Spitsbergen mushing expedition

“Drive your own dogsled through the Spitsbergen wilderness, camping out some nights, too, on this unique five day mushing expedition.”


Longyearbyen | Trapperís Station | Drive your own team of Alaskan Huskies | Cover approx 200km by dogsled | Bolterdalen | Isfjord Radio | Wilderness camping and hotel accommodation

Description of Spitsbergen mushing expedition

Spend five days driving you own dogsled through a pristine wintery landscape on this Spitsbergen mushing expedition. You will be responsible for your team of Alaskan huskies, driving them around 200km to the west coast of Spitsbergen. The dogs will pull you through a silent wilderness of glaciers, mountains and valleys, and the only sound is the dogs panting and the sledge runners racing over the snow Ė a really unique way to travel.

You will be travelling in a small group, with a maximum of just six people. On some nights, we camp out in the wilderness, and on others, we will stay in the luxury Hotel Isfjord Radio. This is a participatory element to this expedition, so you will also feed and care for the dogs. On the nights that we camp in the wild, we will put up the tents, melt snow and cook meals together.

Itís important that youíre in good shape, physically, for this trip. Sometimes, the dogs need support on steep hills, and youíll need to push the sledge. The weather and conditions can change fast in Spitsbergen, too, so expect to experience strong winds, snowstorms, dense fog and crevasses. If there is no snow in certain areas, we may have to change the planned routes and, ultimately, arrive at a different destination to the one described in the itinerary.

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Spitsbergen mushing expedition


On this trip you have 2 different accommodations. Sleeping in tent for 2 nights, and at Hotel Isfjord Radio for 2 nights. When sleeping in tent we leave no footprints after the camp is removed, all evidence we were there is gone before leaving the camp. In a vonurable nature it is important to leave as little fottprints as possible.
Hotel Isfjord Radio is our showcase in bringing history and modern use together. The former radio station is now a boutique hotel, but the story is told with artifacts, the buildings and your hosts telling the fascinating story behond the station. Isfjord Radio Hotel is awarded the Olavís Rose, a proof of the success in combining development and protection of Norwegian heritage in modern ways.

On this expedition you travel with dogsledge, a low impact and unmotorized transport. During the 5 days you iwll take care of your own team of dogs, just like the polar explorers did.


Local crafts & culture:
Situated 90 km from Longyearbyen you would think local food is hard to find. A bit South from the station one of the remaining trappers live, and we are lucky to get reindeer and seal from him. In adittion we serve arctic char or cod fished locally.
In the shop at Isfjord Radio you can buy crafts from local artists both from Longyearbyen and Barentsburg. Barentsburg is a possible visit on the trip, if weather permits. The Russian settlement is afascinating place to visit, with a different culture than in Longyearbyen.

A fair deal:
We employ staff with the aim to avoid short-term contracts and season work. Seaons in Spitsbergen are very different with different level of activity. Over the past years we have more staff in fixed, long-term contracts, for a more sustainable company and destination. Our guides have annual training and education to ensure quality, motivation and safety for the guests. The company also have possibility for staff to apply for education support paid from the company.

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