns will also have freshwater fish. If you’re not planning on cooking, you can still prepare your own picnics with fresh local bread, home-made cheeses, fresh fruit, olives, etc.

Many rural areas of Portugal are filled with – sometimes struggling - small-scale producers, growing largely organic rice, olives, fruit, nuts (especially almonds) and oranges, among other things. These can make lovely gifts, including wine, olive oil and nut products - all counted in food metres rather than miles.

Beachwear should be restricted to the beach! It is culturally inappropriate and disrespectful even in coastal towns for men to be topless or for women to wear bikinis away from the beach.

Learn a few words of Portuguese, even if just basic greetings and “thank you!”

Please use the Algarve cultural heritage guide to explore the 'other' Algarve steeped in treasures and history, well worth going off the beaten track to discover.

We pledge:

to ensure the viability and competitiveness of tourism enterprises so that they are able to continue to prosper and deliver benefits in the long term: By offering a varied choice of bicycles and cycling routes for all age groups and abilities.

to maximise the contribution of tourism to the prosperity of the Algarve, including the proportion of visitor spending that is retained locally: By offering information on our routes that use local cafes and restaurants.

to strengthen the number and quality of local jobs created and supported by tourism, including the level of pay, conditions of service and availability to all without discrimination by gender, race, disability or in other ways: By using local guides and companies in addition to employing local people in our office.

to seek a widespread distribution of economic and social benefits from tourism throughout the recipient community, including improving opportunities, income and services available to the poor:

to provide a safe, satisfying and fulfilling experience for visitors, available to all without discrimination by gender, race, disability or in other ways: By providing a Travellers Code to our clients. (see Travellers Code)

to engage and empower local communities in planning and decision taking about the management and future development of tourism in their area, in consultation with other stakeholders: By attending local and regional meetings of the Região de Turismo do Algarve concerning the Operação Turística Inverno 2016-2017 - Algarve and attending workshops provided by Programa de Deolvimento Cycling&Walking no Algarve.

to maintain and strengthen the quality of life in local communities, including social structures and access to resources, amenities and life-support systems, avoiding any form of social degradation or exploitation: By supporting local charities such as Acca Kids

to respect and enhance the historic heritage, authentic culture, traditions and distinctiveness of host communities: By issuing the clients with the Tourismo de Portugal Algarve publication 'algarve cultural heritage guide'. By emphasising the objective of the holiday on the local surrounding in addition to the physically advantage.

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